Apple Tree Mantet

  • Authors: Experimental Station in Morden (Manitoba)
  • Taste: Sweet, with a weak acidic taste, dessert quality
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 65-80
  • Full size: medium or small
  • Yield: High
  • Frequency frequency: in a year
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3 years
  • Timing of ripening: Summer
  • Removable maturity: From the end of July to the end of August, depending on the terms of the year
  • Bleed: not more than 10-15 days after me

See all the characteristics

Apple tree majects unusual already in the fact that the Canadian breeders have been developed. A close acquaintance with culture allows you to declare that it is highly productive and very promising. But that is why the gardeners need to be deepened to her features and all the subtleties of circulation.

History of removal of varieties

Apple tree Mantet for the first time grown at an experimental station in the city of Morden, that in the south of the Canadian Province Manitoba. Selection School of Canada is in the shadow of European and American, however, the Malus Domestica MANTET variety (official synonym) demonstrates its capabilities. As a basis, GRASHSOVKA Moscow, which was subjected to free pollination. Name nastet new development can not be – he was presented back in 1928. Unfortunately, to preserve the original climatic qualities failed.

Description of varieties

The height of trees is from 4 to 5 m. Krone has an oval shape, it is quite rare in its structure. Large green leaves shine, have the form of an extended ellipse. The tip is directed down, the downmission is missing. Branches are strongly developed and directed up.

Soothes are distinguished by brown color. For them are typical omission and small lengers of gray color. Flowers are large, outdoor resemble a saucer. White and pink bud has a purple tide. Priest petals painted in light pink tone.

Features, pros and cons

Sort Mantet Samoploden. Because his trees can be grown even one. Culture is characterized by strong, intense growth. Clear crown allows you to calmly plant this plant even on a small area. Next to the tree will be perfectly looking at the flower beds.

If you plant a few apple trees, then their intervals are easy to fill in berry shrubs. There is no need to constantly cut the trees. Thanks to durable leather, storage and transportation is noticeably improved. Sweetness of fruits like many people. However, the variety has both negative sides:

  • The direction of the branches upwards greatly complicates the harvest;

  • Regular fruiting can occur only in the first 10 years;

  • The shoots are fragile, with abundant harvest, they may be damaged;

  • In cold, serious problems are likely;

  • Caring for the top of the apple tree and the prevention of the appearance of diseases there are very difficult.

Ripening and fruiting

As already mentioned, for cultivation of apple trees, the auxiliary pollinators are not required. The plant belongs to the summer group. Expect the appearance of fruits from the end of July. With adverse weather, this moment is shifted to the beginning and even in mid-August. The first fees begin on the third year, then the plant will be fruit in a year; Since 11 years of cultivation, however, the predictability of the fruit seasons is lost.

Regions growing

Culture is zoned for:

  • Samara;

  • Ryazan;

  • Bryansk;

  • Vladimir;

  • Tula;

  • Moscow;

  • Kaluga;

  • Smolensk regions.


Apple tree grouse refers to high-yielding plants. But it is worth noting that in bad weather, the level of pollination of colors falls. Then the relevance of close apple trees is significantly increasing. Adult trees at the peak of the form at good conditions can give up to 70 kg of fruit per year. Then fruiting lasts until 25 years.

Fruits and their taste

Apples Mentette have universal use. For them, a typical greenish-yellow main surface. Cooking painting brightly, with a grip-striped blush. An orange-red background. Fruit resembles a rounded cone.

The top of the fetus slightly ribbed. Other important information:

  • Apple weighs from 65 to 80 g;

  • The size of the average, sometimes small;

  • Skin smooth and thin;

  • Sweet, with a slightly noticeable acid flavor;

  • dessert quality;

  • Ability to save a maximum of 1.5-2 weeks after collecting;

  • White and juicy flesh with an expressive aroma;

  • Share of sugars 10.4%;

  • Pectanic content – 12.4%.

Features of cultivation

Mantet is suitable for Central Russia. However, in the conditions of the Volga region, the grade also manifests itself well. Suglinted soil, subzole, chernozem is preferred for it. Other soil options are allowed, but no more. Strongly moistened places are contraindicated.

The soil is preferably breaking down and prevent its seals. Recommend to choose a light, but protected from drafts. Leeward side, protected by various kinds of barriers (including fences), not bad option. The distance between individual apple trees must be at least 3 m. Prepare landing yams needed about 14 days before disembarking. Plant in open Earth preferably two-year-old trees.

They already have 3-5 skeletal branches. Root neck filled with soil is not recommended. Poles for garter is better to enter from the north side. Earth when landing, it is impossible – only a slight seal is allowed. Additionally, the landing is watered 30 liters of water. For mulching use:

  • peat;

  • manure;

  • Floped dry grass.

Since the grinding has a limited winter hardiness, planting a tree in the spring. With this condition, the culture is rooted and will not die. In the usual season to plant a plant in the first half of April. But if the weather is not good if you probably return freezers – it is better to postpone work. Maximum allowable time for the spring landing – the end of April.


For this apple tree, as for other varieties, you need to use:

  • superphosphate;

  • urea;

  • potash fertilizers;

  • Potash-phosphoric mixtures;

  • humus;

  • compost.

Diseases and pests

Apple Tree Mantet can be infected with a pair. This problem is especially likely with essential humidity. Special preventive treatment with burgue liquid helps to avoid disease. Copper fungicides should be used in the first half of summer. No specific pests from this variety.

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