Apple tree Pinova

  • Authors: German selection
  • Taste: sour-sweet with aroma
  • Aroma: strong
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 180
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High, up to 40 kg
  • Frequency frequency: Every year
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5 years
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: III decade of September – in the second decade of October

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Pinov variety is quite popular among gardeners. His name may also be marked as Pinova. It has a high level of yield. Ripe Fruits can be used in a fresh form or for home cooking jam, jam and other products.

Description of varieties

This grade of germany selection apples was obtained by crossing varieties Golden Delishes and Clivia. Flowers Tree at Late Dates. Apple tree Pinova is prone to excessive tying of fruits and yield overload.

Apple tree Pinova has a wide range of a medium-shaped crown.

The overall height of adult trees can reach 3.5 meters. The view belongs to the group of average and migratory. The variety is practically not trembling in the process of ripening fruit.

Features, pros and cons

Such a kind of apple trees can be used not only for home dilution in gardens and gardens, but also for growing fruits on an industrial scale due to its high yield.

Among the main advantages of this species, in addition to high yield, it is also to highlight and high frost resistance, resistance to various diseases and pests.

Minuses this variety practically does not have. It can only be noted that he is susceptible to bacterial burns.

Ripening and fruiting

Apple tree Pinova ripens at the later dates. It refers to winter mind. At the same time, removable maturity, as a rule, occurs in late September and early October. Fruit wood every year. After planting an apple tree begins to be fruit for 5 year.


Apple tree Pinova boasts enough high yield. So, from one tree can be collected for the season to 40 kilograms of matured fruit.

Fruits and their taste

Ripe apples of this variety have large sizes, they are one-dimensional, their form rounded-cone. They all have a rather narrow top. The color of them is yellow-green with light red-orange hatching.

Apples have thin skin, but at the same time it is very dense, shiny and smooth. The flesh of ripe fruit has a light yellow color, it is dense, juicy and slightly brittle. The taste of fruit sour-sweet with a pleasant light aroma.

The collected fruits can be stored in this form for two months. Mass of one fetal average is 180 grams.

Features of cultivation

Before planting young seedlings of such an apple tree, it is worth choosing a place for this. It must be dry, well covered and ventilated, but it is necessary to avoid drafts, due to which the trees can begin to hurt.

Apple tree Pinova prefers air soil saturated with oxygen. It is not recommended to plant it in black soil or clay. The root seedlings system will need to be preprocessing and drinking moisture. To do this, it is lowered into a container filled with warm water. All damaged processes should be removed immediately.

After that, the landing pits dig. Their depth must be at least 80 centimeters, diameter – at least 1 meter. At the bottom of each of them, the soil is poured from the upper layers, it is pre-stirred with fertilizers and fueled with water.

In the wells are immediately driven by stakes, they will be needed for the garter of young seedlings. You can remove them not before the fourth year of cultivation.

The root neck of each seedling should be located above the soil surface by about 7-8 centimeters. Drainage layer is laid in advance.

Before fixing the plants in the wells, you should reproduce their root system. After that, the vegetation is abundantly poured with water. The surface is also recommended to be mulched with chopped herbal mass, compost and humus.

In the process of growth, it is recommended to periodically carry out mulching, make a humus, compost, peat, as well as wood sawdust. This will allow you to maintain the required amount of moisture inside the soil.

If the plant does not bloom or be fruit, then it should be trimmed or transplant trees. You also need to check them for pests and diseases.


Apple tree Pinova is self-visible. So that she was able to give a full-fledged harvest every year, other varieties of such fruit trees must grow next to her, including Golden Delishes, Champion, Melroz and Idared. Sometimes some other varieties are sitting nearby.


In order for plants to fully grow and develop, it will be necessary to regularly make nutritious fertilizers. Feeding can not be made only in the first 2 years after landing. Next, it is better to use mineral and organic formulations, alternating them with each other in a year.

In the spring season makes substances containing nitrogen. At the final stage of flowering, various complex minerals are used, which includes potassium and phosphorus.

Frost resistance

Apple tree Pinova refers to winter-hardy variety. But when growing in the regions with cold and harsh winters, the trees are better to prepare in advance and hide before the onset of strong frosts. If necessary, the level of frost resistance of plants can be enhanced using agrotechnology capabilities.

Diseases and pests

This variety is also considered to be resistant to different diseases and pests. It rarely sick with a torment and a pair, so there is no need to additionally handle such a culture with protective compositions.

So that the trees do not hurt, you should constantly monitor the level of humidity. Otherwise, the likelihood that putrid processes will develop in the soil, which can cause significant harm to the root system.

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