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  • Authors: M. BUT. Mazunin, N. F. Mazunina, B. AND. Putyatin (South Ural Research Institute of Fruit and Potatoes)
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 110-125
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: up to 120 kg from wood
  • Frequency frequency: Regular
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3-4 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: 2 decades of September
  • Bleed: 140 days

See all the characteristics

Apple orchard – the dream of many gardeners, regardless of the region. Gentle flowers, smell and taste of garden apples, apple pie, homemade jam or compote – all this pleases and residents of the middle strip, and Siberians, and Far Eastern. For growing in any of these regions, a relatively young variety of a dwarf apple tree – Bratchud, which will be discussed below. We will tell about its features, rules for the care of the plant, pluses and cons of a particular variety.

History of removal of varieties

The brother’s brother is wonderful, and briefly – frant, was designed and derived in Chelyabinsk, in the South Ural Research Institute of Fruit and Potatoes, by crossing a hybrid form (11-20-12 x Ural Winter) with a variety of imagination. Creators of grade: m. BUT. Mazurin, N. F. Mazurin, B. AND. Putyatin. Lyonated Bratchud since 2002.

Description of varieties

Bratchud – natural dwarf, reaching 2.7 m on the seed, and when choosing in favor of vegetatively multiphable clone devices of 1.5-2 m. The variety is not decorative, has a flat-circular crown with a diameter of 2.5-3 m.

The bark is dark brown, shoots a small thickness (but not completely thin), greenish brown. Large, oblong rounded leaves, dark green coloring with a small nicking and largest edge.

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Features, pros and cons

Let’s run by the main advantages and minuses of the considered variety.


  • High yield;

  • High marketability, universal purpose of fruits;

  • Apple footer up to 140 days;

  • Dwarf growth type facilitates harvest.


  • Limitability of a pair (sustainability of only 2 points);

  • The quality of the fruit can be significantly falling during arid, hot summer.

Ripening and fruiting

Scrimilted grade with winter timing and regular fruiting frequency. Actually, fruit brother begins for 3-4 years, and removable maturity apples reach on the 2nd decade of September.

Regions growing

Although the variety has spread at the moment almost throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, it was originally intended for Siberia, Volga region, Urals.


Brotherhood yield reaches 120 kg from a tree, which is considered a high indicator. As mentioned above, apples of varieties have good transportability and burning, calmly can be kept up to 5 months, keeping their taste properties. By the way, it’s time to talk about them.

Fruits and their taste

Middle sizes (from 110-125 g to 160 g, in rare cases – up to 200-250 g) Fruits have an oblong-rounded shape and tangible rhine, and also have a characteristic feature – a noticeable suture stripe side. Yellow-yellow apples, with blurred red blush. They are glossy, with a smooth touch, dry skin, sit on the thick, not very long fruit.

Ripe fruits have a white, coarse pulp. Justice average, taste nice, sour-sweet. In Apples, Bratchud varieties contain 18.8 mg of ascorbic acid (per 100 g of weight), 14.1% soluble dry substances, 10.2% sugars, 1.5% of pectin substances (on dry weight) and 0.4% of titrate acids.

Variates are universal, apples are well suited for use from wood and for various options for canning, manufacturing juice, wine.

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Features of cultivation

Before talking about how to correctly grow a variety, it is worth noting some subtleties that will be useful when buying brichood saplings.

Purchase seedlings only in proven places having the necessary certificates for the plant.

Suitable age of apple trees – 1-2 years. Such trees are coming up faster than everything.

Inspect your future purchase.

The root system should be well developed, moistened, elastic, without traces of damage. Between the root cake and the barrel should be placed the vaccination – thief.

On the shoots of second order the bark should be smooth, and the resulting kidneys – voluminous.

Carefully check the seedling for the presence of various traces of infection with diseases, fungi, pest defeats, which the seller could default.

So, we have a healthy seedling of the desired variety. Now – landing and care.

  • Time

Time to landing trees in the ground – early spring or late autumn, somewhere in a couple of weeks before the arrival of the first frosts.

  • A place

Plot for landing is better to choose on the elevation, in a sunny place where the tree will be protected from the wind. The soil must have a weakly acid or neutral pH, be rich in organica. A good option will be a black soil or light loam.

  • Preparation of the site

Prepare a well (0.7-1 m) need in advance, a couple of months before landing. Speak, spend, Feel the site. Fill the hole with a mixture from the ground, sand, humus, wood ash.

Slowing out several plants, keep the distance between them at least 3 meters. The root neck when landing should be somewhere 6 cm above the ground surface. The young tree should be tested to the support.

  • Care

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Watering young apple trees need at least 5 times per season, that is, for each year the plant should receive about 10 liters of warm water. After irrigation, it is worth removing weeds, jumble soil.

Every spring need to trim damaged, weak branches, processing cuts with copper cune.


The most successful pollinators of Bratchud call the following varieties:

  • Wonderful;

  • Landed;

  • Sokolovsky;

  • Snowdrop.


Apple trees need every year to feed mineral and organic fertilizers since the time when the year has passed since the landing. The scheme is as follows:

  • Spring – urea, korovyat, nitrogen-containing means;

  • before the start of flowering – potash fertilizers;

  • At the end of summer – phosphates.

Frost resistance

Sort with high frost resistance, without problems toleaging -39 ° C. But this does not mean that winter about the apple tree does not need to take care. Before frosts, it is necessary to be processed by humus with the soil, and the strab wrap agriched, to cover with fir legs.

Diseases and pests

The grade is resistant to fungal diseases, but is subject to the paschers, especially in epiphistory years. For the prevention of infection, it is necessary in the spring 3 times (the interval is about 2 weeks) to spray the plant by fungicides.

Review reviews

Having understood with all the intricacies of the care and characteristics of the variety, it is worth listening to those who have already grown it.

Gardeners celebrate yields, winter hardiness Bratchuda, taste of its fruit. Of the minuses often mention sensitivity to hot, arid weather, which affects not only on the taste of apples, but also on the volume of crop. In a particularly hot summer, the fruits are badly tied, there were cases when one only ovary was formed at all.

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