Apple tree Red Ketty

  • Authors: Canadian selection
  • Taste: Sweet-sour, with light tartness
  • Aroma: Forest berries
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150-200
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High
  • Frequency frequency: Regular
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 2-3 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: At the end of August – mid-September

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Gardeners are pleased to plant old, tested varieties for a stable harvest, but no less interesting to try any exotic innovations that decorate the garden and delight unusual fruits. The apple tree with the flirtal title Red Cettle appeared among breeding innovations recently, but there are already many good reviews about it because of its pronounced decorativeness and the unusual flavor of fruits.

Description of varieties

The tree is low, about 3 meters, with a compact crown. The branches come out of the brownish trunks almost at right angles, and shoots make a turn upstairs. Crown sparse, branches are covered with reddish bark. Small, dark green leaves, with a reddish middle resistance, have an oval-elongated form. On the bottom side, the surface of the leaf is slightly pubes. The bloom of the Red Cetty is distinguished by extraordinary beauty – the saturated raspberry inflorescences of buds are collected in small groups of 5-7 pieces. With full blooming colors of their edges, brighten up to pink shade, and the middle retains the dark color.

Numerous fruits decorate wood with bright red smooth and shiny skin. Attractive apples on appearance have an unforgettable taste, with a shade of forest berries. Frost-resistant late maturation varieties gives stable large yields of apples for winter storage. Lovers of unusual varieties of apples will appreciate the bright decorativeness and high fertility of the Red Ketty. Official recommendations for the zoning of an apple tree of this new variety are not yet, but it perfectly shows itself in the individual farms of the South, Central and Northeast Polnes of Russia.

Features, pros and cons

Decorative applends are not terrible, strong frosts even up to -30 … 33 degrees, but subject to the acquisition of seedlings obtained in the same harsh regions, as the grade has high adaptive abilities.

Among the advantages of the variety, many unique qualities of beautiful low trees and fruits with an unusual taste, but there are some disadvantages, among which you can call the need for a prodigation next to the Red Ketty varieties necessary for pollination. Among them, such varieties like Alva, Liberty, Champion, Antey, Belarusian raspberry. With high humidity, trees are more infected with a passion, malievable dew and rust.

Ripening and fruiting

Apple tree Red Cetty can start blossoming very early – for the second year after landing, but such flowers usually break down, so that the young tree will send all the hand to the growth of shoots. After increasing the root mass and the crown of the apple tree entering the period of active fruction for 3-4 years of its growth. Related to winter varieties of apple trees begin to bloom in mid-May, depending on the climate and landing region it can occur earlier or later a week. The tree blooms in time when the return freezers are less dangerous, but even if they appear the appearance of Ketty, it retains most of the obscene.


Apples are attached to the branches are short, but thick fruits. The removable stage of ripeness occurs from the end of August to early September. There are no data on quantitative measurements of medium yield yet, but gardeners celebrate varieties as a high-yield. By the end of the summer, all the tree is covered with large red apples, which evenly ripen and rarely satisfy.

Fruits and their taste

Delicious and juicy apples have rounded, slightly flashed shape. The size of the fruit is large, up to 200 grams every apple, and in some localities even more. Dry shiny peel has elasticity and density, but at the same time it is not enough and easily attached. To obtain the completeness of the taste, the assembled apples should be cured within 3-4 weeks. On the fruits a lot of subcutaneous small light dots, which makes their surface to. In their composition, a lot of useful substances:

  • ascorbic acid or vitamin C;

  • Catechin substances;

  • High content of sweet fructose;

  • Fiber of pectic substances.

Gentle and fragile pulp contains a lot of juice and is distinguished by red-pink color. Apple juice Red Ketty also has a red shade. The fruit is very sweet, with light sourness and a little tartness.

A characteristic feature is distinguished by the aroma of apples, which is similar to the smell of wild forest berries, and the juice often resembles the taste of cranberries. Saturated antioxidants and useful substances harvest of red apples well kept all winter in cellars. Apples do not lose their taste and color until spring, and all the winter months are pleased with their taste and fresh look. Of them prepare juices and other home supplies.

Features of cultivation

Unpretentious beauty Red Cetty does not require special landing conditions, but if it is still present in the site as an experimental copy, it is possible to place it in sight, decoring the recreation area or a seamless territory.

The variety prefers light, fertile soils, close to drigly, and well-lit plots. The tree is equally good at a new place in a spring or autumn landing, the main thing is to comply with the technology that adheres to the usual scheme. The fossa is prepared in advance, dimensions of 60×60 or 80×80 cm, and score a peg in it. A fertilous soil on which a seedling is installed with spilled roots is installed in the dug hole hilmik. Then the root area is filled with the remaining soil and mulch. It remains abundantly pouring a plant and tie it to a peg.

Spring trimming of plants produce using a decorative-long method of forming a crown. Generally accepted agrotechnical techniques of cultivation on feeding, watering and pest protection will help to grow a healthy tree bringing high yields.

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