Apple tree Kovalenkovskoye

  • Authors: Belarus
  • Taste: sweet
  • Aroma: average
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3 years
  • Timing of ripening: Latelery
  • Removable maturity: in 2-3 decade of August
  • Bleed: 1-2 months old

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Apple tree Kovalenkovskoye – Excellent average variety, which enjoys well-deserved popularity at the Gardeners of the Central Strip and Urals. It is distinguished by unpretentiousness, high yield and excellent frost resistance.

History of removal of varieties

Variety Kovalenkovskoye was bred by Belarusian breecisers in Nan Gardening in Minsk. When creating a variety, the method of free pollination was used. During the eligibility, several varieties were involved, but the basis still served as Lafram. It is it that can be considered the progenitor of the apple trees Covalenkovsky. Another name of this variety is the red sweet, which was given to taste and the color of the fruit.

Description of varieties

Apple tree Kovalenkovskoe is a medium-grade variety having a rounded or fragile form. The trunk is strong, the main branches are thick, perfectly withstand the weight of the fruits. The decorative properties of the apple tree does not have, but it has a high yield and sideline.

Tree reaches a height of 5.5 m. Thin branches, thin, have a skeletal structure. Bark – from orange to yellow, matte. Leaves small, proper oval shape, rich green shade. Their edges are jar, like all apple trees. Shoots slightly dilated, red shade. White flowers, very fragrant.

Fruits at Variety Kovalenkov Apple tree fully correspond to the second name of this variety, that is, the red. They are distinguished by saturated sweetness, juiciness. They are well suited for consuming fresh, and to create supplies for the winter.

Features, pros and cons

The characteristic feature of the variety is self-velocity, so the apple tree feels perfectly and fruits, even if there are no other apple trees nearby, or a small number of pollinators. But still, according to experienced gardeners, fruiting increases significantly, if there are similar fruit trees nearby, and enough insects carrying pollen.

Another distinctive feature is the uneven ripening of fruits. But if it is a plus for some, because such a factor allows you to enjoy fresh harvest for others, for others, on the contrary, it creates difficulties, because for the preparation of blanks you need a lot of apples.

From the main advantages of the variety, it is possible to allocate what apple tree is a universal option for growing almost throughout Russia, with the exception of Polaria. The maximum temperature that the apple tree can survive without consequences, -35 degrees.

As a lack, some gardeners allocate low resistance to such death, like a passage. And it is also necessary to more carefully than the trees of other varieties, to handle the apple tree Kovalenkovskoe from pests, since its insect resistance is not the highest.

Ripening and fruiting

Ripen the fruits of grade Kovalenkovsky, as a rule, at the end of August. The north is the place of growing trees, the later they give fruit. In the middle lane and in the south of the Urals, apples can be removed from the third decade of August, in the south – at the beginning of the last summer month, but in Siberia and the Far East only in early September.

Fruiting uneven, stretched over time up to three weeks.


Fruit apple tree Kovalenkovskoe starts on the third year after landing. Every year the number of fruits on the tree increases and reaches its maximum by 6-8.

Estimate the yield of the variety can be as pretty high – from one adult tree of 7 years old can be removed about 50 kg of fruits per season. But in order to achieve such indicators, it is necessary to choose the right point for landing and take into account the wind rose.

Fruits and their taste

Covalenkovsky variety apples have a saturated sweet taste, have a slight grain and moderately solid. Absoleka is absent, and even at unworthy fruits. As apples ripen ripen, they become sweeter and saturated. And since even the ripe fruit are perfectly held on the branches and do not fall out, by the time of the collection they have the most sweet and sometimes even shut-off taste. If apples are collected from the branches a little non-fermented, their taste quality can be fully evaluated only in about a week after collecting.

The average weight of the fruits – 150 g. Color pale yellow, with bright red spots on the sides. In the highest branches and sunny fruit, the fruits are completely painted in red and have the most saturated-sweet taste.

Features of cultivation

To the apple tree Kovalenkovskoye caught up quickly and hurt as much as possible, for its landing it is necessary to choose a plot in low groundwater sitting. Otherwise, it faces the rotation of the root system, illness from excessive humidity and eventually death. It is possible to notice the beginning of this process by drying the crown on top.

So that the fruit tree felt comfortable on the plot, gave a maximum harvest, for its landing it is necessary to choose a weak-casual, driving soil, without risk of flooding. And in winter, it should be excluded by the impact on the tree of northern winds, as it will negatively affect the strings, and will subsequently reduce the yield.


To consistently get a high yield, an apple tree must be picked up with mineral fertilizers.

This is done on a specific schedule. In the first year it is not necessary to make anything, the tree is enough fertilizers made when disembarking in the ground.

Starting from the second year of life, an apple tree feed in several stages.

  1. After the snow supply (as a rule, in March), a mixture of urea and ammonium nitrates are made in the rolling circle in the 2: 3 ratio.

  2. In the period when buds are just beginning to be tized, you need to make a solution of superphosphate (50 g per 10 liters of water).

  3. During the tie of fruits, you can help the tree of nitroammophos.

  4. And in winter, throw the turf under the apple tree with a humus.

In case the soil on the site where the apple trees are growing, too acidified, it is not bad to add a dolomite flour into it with periodicity of 5 years.

Frost resistance

Apple Kovalenkovskoe is a frost-resistant variety. Nevertheless, when growing in the north and in Siberia, it is worth taking care of additional insulation. Speakers are perfectly suitable for this, dry leaves. Especially frosty winters should be sprinkled with the basis of the trunk of snow to the crown.

Any special shelter of an apple tree growing in the middle lane is not needed for the winter. But to prepare a fruit plant to frosts are still required. For this, the trunk is empty, the soil under it is fried to a depth to half a meter. It is recommended to be processed using sawdust or foliage. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the leaves are only with healthy trees, otherwise there is a risk to bury into the roasting area of ​​pests and bacteria that cause infectious diseases.

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