Apple tree Florina

  • Authors: France
  • Taste: unplantable-sweet
  • Aroma: Brightly pronounced, reminds melon
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 110-140
  • Full size: average
  • Yield: 60-70 kg / tree
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 2 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: at the end of September – in early October
  • Bleed: Until June (in the refrigerator), until March (in the cellar)

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Apple tree Florin – a rare, but welcome guest in Russian gardens, also found under the name Malus Domestica Florina. Her fruits are distinguished by excellent marketability, successfully transfer transportation and storage. Apples can be kept until March in the cellar, when placed in the refrigerator, these deadlines are stretched even more, until the summer.

History of removal of varieties

The variety of French selection, obtained as a result of a complex crossing. Registered in 1977. An apple tree varieties Malus Floribunda 821 were used when removing, Golden Delishes, Stringing and Jonathan. In the State Register of the Russian Federation, Florin was made in 2000.

Description of varieties

Appleal average, the height of the crown and the trunk reaches 3 m. Skeletal branches are formed at an angle of 45-80 degrees. They are strong, strong, actively branched. Croon of widesproof shape, prone to thickening. It is easy to maintain in order, giving out the shape of the ball, to use as a landscape design element. Leaves on rich green branches, oval shape, with light fluff on the back.

Features, pros and cons

Florin – Popular European Apple Variety, Survive in Domestic Gardens. It is well suited for commercial cultivation, completely reveals the taste and fragrance of fruits after they are removed from the branches. Obvious pluses of varieties can be called:

  • Beautiful form of fruits;

  • very long storage;

  • balanced flavor properties;

  • ease of crop removal;

  • High level of immune protection.

By minus Florina include the need for a set of consumer maturity. She comes no earlier than January, until that time apples are stored in the respective conditions in the cellar. Adult trees can demonstrate periodic fruiting, without regularity. Usually, recreation falls on season 3, but the problem is not bad solved by the rationance.

Ripening and fruiting

The variety belongs to winter, the female collection begins at the end of September or in early October. By this time, apples reaches removable maturity. Begins fruiting for 2 years.

Regions growing

In France, the grade is cultivated everywhere. In Russia, he successfully manifests itself in moderately warm climatic zones. There is a successful experience of growing florms in the suburbs and neighboring regions. It is zoned for the North Caucasus, steppe and forest-steppe territories of Ukraine.


Apple tree gives up to 60-70 kg of fruits from a tree.

Fruits and their taste

Florine apples are impossible to confuse with others due to their unusual aroma with lightweight melon shades. Middle-sized fruits, weighing 110-140 g, with a ribbed surface and a total cut-cutting form. The color of the skin is light yellow, covered with a striped-blurred blush, propagating over the entire surface. She herself is dense, not very thick, with a whitish light raid, dry, there are numerous subcutaneous points. Puffed juicy, light yellow shade, unplantable-sweet.

Features of cultivation

Florin is growing well on fertile soils, abundantly fluttered with foliage and humus, ash and manure. Pits are required spacious, because the root tree of the tree grows greatly. Cultivation is possible on dwarf and middlengths. In the first years, the fruiting is moderate, normalizes to reach 10 years of plants. The grade is not afraid of arid periods, it is fine tolerate low soil moisture.

For landing, it is recommended to select a two-year-old church with a height of up to 1.5 m. It is important that the bark and roots do not have pronounced damage, and several shoots were rejected from the main trunk. Spots, spots, any other defects are unacceptable. When choosing a site, you should give preference to well-lit places without strong shading – this factor affects the painting of fruits and total yield. On the soil with a high level of groundwater, drainage is necessarily arranged.

Landing recommended Spring, Pits are preparing in autumn. After transferring to the ground, the treet is cut 1/3 of the total length of the branches. Throughout the season, it is necessary to check the condition of the soil, not allowing it to dry in the period of rooting a seedling in a new place.

For autumn storage, Florine is sent with the preliminary creation of the moisture stock. Under the root after collecting all the fruits, 4-6 buckets of water poured, the quantity is normalized, taking into account the age of the tree. In the 1st decade of November, the Stack and the lower branches wrapping the insulation layer from the underfloor material and the film, preventing possible damage to rodents.

With the onset of spring, the trunk is released. Then the trees under the age of 4 must carry out the forming crown crown. In subsequent years, only wags, old and damaged branches are removed.


Florin does not apply to samopidal varieties. Nearby should plant pollinators. Better Others are suitable for these purposes, Gloucester. Flowers tree early spring for 10-14 days. During this period, any impacts, including insecticidal processing, be sure to exclude.


Fertilizers are first introduced for 3 years after landing. Up to this point, the apple tree will receive food from the stocks that were laid in the hole. Be sure to choose for feeding the period when the earth is well moistened. You can pour it in advance or wait for the rain.

In the spring, until the blown of the kidneys, nitrogen feeds are introduced under the apple tree. You can do the ready-made options, or dilute the manure, chicken litter, and then pour under the root. Such a nutrition is needed by a plant for a set of green mass. Before flowering, it is necessary to saturate the soil of potassium and phosphorus to create favorable conditions for the formation of uncess. Then the time of adding complex mineral fertilizers comes.

By winter, plants are prepared after the feet. At this time, nitrogen filtering completely exclude. Phosphorus and potassium are introduced into the soil, then it frills, the rolling circle is murdered. Repeat the docking cycle is necessary annually.

Frost resistance

This variety is well adapted to cultivation in cold climatic zones without shelter. Frosty, but in cold winters requires shelter.

Diseases and pests

Florin is resistant to monilial burn, immune to a brummer. The overall assessment of the protection of apple trees from diseases and pests is high. Sustainable variety and such common diseases of garden trees, like malievous dew. Rust is amazed only with potassium and phosphorus deficiency. Young seedlings are also susceptible to pest attacks – leaflers, apple color.

Review reviews

According to the gardeners, Florine can be called a real find for the Russian climate. Later fruiting allows you to stock with delicious apples for the whole winter, the fruits are good both in recycling and in fresh form, suitable for the manufacture of dried fruits. True, it is noted that the first harvest, many are not received for 2 years, as stated, and by 3-4 after landing. Otherwise, gardeners are satisfied with the number and taste of fruits, as well as the fact that trees are not too demanding towards care, it is well tolerated wintering.

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