Apple tree Martovskoye

  • Authors: VNIIS IM. AND. IN. Michurina, authors – s. And Ivanov., G. BUT. Lobanov, B. TO. Zeta, S. AND. Isaev
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 145
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: Aged 10 years – 110 kg from a tree
  • Frequency frequency: At the young age, fruiting annual, with age – periodical
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5-6 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: Last Decade of September
  • Bleed: until March, when stored in a dark, cool place, apples can run 4-5 months

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Apple tree is easy to grow in its own area, if you know the rules of agrotechniki. Martov’s grade is one of the sought-after in our country, since it demonstrates good yield from year to year.

History of removal of varieties

The removal of this apple tree was engaged in VNIIS. Michurina. To get this apple tree used grades Mekintosh and Antonovka ordinary.

Description of varieties

Trees of this variety can reach 7 meters high. Krone is formed by a wide pyramidal. There are no large thicance.

Foliage large and medium in size, dark green shade. Highlights are formed by small, stools medium in length, but thick, located under an acute angle on shoots.

From the trunk at an angle, as close as possible to 90 degrees, thick skeletal branches. All the rest in the second and third row grow under an acute angle. They are on the tree are compact.

On the shoots there is a small cannon, the color is dark cherry.

During flowering from a tree, a pleasant fragrance comes. Flowers small, white color.

Features, pros and cons

When buying seedlings of this variety, it is necessary to learn the benefits and disadvantages. The yield of trees demonstrate stable, while the fruit market is 91%. Apples can be stored for a long time, perfectly carry transportation. In addition, this culture remarks greatly both drought and frost.

As for the shortcomings, the height of the tree is very preventing full-fledged care for it. NO Martov and desired immunity from pasta and other infections of fungal type.

Ripening and fruiting

The apple tree matures this variety at the end of September, so the tree belongs to winter types. From November to March comes consumer period.

While the trees are young, they are fruit every year. When the apple tree agitates, the yield becomes periodic.

Regions growing

Martovskoe variety can be found in the following regions of our country:

  • Central;

  • Meshnevian;

  • Central black earth;

  • Non-ferry.


From one tree whose age is about 10 years old, you can collect over the season to 110 kg of ripe fruits.

Fruits and their taste

Martov – Minor grade with universal prescription of fruits. The main color of the skin is green, there is a small brown-red blush.

Apples are flattened, rounded shape with ribs that are strongly smoothed. Mass of one apple can reach 145 grams.

The skin of the fruit has an attractive shine, it is smooth and dense. There are large subcutaneous points.

To taste such apples sour-sweet. With due rates of storage, fruits can fly without loss of a commodity type of about 5 months.

Features of cultivation

To reduce the likelihood of problems with fungal lesions, Martam requires high-quality and timely pruning. It helps to make wood more healthy, stimulate growth and over time to produce more high-quality fruits. It is impossible to allow an apple tree of this kind to grow randomly.

March is cut into the first or second month of spring, two weeks after the last frost. You can remove unnecessary branches in the late spring and early summer. Avoid trimming in the fall, as it stimulates the growth of new shoots, which will die from the cold in winter.

Well-cropped healthy apple tree should have a significant distance between branches.

However, pruning should not be carried out on all trees. Do not touch the apple tree, which was not 3 years old. If Martam requires significant trimming, make it parts for several seasons. It must be remembered that the trimming of young or small trees is being done to stimulate the new growth and give Krone the initial form. Treatment of large or mature trees contributes to the growth of large and healthy fruits and helps maintain a common form.


Martov does not apply to samopidal varieties, so it is necessary for the pollinators. Among them are the following types of apple trees:

  • Northern Sinap;

  • Renet Chernenko;

  • Bogatyr.


Putting nutrients in the form of a reworked manure is then when the site preparation is carried out. It is praised with the soil, and the disembarkation is produced on the following spring.

In the first year or the two apple trees, Martovskoe will not need any additives, but as it is growth, it is necessary to make comprehensive fertilizers with a slow release of micro and macroelements. It is very important that in the soil there is always calcium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and boron.

Good additives will be wood ash, chicken litter.

Frost resistance

Good frost resistance of Martam makes it possible to grow apple tree in regions with temperate climates.

Diseases and pests

The described variety does not have resistance to the most common diseases of fruit trees, namely: brishe and mildew.

Early spring necessarily process a tree from diseases and pests. Not only fungicides and insecticides, but also garden oils, copper sipop. After the first processing, the procedure is repeated every 10 days until the fruit starts. Before collecting in a few weeks, processing stops.

For applying on the foliage and branches of fungicides, the windless, dry weather, then the effect will be maximum.

From most fungal diseases, experts recommends applying a fungicidal agent in the mid-end of July, the second time in August. Be sure to make high-quality trimming to increase air circulation in Crown.

Often, gardeners, who has Martam on the site, are faced with such a disease like rust. To prevent distribution, it is recommended to use fungicides containing a perhapsol or microbutanyl. Avoid planting trees close to each other, and do not land seedlings nearby with plants like juniper and red cedar. When the first signs of illness, the affected shoots are cleaned.

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