Apple tree Piros

  • Authors: Germany
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: caramel
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 140-150
  • Timing of ripening: Summer
  • Removable maturity: Second half of August
  • Bleed: up to 3 weeks
  • Transportability: Yes
  • Self-velocity: Sophisticated, Golden Delishes, Yelstar, Pirelli
  • Springness: Minoring

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Early grade of apples always enjoys in demand from gardeners, but such varieties always have a small minus – a small shelf life. But there are also early apple trees with a longer expansion of fruits after collecting. For example, German apple variety sir. In this article, consider it features, advantages and disadvantages, taste, agrotechnical moments and preparation for winter.

History of removal of varieties

In 1963, a new hybrid Piros was introduced in the German institution of gardening of Dresden-Pilnits. Parental couple are grades of apple trees Helios and Apollo. Hybrid received its popularity in Germany only in 1985.

Description of varieties

Apple tree Piros belongs to the early premium and is considered a semi-slot tree. The height of the tree is 4-4.5 m, in the first years, the trunk is the rapid growth, subsequently this process will slow.

Krone at the tree rounded, compact, semiorad, but not thickened. Maine leaves, saturated green shade with a pronounced cross section on the rear surface.

Apple tree Piros begins his fruiting for 3 years after landing in the ground. Gardeners note that the hybrid is not inclined to periodic fruiting.

Features, pros and cons

Any culture has its own characteristics that are in positive and negative points.

Consider the positive aspects of the hybrid:

  • Society;

  • ripening fruits;

  • taste qualities;

  • abundant and annual harvest;

  • shelf life;

  • excellent transportation indicators;

  • appearance.

The minuses include the fact that the variety is not resistant, that is, the hybrid is subjected to some diseases and attacks of pests.

Ripening and fruiting

Blossom begins in May, and the first harvest can be collected in August in the southern regions, in the northern regions, the harvest is going in the first weeks of September. Harvesting occurs in several stages.


Gardeners celebrate high and stable yield. As well as an active period of fruiting in Apple, Piros from 5 to 25 years.

Fruits and their taste

The fruits are large, by weight 140-150 g, the form rounded and cylindrical. Apples grow approximately one magnitude. The fruits are well fastened with fruit and do not appear.

The skin is dense, does not burst, which contributes to good transportation. On a shade, she is pale yellow with an inherent rane blush on the sides (those sides that were in the sun longer).

The flesh is juicy, dense, with great content of juice. For taste qualities, the fruit is sweet-sour, with a pronounced caramel aftertaste.

Fruits are stored in a cool place at a temperature not higher than +5 degrees up to 3-4 weeks.

Features of cultivation

Special agrotechnical requirements of the apple tree Piros does not require. All that must be observed is regular watering, fertilizers, cutting branches – the formation of crown, preventive work against pests and preparation for winter, soil mulch.

The yield also affects the choice of space, so it is necessary to properly prepare the site. Krone at the tree though compact, but still spread, so the site should be free, so that the culture is convenient to grow. If other types of cultures are located nearby, then the distance between them must be observed from 3 m. It is necessary so that the branches do not come into contact and did not interfere with each other.

And the place must be sunny. It is best to plant a seedling on a small hill, in order to avoid groundwater. If it is impossible, the drainage is installed when disembarking in the well.

Costs 1-2 times in two weeks to loosen the area around the trunk to saturate the soil with oxygen. Apple tree Pierce loves loose, loamy soil.


Hybrid Piros has good and large blueries, but they are completely sterile, so the harvest is big and good, it is necessary to land apple-pollinators nearby. It can be a variety of apple trees Vista, Pirelli, Golden Delishes.


Undercantle apple trees is carried out in several stages. In the spring it is necessary to feed the plant with natural minerals and those containing nitrogen. Summer feed the apple tree with natural minerals, and in the autumn minerals containing fluoride. All fertilizers are entered into a rig.

Frost resistance

Preparing for the winter is an important point, in no case should I ignore it. Preparation begins a week two after harvest, or when the larger number of foliage falls.

First, the tree inspect at the time of damage, pests or diseases. Then preventive measures are carried out to remove dry branches or places where the bark rested. All sections are processed by Garden Warr, and the trunk itself is running.

Then in the regions with strong frosts or with sharp drops of temperatures there is a trunk to undergo. To do this, it is necessary to drive several pegs around the barrel of the apple tree, at a distance of 20 cm and wrap the pegs with agricultural or rubberoid. Customize with wire. But in the resulting space between the spicy and the trunk, you can fall asleep mulch or peat.

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