Apple tree Kroha

  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: thin
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 80-100
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: At the age of 3 years, the harvest – 10 kg, after 5 years – 27 kg
  • Frequency frequency: Annual
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3 years
  • Timing of ripening: Summer
  • Removable maturity: in late August
  • Bleed: up to 3 weeks

See all the characteristics

The name of the apple tree should not be misleading. Prospects for its cultivation by no means “tiny”. However, for a good result, it is necessary to learn all the nuances.

History of removal of varieties

Who is the author or the crumb developer, to say it is impossible. However, it is known that the spread of the planting material goes through the nursery “Siberian Garden”. No additional details saplings do not reveal.

Description of varieties

Crocha – Indeed, Compact Plant. It is suitable for reproduction by root grain method. Type of apple tree neatrate. Branches from the bottom go straight upstairs bent under the weight of the fruit. By consumer characteristics, the plant can successfully compete with a number of tall types.

Features, pros and cons

The top will grow perfectly thanks to young shoots. However, even tall dive does not give high wood. Branches are relatively small. Where they touch the soil can start roots. The weakness of the variety is its unsuitability for cold areas.

But the apple tree:

  • visually beautiful and compact;

  • gives good fruits from a consumer point of view;

  • Stalling tolerates the pass;

  • gives universal crops.

Ripening and fruiting

Grade belong to the summer group. You can shoot apples at the end of August. The first fruits are produced for 3 years. Fruits will appear annually. Frequency in fruction is not established. The plant is self-alone and can be grown by one.


Kroch is distinguished by serious fecundity. On one tree you can grow 30-40 kg of apples per season. But increase yields additionally, if culture is greenhouse. It is worth noting that the assembled apples cannot be kept for a long time. Transport them is also very difficult.

Fruits and their taste

White-green apples of crumbs have a rounded shape and characteristic ribs. The mass of a single fetus is 80-100 g. Peel rather thin. And also celebrate:

  • sweet and sweet taste;

  • White and juicy flesh with large grains;

  • Guaranteed firmware up to 3 weeks;

  • Thin pleasant aroma.

Features of cultivation

Since the crumb is a bush apple tree, an approach to it is not like that as ordinary woody crops. It is very important that the seedlings were:

  • well developed big kidneys on the branches;

  • moisturized roots;

  • branching;

  • tags with all the necessary information;

  • Well noticeable sections of vaccinations above the root neck.

For crumbs fit and black soil, and loam, and soup. It is necessary to choose the protected from the wind and decently illuminated. Shading during the day if it is permissible, then for a short time. Landing in lowlands is completely unacceptable. Spring landing is preferable than autumn, because it helps an apple tree to strengthen and calmly survive the winter.

If landings still pass in the fall, then you need to do it no later than mid-October. In areas with a rigidly unfavorable climate, a critical period is still needed to move. Sliding soil water is not critical. However, the drainage layer is required in any case. Near the crumbs are recommended to plant a mint and oatmeal, which are perfect sites.


Add useful substances to the priority circles each autumn. On the perimeter of this circle form a pummue depth of 25-35 cm. Putting the fertilizer there 14 days before the completion of the leaf. Most often in a bucket (10 l) of water dissolve 1.5 liters of ammonium nitrate. We need to use this feeder not annually, but once in a few seasons.

Frost resistance

Apple tree Kroch can survive winter. However, in areas with a harsh climate, the shelter created from the autumn will definitely prevent. 2 weeks before the approximate arrival of frosts, the root zone should be mulched. The thickness of the calculation is 20-25 cm. After the onset of negative temperatures, the entire bush is protected by any suitable covering material.

Review reviews

Problems with apple tree crumb sometimes arise. But this happens mainly in those gardeners that are mechanically transferred to an agrotechnical to it, typical of wood forms. With a competent approach, even frozen plants usually manage to save. The quality of fruits, like the appearance, like the overwhelming majority of people. Everything rests on the methodology and in the skill of the gardeners themselves.

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