Apple tree Kutuzova

  • Authors: WITH. NS. Kedrin, Samara Experienced Gardening Station
  • Taste: sour-sweet, spice
  • Aroma: Light, but expressed
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 120-130
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: High, 113 c / ha
  • Frequency frequency: Regular
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5-7 years
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: at the end of September

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Apple tree is considered one of the most popular types of fruit trees that are grown on household plots and on an industrial scale. Each dacket seeks to plant a unpretentious plant, giving abundant crops with minimal care. The apple tree is Kutuzova. Having put it on his site, for many years it is possible to provide yourself with a large number of fruits, with excellent taste and capable of maintaining your trade look until the next harvest.

Description of varieties

Grade Kutuzova refers to bright representatives of true winter fruit crops. Led in 1935 at the Samara experimental station in gardening with an outstanding garden breeder with. NS. Cedrin, when crossing varieties, Horsicpel Ordinary and Renet Simirenko.

The plant is semi-classic, height reaches from 2.5 to 3.5 m, with a flat-base crown of medium density. With the age of Crown, it becomes more waves, but does not require high costs when pruning and leaving.

Listers of dark green color, medium size, slightly shiny. The form of them is oblong – oval or extended, with a jealous one-bonotherapy edges. Tip twisted, bordered. Niza nose is quite strong.

Skeletal branches from the trunk are departed at a big angle. Bonded bumps are quite firmly. Perennial twigs and bark greenish-brown shades.

Shoot direct, medium thickness, grayish-brown color, pubescent, upper departed at right angles.

Features, pros and cons

Among other varieties of universal appointment, Kutuzovitsa put in first place. And the reason for this was significant advantages:

  • High drought resistance;
  • long term storage of fruit;
  • during transportation does not lose its product form;
  • Good taste and product quality apples;
  • Excellent plant generative abilities;
  • High frost resistance;
  • Regular fruiting.

Among the disadvantages, it can be noted that fruiting comes on 5-7 years of cultivation, so the variety is considered the middle-deep. However, with this minus it is easy to cope with the timely feeding, watering and trimming.

Ripening and fruiting

Blossom occurs in the middle of May. Technical ripe fruit occurs at the end of September. Ripened apples are capable of hanging on the tree for a long time and do not fall down until the onset of the first frosts.

Apples of grade Kutuzovs are very well lying, the duration of the consumer period is six months. From November to May fruits do not lose their taste quality.


High-yielding grade. From one copy for the season you can collect up to 50-60 kg of fruits or 113 c / ha.

Fruits and their taste

Fruits at the variety of medium size, one apple can weigh 120-130 g. They have a flat-fledged shape, a little flattened, with a weakly pronounced broad ribbon. The main feature of the fruit is a one-dimensional. With full ripening, the color becomes yellow with a small blush. Dense, smooth skin of medium thickness, with subcutaneous dots of dark color.

The flesh of greenish or white-cream shade, juicy, dense, fine-grained. Taste classic – sour-sweet with a pleasant spicy aftertaste. Has a light fruit aroma. On a tasting 5-point scale, 4 points are given due to the present sourness in taste.

Purpose in the fruit universal. Of these, there are very tasty jams, jam, compotes, dried fruits. Especially apples are useful in fresh form.

Features of cultivation

The hybrid can be planted both in spring and autumn. In the spring period, the landing is produced until the swelling swelling. In autumn – before the onset of frost. Before proceeding with landing work, you need to carefully choose a place.

The plot is chosen well sanctified, but protected from cold winds. Negative to the development of culture affect groundwater, which can be close to the root system. They should be located at least 2 meters from the surface of the soil.

When landing several seedlings, the distance between them should be at least 3-4 m. Landing pit is preparing in advance. Its size depends on the root system. The volume is approximately in a depth of 50 cm, in width – up to 1 m. Filled by layers. 1/3 wells falling asleep fertile soil mixed with humus and mineral fertilizers. Next 1/3 – only fertile soil without any additives.

A seedling is put, gently spread the roots and fall asleep the earth. Well trambed soil so that there are no air emptiness. The root neck is left above the surface of the earth for 2-3 cm. After the plant is abundantly watered and mulched soil.

Apple trees need moderate watering. Irrigation is carried out in stages:

  • Before dissolving the kidneys;
  • After flowering, but not earlier than in a month;
  • a few weeks before harvesting;
  • in the fall, before the onset of the first frost, provided that the soil is dry.

Watering depends on weather conditions. If there is dry weather and the amount of precipitation is insignificant, then irrigation must be more abundant. It should be noted that the older the tree, the more water it will be required for normal development. Young seedlings need about 30 liters of fluid. Cereals from 3 to 5 years – 60 liters, already more adult copies – 90 liters per water.

The grade does not particularly have trimming and forming due to medium thickening. Basically conduct rejuvenation of crowns and sanitary trimming. Crop broken, dry, damaged twigs. Old sections of the cortex also remove.


The hybrid is pollinated by insects. To improve fruiting, planting near the culture of other varieties of apple trees of other fortiness.


Additional food are beginning to make a few years after landing. Spring to improve the active growth of the green part are nitrogen-containing fertilizers. During the flowering period, Kutuzova requires urea, potassium and phosphorus. At the stage of active formation of fruits, organic feeding in the form of a rift cowboy or humus. Prejudio powered is to make a complex mixture consisting mainly of organic.

Frost resistance

Winter hardiness of the plant largely depends on climatic conditions. With a moderate climate, the indicator will be good, but for Siberia and the Urals it is medium or low. The hybrid is able to persist to carry short frosts up to 35 degrees. After the spring return night freezers, shoots and kidneys can freeze. But culture is very quickly restored.

Diseases and pests

Apple tree Kutuzova is distinguished by persistent immunity. Resistance to many fungal diseases – scaffolding, mildew and fruit rot, one of the highest. Treatment of wood from harmful insects and diseases minimum. For prevention in spring time, spraying, also whites the barrel and skeletal branches in order to avoid sunburn.

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