Apple tree dessert Isaev

  • Authors: WITH. AND. Isaev (Russia, VNIIS them. AND. IN. Michurina)
  • Taste: sweet and sweet, dessert
  • Aroma: pleasant
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 120
  • Yield: up to 100 kg from wood
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 2-3 year
  • Timing of ripening: Latelete
  • Removable maturity: in late August
  • Bleed: up to 30 days
  • Purpose: Universal

See all the characteristics

Big demands of constant fruiting, such as dessert Isaeva differ. This silver grade is designed for cultivation in the middle lane of Russia. Well, he shows itself in the southern regions.

History of removal of varieties

The dessert apple tree was bred in VNIIS. AND. IN. Michurina more than 50 years ago. The author of the culture was Sergey Ivanovich Isaev, a famous breeder, whose name was called a new grade. As a parent pair, cinnamon striped and Welcy were taken as the basis.

Description of varieties

Dessert variety is a mid-grade apple tree, which usually reaches a 4-meter height. Tree crown forms long thin branches. In this regard, the abundant harvest has to support with the help of backups that will hold heavy fruits. Emerald leaves color. They are distinguished by smoothness, matte, with a thin long tip. On the edges there are jar. In mid-May, when the blossom of the apple tree begins, small white-pink flowers appear.

Features, pros and cons

A variety that was obtained as a result of breeding has many positive qualities.

We list the main advantages:

  • immune to the passage;
  • The tree has a medium height, which makes it convenient to harvest and care for the culture;
  • good frost resistance;
  • high and regular yield;
  • Taste quality at height, juicy fruits.

Apple tree Dessert Isaev is quite easy to grow even in the regions where gardening opportunities are limited.

But despite the fact that the variety is distinguished by numerous advantages, he is not deprived of certain flaws, and they should also be considered when growing.

The main minus lies in the need to specific crown formation. It is necessary to do this, since not only the quantity, but also the quality of the crop will depend on the features of the tree. Otherwise, if you refuse this, the fruits can grind, and their number will decrease. The disadvantages include not too long a period of storage of ripened crop – apples are stored no more than a month.

Ripening and fruiting

Grade Dessert Isaev refers to the impervious. The first fruiting can be seen after 2-3 years after landing in the soil. After which the apple tree will be fruitless without breaks, every year. In terms of maturation, culture can be attributed to late years. At the beginning of flowering in May, the ripening of fruits occurs at the very end of August. It is possible to determine the ripeness of apples on an abundant raspberry blush on the fruits.

Regions growing

Culture under consideration can be achieved in the middle lane and southern regions of the country. Himself feels a variety in the suburbs.


Grade Dessert Isaev is distinguished by high yield. So, from one tree you can get up to 100 kilograms of beautiful ruddy apples.

Fruits and their taste

Grade Dessert Isaev brings a crop of delicious and juicy medium-sized fruits. Mass of one fruit can be average from 120 to 130 grams. On the form of apples rounded, a little cone. The ripe fetus has a yellow main color with a characteristic brush of a raspberry shade, which is located all over the surface of the apple. Skin Skin, White flesh, very gentle and juicy, with a pleasant aroma. Fruits sweet, have light sourness, rich in flavonoids and vitamin C. The greatest benefit can be obtained by using apples in a fresh form. The fruits are ideal for cooking, juice and other blanks.

Features of cultivation

Apple tree Dessert Isaeva need to plant on the plot where there is protection from the cold wind, and the sun’s rays will fall on the tree even in winter. A few weeks before the planting seedlings, a yat is a depth of 90 cm, 80 cm wide. Soil should be left in place, bragging, to help mineral and organic compositions.

Before the direct planting seedling must be soaked for 4 hours in water. The presence of support is required. After planting it is necessary to ravage the soil, the tree to tie to the peg and water until water goes into the ground. For the first few years it is worth only to water and pour apple tree.

Starting from 2 years, proceed to the formation of the crown. For this, all branches are defined, vertical branches, part of the growth is shortened. Damaged, patients and dry branches are removed, all wounds are treated with garden borants.


Dessert Isaev – self-pollized grade. Therefore, it is not necessary to plant it next to other apple tops.

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