Apple tree Moscow winter

  • Authors: Moscow State University. M. IN. Lomonosova, S. AND. Isaev
  • Taste: sweet-sweet with light spice
  • Aroma: easy
  • Full size: Large
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 6-7 years
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: End of September-beginning of October
  • Bleed: until April
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Appeared when crossed: Welly X Antonovka Ordinary

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Apple tree Moscow winter – one of the most attractive fruit plants. The variety is not too new (cultivated for almost 60 years), but it is not bad studied in all details. For beginners and gardeners, it will be very useful for this culture.

History of removal of varieties

Moscow winter brought MSU breeders. To obtain a hybrid, Antonovka ordinary and Welcy. The authorship of the selection belongs to. AND. Isaev. Developed a plant in 1963. Official varieties were manufactured in 1977.

Description of varieties

Culture is optimized for growing in rather hard weather conditions. Apple tree is suitable for use in private and industrial gardening. Tree is very high, and therefore not all gardeners will be able to cope with him. If not controlling growth, Moscow winter can rise to 8-10 m. But all these problems are compensated by high consumer characteristics.

Features, pros and cons

The increase occurs fast. For year, the tree will add 15 cm. The crown of young apple trees resembles a wide pyramid. Adult trees have a crown in the form of a wide oval. The number of leaves is moderately large; They are large and held on branches with darned cuttings.

Cover with such a disadvantage, as too active development, helps the relief point. Harvest adjustment is impossible if the apple trees gave extraction to 5-6 m. Susceptibility to fungal lesions – at the average level. However, all these problems are expressive overlapping:

  • attractive harvest qualities;

  • the ability of the plant to transfer harsh weather conditions;

  • a decent level of adaptation in different sections.

Ripening and fruiting

Moscow winter – predictable apple tree of winter time sleeping. Fruits mature by the end of September – early October. The first harvest fee is possible for 6-7 years. The active period lasts up to 50 years. With competent adjustment of the number of colors and stocks, it is possible to achieve annual fruiting.


One tree of this culture can give 150 kg of fruits per season. Scatter sometimes ranges from 140 to 170 kg. If you grow a Moscow winter on an industrial scale, it is possible to receive up to 100 c (centners) in terms of 1 hectare. But positive results are achieved only with the scrupulous compliance with the norms of agrotechnology. Have to water and feed the apple tree very carefully.

Fruits and their taste

There are light green and greenish yellow apples. The covering dark red color is decently expressed on the entire surface of the fruit. Smooth skin is characterized by a good wax. And also worth noting:

  • Pleasant light fragrance;

  • Light green very juicy flesh;

  • Sugar entry from 8.3 to 12.4%;

  • sour-sweet, slightly spicy taste;

  • Significant blend (it can continue until April).

Features of cultivation

Moscow winter – a variety that requires sunshine. Growing in the shade turns around with grinding fruit. Soil should aim well. It is impossible to use areas where groundwater gets closer than 3 m to the surface. The use of chernozem, soupies and loams is welcomed.


For apple tree feeding:

  • mineral complexes;

  • humus;

  • superphosphate;

  • compost.

Frost resistance

Apple tree resistance is quite high. Complex receptions do not need. Usually limited to the wreck of burlap or the use of herbal, straw mats. It is especially important to cover young trees. Adult copies most often independently cope with winter weather.

Diseases and pests

Moscow winter moderately tolerates the pass. Resistance to pulse dew is also quite large. But preventive protection is necessary. A serious threat represent bacterial burns and cytospose. It is worth noting that the apple tree of this variety threatens rodents first; Specific pest insects that would attack only Moscow winter, no.

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