Apple tree Moscow Later

  • Authors: Moscow State University. M. IN. Lomonosov, S. AND. Isaev
  • Taste: sweet-sweet with light spice
  • Aroma: weak
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 165
  • Full size: above the average size
  • Yield: up to 160 kg from wood
  • Frequency frequency: Regular
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 6-7 years
  • Timing of ripening: Lateness
  • Removable maturity: at the end of September

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In the Michurinsky Garden of the Timiryazevsky Academy, tests of apple trees were carried out, over the removal of which Russian breeders worked. For several years they were evaluated by several criteria: flavoring, resistance to frost, weight, resistance to diseases and pests, yield. As a result of research, the second place was taken by the Moscow grade later.

History of removal of varieties

This hybrid variety was derived in the 60s of the twentieth century breeders-fertilizers of Moscow State University named after M. IN. Lomonosov. The author of the variety is considered to be Isaev with. AND. To obtain an apple tree, materials of varieties Cinnamon New and Northern Sinap. 40 years after the departure of the Moscow variety later, official zoning took place.

Description of varieties

Apple tree belong to late varieties. Tree is high-speed, after 5-6 years, the height of the tree can reach 6 meters. It complicates the care of the crown of apple. Croon of a young tree has a wide range. Over the years, Crohn changes her to widespread.

Barrel and main branches are painted in green gray. Skeletal branches are located obliquely vertically to the trunk. Brown-brown young shoots straight, well pubescent, with short interstices. In the section have a rounded form.

Large leaves of ovoid and elliptical shape with a clearly pointed tip. The edges of the leaf pilcoto-ordinary. Apple tree sheet covering can be described as the average. The color of the leaf is bright green with a small gloss, which is noticeable in the sun.

Features, pros and cons

The middleplate tree has mostly positive qualities. These include:

  • high yield;

  • long-term shelf life of fruit;

  • high frost resistance;

  • excellent consumer qualities;

  • good resistance to diseases.

Only a very thick crown can be attributed to negative qualities.

Ripening and fruiting

The fruits are gaining their maturity at the end of September, during this period there is a major harvest.

First harvest gardeners are obtained by 6-7 years after a seedling landing. Next, the tree gives regular fruiting every year.

Consumer period lasts from late September to May. Almost all year round buyers please themselves with wonderful apples.

Regions growing

Special popularity has won in the Central Region of Russia, you can often find it in neighboring areas. Residents of Ukraine and Belarus also grow in their gardens later.


Good Agrarian Care pleases gardeners yield apple trees. From one tree you can collect up to 160 kg of delicious fruits.

Fruits and their taste

Apples rounded-conical, do not have ed. Fragrance is weak, not too pronounced. The size of the fruit is above average, the weight of one fruit can reach 165 g. Smooth skin has weakly noticeable subcutaneous points. Greenish-yellow or golden-yellow and yellow refinery, apple pink rose.

White fine-grained pulp tight and very juicy.

Taste Apples Sweet-Sweets With Light Spicy Failure.

Tasting rating – 4.5 points.

The fruits of this variety are contained:

  • Titrated acids – 0.94% (0.70-0.97%);

  • Sahars – 9.29% (8.5-11.3%);

  • ascorbic acid – 8.8 mg / 100g (7.1-10.5 mg / 100g);

  • tubyl substances – 55 mg / 100g (41-67 mg / 100g);

  • pectin substances – 8.7% (6.5-11.3%);

  • P-active substances – 0.15mg / 100g (0.12-0.25 mg / 100g).

Frigration of universal application. Well used in fresh form, suitable for canning.

Features of cultivation

To the care of trees of grade Moscow later undemanding. When choosing a sapling, you need to pay attention to the condition of the barrel. It is desirable that he is not curved. Before boarding on the root system, it is necessary to trim all damaged or damaged roots. Separations to disinfect garden borants.

For the landing, a pit of 80 cm in depth and 90 cm in width. The bottom of the landing jama fertilizes with a humor or compost, then fall asleep layer of the Earth so that the roots are not in contact with the fertilizer. The trunk is tied up to a peg, which is driven by near after landing. Seedling watered 2-3 buckets of warm water. Very important for the trees of this variety watering. In arid areas and at the moment of flowering the tree needs constant irrigation.

For the second year after landing, it is necessary to start forming the crown, for this you need to carry out proper triggering of shoots.


Grade needs pollination. Additional pollinators can be Vityaz, Zhigulievsky, Bogatyr and others.


Two times in season the soil need to fertilize. Excellent means for this serves by pumping manure and beveled grass. In addition, in the spring period it is necessary to feed trees. For this, gardeners use Selitra, asha and urea.

Frost resistance

High resistance to frost allows you to grow apple tree in the regions with cold climatic conditions. Grade withstands frost to -27 ° C.

Diseases and pests

To the disease, the variety is also well adapted. Characterized by high resistance to many types of pasta.

For the prevention of diseases, the tree needs spraying in the spring.

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