Apple tree memory Ulyanishchev

  • Authors: Rossoshanskaya Zonal Experienced Station of Gardening. M. M. Ulyanishchev, A. M. Ulyanishchev, O. AND. Kolodii, N. BUT. Polyakova
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: strong
  • The weight of the fetus, g: up to 300
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High, aged 5-8 years Harvest – 46 c / ha
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 4-5 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: in mid-September
  • Bleed: up to 150 days

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If the gardener grows as an apple tree as a decorative plant, but in order to use useful fruits, he should pay special attention to the care. Ulyanishchev’s memory is a wonderful option of how to enjoy sweet apples in September.

Description of varieties

Apple tree of this variety can grow up to 4 meters. Crown is not much thickened, has a rounded form.

Close-up of green foliage has a city wavy edge.

On the tree form red-brown shoots with a light fly. Their performance is estimated as weak.

Features, pros and cons

This variety has a good winter hardiness. The fruits are large, delicious, have high marketability.

Of the shortcomings, special requirements for the soil and the average resistance to the passage.

Ripening and fruiting

Ulyanishchev’s memory – winter grade, matures in September, closer to the second half. Fruits appear for 4-5 years after disembarking young seedlings.

Regions growing

You can meet an apple tree in the suburbs and Moscow. And also she feels great in other, warmer regions of our country.


Ulyanishchev’s memory is an apple tree that demonstrates high yield. 5-8 years after landing, the tree of this variety can give up to 46 centners with hectares.

Fruits and their taste

Ulyanishchev’s memory fruits demonstrate excellent transportability. This is a pioneer plant whose apples are used as in the fresh form, and delicious compacts and jam are prepared from them.

The color of the fruit is white, there are cover of raspberry-red shade, which is expressed in the form of stripes.

The form is oblong, the fruits are quite large, weighing up to 300 grams.

The flesh is juicy, gentle, very likes to children. Taste a nice sour sweet. After harvesting, the fruits are stored until 150 days.

Features of cultivation

The described variety should grow on a sunny section, preferably on a small elevation, because there is no moisture. The soil must mainly be fertile, suits the sublinous or sandy.

In the first year, good watering is needed. Subsequent years watered Ulyanishchev’s memory as needed during the growing season. Moisture is needed to fruits so that they can grow and gain sweetness. It is quite normal when small apples fall from the tree to maturation. Thus, the tree sacrows the sick fruits independently, or heates herself. When apples are too much, they suffer their size and quality, as the apple tree simply cannot pull the excessive amount.

In the early years, if the gardener wants the tree vigorously gaining growth and develop, use balanced fertilizers that sprinkle around the tree every spring. As soon as the apple tree is sufficiently rooted, feeding are used in small quantities at the same time.

On the third and subsequent years you can start trimming. The best form for Ulyanishchev’s memory is one central trunk with short side branches. The best time for trimming – at the end of winter, before the appearance of any signs of spring growth. Remove all weak and damaged branches, as well as crossed or contacting. Procurement and central escape, leaving it about 10 centimeters above the side branches.

Every year shorten the side shoots to develop a branched structure, but continue to delete weak shoots so that the tree does not have overloaded.

If one of the shoots begins to acquire the form of the second trunk, it also needs to be removed.


You need to pollinate most apple trees, but the memory of Ulyanischev is a self-free plant.


As feeding it is better to use liquid fertilizer. It comes with the necessary amount of nutrients and calcium, which is extremely important for apple trees. You can add in a small amount of nitrogen, which stimulates the formation of leaves and the strong branches of the apple tree.

Another advantage of the liquid form of fertilizers is that they have a low salt content, resulting in the cultivation of the described variety in the arid zone, the gardener will not face the fact that the tree will burn from bait.

It is important for this variety to use additionally phosphorus, since it contributes to the formation of high-quality roots.

Frost resistance

Ulyanischeva’s memory is high resistance to frost.

Diseases and pests

Apple tree of this variety shows the average resistance to the paste. So as not to face the problem, crush the leaves, fruits under the tree and burn them. And also recommend applying prophylactic sprays, such as “Capanta”, sulfur and other fungicides.

To the apple tree does not hurt, it needs to provide high-quality care and timely processing from diseases and parasites.

Sanitary processing (removal of leaves and dead fruits around the tree at the end of the growing season) and the use of chemicals are required. Organic treatment methods include bordeaux mixture, insecticidal soap, sulfur and Nema oil.

When the so-called black smallpox appears on an apple tree, fungicides are used, including sulfur-based. But if there are signs of apple mosaic, the tree is completely removed from the garden, since there is no treatment for this disease.

Puffy dew is another, one of the most common problems in the cultivation of Ulyanishchev’s memory. It is fighting simply – with the appearance of the first signs, patients are cut off, thus prevent reproduction of mold.

Not all gardeners know how to do if it appears on the applements of this variety rust. Actions should be as follows.

  • Pruning the affected rust pieces of trees.

  • The use of preventive fungicides, such as “Capanta”, “Chlorotalonyl” (“Dakonyl”), “Mankotheb”, “Tiram” and “Zyram”.

  • Avoid landing next to an apple tree of certain plants, for example, juniper.

Any processing must be carried out in dry weather so that the next day is not supposed to rain. It is advisable to choose a windless day.

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