Apple tree Gala

  • Authors: J. NS. Kidd (New Zealand)
  • Taste: Moderately sweet
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 115-145
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 6 years
  • Timing of ripening: Late September
  • Removable maturity: in the second decade of September
  • Bleed: up to 80 days
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Appeared when crossed: Golden Delishes x Kidds Orange Red
  • Self-velocity: Partially Summer, Best Fatrollists: Elstar, Katya, James Griev

See all the characteristics

Among the popular varieties of apple trees Gala stands out with an attractive appearance and good taste. It is grown for both personal use and sales.

Description of varieties

The tree is characterized by an average growth (3-4 m), a widespread crown of medium thickening, durable branches.

Features, pros and cons

Here are a few advantages of the variety:

  • Apples have an interesting dessert and delicate taste;
  • Fruits are able to be stored for a long time;
  • Trees are extremely productive, it is fairly early to give abundant harvest;
  • Thanks to the versatility of fruits, they can be consistent with fresh, and also use for the preparation of blanks;
  • Apples have a commodity view, they can be transported in both close and long distances.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • Winter hardiness varieties at the middle level;
  • unstable frequency of fruiting;
  • It is necessary to carry out work on the normalization of the barring;
  • If the crop is large, the fruits decrease in the amount.
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Ripening and fruiting

Middle Blood Trees, Late. Fruption begins for 6 years after landing in the soil. If the dot is dwarf, you can see the first fruits for 3 years. Apples are going in the second decade of September.

Regions growing

Gang is grown in different countries, it grows well and allows you to collect abundant yields on almost any territory. In Russia, culture is distributed in steppe and forest-steppe parts with temperate climates.


Due to its yield, the grade is extremely popular in production. Adult plants can give about 55-79 kg of fruit every year.

Fruits and their taste

Apples of the greenish-yellow main color, the covered color is a striped-blurred blush of orange-red shades, placed around the fetus. Fruits rounded, on average, weight is about 115-145 g. Skin is tight enough, gentle and not too thick. Meat juicy, moderately sweet taste.

Fruits do not creep from trees and are able to be stored for about 80 days. Have a universal purpose, so in a fresh form, for cooking jam and compotes. Baby food is also prepared from apples.

Features of cultivation

To the plant actively grew and remained healthy, it is necessary to care for him and know about all the nuances of growing varieties.

The seedlock is transferred to the open ground in mid-April or in the fall, a month before the arrival of frosts. 30 days before disembarkation, a suitable well is prepared: digging a hole with a diameter of 60-80 cm and a depth of 50 cm. Mineral and organic feeding places there. Soil when landing can be used any.

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Gala – partially sammost grade, requiring landing of pollinators next to them. The best options are:

  • Katia;
  • Elstar;
  • James Griva.


Fertilizers are entered 4 times per season in several stages.

  1. The first time the plant fertilize during the formation of the kidney. Fertilizers containing in the composition of nitrogen, humid or ammonium nitrate.
  2. Subsequent feeding is carried out in the summer (the first decade of June). Potassium and phosphorus are entered, as well as manure, urea or chicken litter.
  3. After the trees feed at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn.
  4. The last time fertilizers are made before the winter onset. For this purpose, phosphoric and potash additives, humid, peat and compost are used.

Frost resistance

Plants have an average frost resistance, normally carry short-term low temperatures, but their decrease has been affected by the culture for a long time.

Diseases and pests

To save yourself from problems and protect Gulu from diseases and harmful insects, the following preventive measures should be applied:

  • In the spring, when it is snow, the trunk and large branches of the lower tier must be bleached;
  • Before dissolving the kidney of the apple tree, it is necessary to spray a crown well, using a 3 percent solution of borobo liquid;
  • After the flowering phase, you need to repeat the previous steps, but apply Copper Chlorine.

It is important to know about the pests that are able to reduce the yield of trees.

  1. Weevil. Can exit flowers, whereby a significantly reduced yield of apple. It is important to start fighting insect in a timely manner, because otherwise the females can make masonry eggs, and bring pests with an apple tree much more difficult. The most effective way is the dusting of the soil under the apple tree cloth and shaking wood. Bugs that fell on the litter should be destroyed. The other variant of the retardation of pests – plant treatment with Calypso preparation. The tool does not harm the bees, so gardeners planting trees near the apiary, can safely use it.
  2. Fruit. Insect can exam fruit, brings a tangible damage to harvest. In the spring period should be arranged. To do this, the burlap is used, which brew is pre-impregnated in advance. You can also make the trees of fresh tincture of wormwood, perfectly frowning pests.
  3. Leasting. Harms kidneys and foliage. Apple trees are sprayed with informs of tomatoes or wormwood on the leaves. An excellent option to combat the leaflet is the “Lufox” agent.
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Review reviews

Many believe that the gala variety is able to give a good, beautiful and high-quality crop even beginners who do not know how to grow apple. There is an abundance of fruiting, some write that the fruits have enough for themselves and for sale. From one tree you can collect enough fruits for consumption in the fresh form and on the billet for the winter. Apples are well stored, eat for a long time.

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