Apple tree cliff

  • Authors: All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants. AND. IN. Michurina, author – n. AND. Savelyev
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: lightweight, exquisite
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150-200
  • Full size: Large
  • Yield: High, more than 250 c / ha, up to 200 kg from wood
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5-6 year
  • Timing of ripening: Autumn
  • Removable maturity: September – October (I – Decade)
  • Bleed: up to 3 months

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Apple tree is a fruit culture that gardeners grow on household plots, at dachas, as well as farmers on an industrial scale. The most popular are varieties with high yields that are quickly adapted to different weather conditions. This includes a variety of rocks.

History of removal of varieties

Working work on the removal of a new variety of rock was held in research institutes. Michurina. Supervised the Savelyev Savelyev Group. AND. The species was derived due to the crossing of two crops – Michurinskaya and Prima. Entered in the State Register in 2001. Initially zoned variety was in 6 areas, such as Tambov, Lipetsk, Kursk, Orlovskaya, Voronezh and Belgorod.

Description of varieties

Apple tree cliff is a tall tree with a powerful trunk and a moderately thick crown of round shape. The tree reaches a height of 5-6 meters, while it does not occupy a large space, since the branches are directed up. Annual increase in the branches of a small. Sort of autumn, table, which gives delicious fruits of universal destination – eating in fresh form, canning, freezing, drying.

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Features, pros and cons

This autumn variety has its own characteristic features, among which there are excellent taste, high yield, winter-resistance, fast survival in different soils, the unpretentiousness of the care, as well as the increased content of ascorbic acid in the fruits, due to which the apples become the most useful for the human body. What is characteristic, after ripening the fruits do not appear with the branches, despite the large sizes.

Along with the advantages, the variety has some disadvantages: small burns (up to 100 days) and weak immune protection against diseases and invasion of pests.

Ripening and fruiting

Blossom starts in mid-May and lasts up to 11 days. During this period, Krone is transformed, white-pink flowers with a saturated aroma appear on it. Fruption begins in September and continues until mid-October. The first flowers appear on the second year of the growth of the tree, and the fruit begins on the fifth year.

Regions growing

Grow and give good yields apple tree cliffs capable of any climatic zones, because it is characterized by high frost resistance, adaptation to droughts and heat. Mass cultivation of this fruit culture occurs in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.


High yield indicator. Fruit at the variety Annual, without breaks. An insignificant reduction in yield is observed if the tree has experienced severe frosts. On average, one adult tree can give up to 200 kg of fruits per season. In order for the crop to be high, the first 4 years of biologists recommend to tear all budget buds.

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Fruits and their taste

The fruits are large (mass of 150-200 grams) of the right rounded-elongated form with a beautiful greenish yellow color covered with a gloss. Apples thin skin, dense and juicy flesh with light fruit aroma. The taste of fruit fruit and sweet with a weak tartness. On some apples you can see the splashes and strips of reddish. After collecting apples seem excessively acidic, but after a short storage (about 2 weeks) they have a pleasant sweetness.

Features of cultivation

The ideal place for planting seedlings will be a loamy or sandy fertile soil, which breathes well, is quite fertilized, and also cleared of weeds. The landing place should be covered with sunlight, protect against strong wind and drafts, and also be away from groundwater passage.

Landing can be made in the spring, autumn or summer. In the summer, the landing is carried out as a last resort and requires abundant irrigation. Autumn landing is performed for 30-45 days before the first frost, will allow the root system to adapt. Spring landing passes with a well-haired soil.


Rock is a self-visible view that requires pollinators donors, the flowering of which should be fully coincided with the period of the appearance of flowers from this variety. For cross-pollination, almost any kind of apple tree, planted in one section.


Special fertilizers for apple variety are not required, but the standard apply is recommended. In the spring you need to stimulate the vegetative system using nitrogen-containing fertilizers. In the summer, you can add phosphorus-potash fertilizers, and in the late autumn it is not without organic feeding. In the first year of the growth of the fertilizer tree, it is not necessary to apply.

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Frost resistance

At the variety enviable winter hardiness, thanks to which the tree is perfectly experiencing frosts to -40.45 degrees. In addition, the kidneys of the apple are not afraid of spring frosts. If necessary, for the winter period, the zone is mulching around the barrel.

Diseases and pests

The presence of a VF-gene provides a tree with absolute protection from the paste, however, malicious dew and bitter daffleness sometimes appear. Fighting with diseases and invasion of pests will help spraying.

Review reviews

Considering the gardeners, you can be sure that the apple variety of rock is unpretentious fruit culture, which consistently pleases with high harvests, without requiring special climatic conditions and special soils.

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