Apple tree Golden Delisheshes

  • Authors: America, Eastern Virginia
  • Taste: Sweet, dessert
  • Aroma: strong
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 140-170
  • Yield: At the age of 7 yields up to 250-300 c / ha, 18-23 years – 230 c / ha
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 2-3 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: at the end of September
  • Bleed: up to 6 months
  • Purpose: Universal

See all the characteristics

Golden Delishes – Favorite gardeners grades, because apple trees bring fruit with beautiful appearance and good taste. They have many positive characteristics, among which sustainability for various climatic conditions.

History of removal

The variety first appeared in America in East Virginia. It was not detected specially. Officially, the appleal data were noted in 1890 and began rapidly spread and used for selection. Quite quickly, the variety moved to Europe, and then on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Description of varieties

Trees have an average size, in some cases can grow a little higher. Young apple trees Croon cone-shaped, on fruitful cultures can be seen a wide-grade crown with thick branches, which is well limpish. Fruits have a lot of weight and pleasant taste. Their quantity depends on what were climatic conditions and care.

Features, pros and cons

Apple tree has many advantages:

  • Plants have good resistance to various common diseases;
  • The variety is not afraid of low temperatures;
  • Gardeners growing apple trees can boast a rich harvest;
  • Fruption begins in early terms;
  • Fruits beautiful and tasty;
  • Fruits can be kept for a long time.

But there are some drawbacks:

  • Flammers are needed;
  • fruiting can be periodic;
  • culture badly tolerate drought;
  • Plant needs regular trimming, otherwise apples will be small.

Ripening and fruiting

Beginning of the fruiting of a prank variety – for 2-3 years after planting a seedlings in the ground. In the following years, if the conditions of cultivation are unfavorable, the tree can be fruit with interruptions. Shoot fruit follows in late September.

Regions growing

Not too whimsical and yields would like to have many gardeners. Most often, the cultivation of an apple tree is carried out in the southern states of the CIS and in the south of Russia. Northern and cold areas are an unfavorable place to grow Golden Delishes, but you can land a culture and there if you do it on a frost-resistant.


Golden Delisheshes – a rather yield variety, thanks to which he loved many. 7 years after the landing, you can collect about 250-300 c / ha. After 18-23 years old, apple trees will give about 230 c / ha.

Fruits and their taste

Apples have a golden-light green color and rounded conical shape, weigh around 140-170 g. Skin dry and rather dense, with gray cork pads. The flesh of a greenish shade (when removing), very juicy and dense, with a sweet dessert taste and a strong pleasant aroma.

The fruits of universal destination, which indicates the possibility to use them not only in the latest form, but also for the preparation of various dishes and drinks. Created to be stored for up to 6 months, not trembled with trees.

Features of cultivation

Despite the unpretentiousness of culture, you should know about some nuances of its cultivation, to get a high-quality harvest annually. The variety is needed fertile land and sunlight.


Golden Delishes – Nesham-Flood Grade. In order for its fruits to be started and formed, the varieties of pollinators should be planted next to him. These are:

  • Wagner prize;
  • Delishes Spur;
  • Jonathan;
  • Kuban Spear.


Apple trees fertilize every season throughout life. In the spring period, fertilizers are necessary for awakening trees from hibernation, as well as strengthening their immunity. In the summer, the lack of useful substances that were used in the process of forming apples. In the fall, the culture is fed to increase its stability to bad weather conditions and low temperatures.

How many fertilizers should be made, depends on the age of the plant. In 1 year, the apple tree does not need a feeding, if planted in a fertilized pit. The next spring you need to feed it with urea (70 g per 10 liters of water) so that the tree increases the root and thick crown system. In September, a phosphorus-potash solution (2 tablespoons on 10 liters of water) is used in seedliness.

The feeding is made in doses, because if the trace elements are too much, it will not affect the fruit culture (the apple tree will not be able to resist diseases and insects, its harvest will become worse). For apple trees that have already begun to bear fruit, you need more feeding.

  • In the spring time, trees need nitrogen to increase the abundant crown. In the middle of spring, 40 g of ammonia nitrate or 30 g of urea is distributed around the edge of the barrel circle.
  • To speed up the flowering of culture and the beginning of its fruiting, it is necessary to deposit 60 g of superphosphate, dissolving it in 10 liters of water. Processing is carried out before the occurrence of buds.
  • After the tree is flashing, 50 g nitroposki (on 10 liters of water).
  • When the fruits are poured, sodium humate should be fertilized (15 g by 30 liters).
  • To restore the apple tree forces, it is necessary to increase its frost resistance to 100 g of potassium sulfate and 100 g of superphosphate (10 liters of water). Feeding is done after removal of apples.
  • For every 5 year in the ground (if it is sour) is made 500 g of lime to 1 m 2.

Also use organic fertilizers.

  • In April, solutions are made using chicken litter and cow giving the plant necessary nitrogen connections. After feeding the soil is abundant water.
  • When the apple tree forms the fruits, you need to feel it 300 g of ashes per 1 m 2.
  • In front of the winter under the tree put a reworked manure (10 kg for seedlings and 25 kg for adult plants).

Also, the variety needs extraxnealing feeders 3 times a year.

Frost resistance

The variety has a middle frost resistance. In the southern territories, Golden Delishes can be grown without preparing for the winter, but in the regions with cold climatic conditions, frost can damage young shoots. Before the shelter of culture for the winter it is necessary to make certain procedures.

  • The rolling circle is murdered by humus.
  • Branches and strabs are thoroughly cleaned from dry bark, lime with solution. This will protect the plant from insects, will save from such a problem as cracking of the cortex that can occur with a sharp drop of temperature.
  • The barrel turns into a burlap or agricultural.
  • In winter, snow is simplified to the tree, a pillow is formed, protecting the root system and a root neck.

Diseases and pests

Trees are quite resistant to major diseases and pests, medium resistant to the pasche. To get rid of problems, timely preventive processing should be carried out. This will help prevent the development of various infections and insect damage.

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