Apple tree cherry

  • Authors: VNIIS IM. AND. IN. Michurina
  • Taste: sour-sweet
  • Aroma: weak
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 115-136
  • Yield: High
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5 – 6 year
  • Timing of ripening: Winter
  • Removable maturity: beginning of September
  • Bleed: until mid-February
  • Duration of consumer period: 10-15 days after removal and ends in mid-February

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Cherry – Pretty famous variety apple trees in Russia. It can often be found in the gardens and private areas. Gardeners are positively responding about the process of cultivation, and about the taste qualities of culture.

History of removal of varieties

Cherry grade was obtained in the All-Russian Research Institute of Horticulture. AND. IN. Michurina (VNIIS). The selection was engaged in a scientist Sergey Isaev, whose task was to obtain a variety suitable for the middle strip of the country. The variety managed to bring in collaboration with such breeders as g. BUT. Lobanova, Z. AND. Ivanova and B. TO. Hare. For crossing, Pepin saffron and Antonovka ordinary. Apple tree cherry is often also called cherry.

Description of varieties

Cherry is a medium-sized tree growing 3-5 meters in height. Crohn is distinguished by a dense, has a rounded or flat-circular shape. Compact twigs, reddish colors, together with the barrel form almost straight angle. Young shoots are distinguished by a fine structure and cherry blossom. Over the years there are shoots.

Leaves have an average size, standard green or dark green color. On the touch leafy plates smooth, can be both glossy and matte. Pillard is present, the tip is slightly pointed. Roots in apple tree cherry strong, branched, surface. The central rod can be attended, so be without it.

Apple tree blooms medium-sized flowers that have white or cream color. Petals in shape resemble a small egg. Flowers smell strongly, due to which the insects are constantly flying near the flowering apple tree. Especially lush flowering is observed during a warm summer with sunny clear days.

Features, pros and cons

The main feature of the apple tree cherry is that this variety can be grown on different types of catching. In addition, a variety is characterized by multiple pros, among them:

  • Beautiful fruiting;

  • Beautiful in appearance and tasty apples;

  • High transportability and fruit marketability;

  • Unpretentious care.

Disadvantages also have:

  • There is a weak resistance to fungal diseases;

  • Strong frosts grade may not survive.

Ripening and fruiting

Cherry belongs to winter apple trees. By the beginning of the first month of autumn there comes a removable maturity of fruits. Consumer period starts 10-15 days after harvesting apples and continues until mid-February. The first time apple tree will give fruit for 5 or 6 years of life.

Regions growing

Cherry is recommended to grow in chernozem, as well as central regions of the country. It is often possible to meet in the Tambov and Voronezh regions of Russia.


Apple tree of the described variety refers to high-yielding subspecies. Fruit tree annually, without downtime. From one plant gardeners collect 130-150 kilograms of fruits. They can easily transport over long distances. After harvesting, fruits can lie around six months, but they will have to ensure the right storage conditions.

Fruits and their taste

The fruits of cherry universal in their intended. After collecting, you can use them absolutely different. For example, you can cook compote, cook jam or jam. Many love eat apples of this variety in the latest form.

Cherry gives fruit proper round or rounded conical shape. Weight is not too big – from 115 to 136 grams. Greenish-yellow coloring places is replaced by a gentle pink blush. Skin smooth, gentle, with a thin wax raid. Well visible a large number of subcutaneous points.

The taste of the fruits of cherry sour-sweet, inside there is a juicy and tender flesh of a white shade. Her structure is fine-grained. The fragrance is weak, but it is not a disadvantage. Taste Experts estimated at 4.3-4.5 points.

Features of cultivation

Like other apple trees, cherry prefers solar sections without excessive humidity. In the shadow, this grade is impossible to plant, because the tree in such conditions will not bloom. A pit for landing is preparing in advance, laying there fertilizers. Plant cherry autumn or early spring. The first years of seedlings will need to be supported, the role of which will be able to play wooden or metal stakes. Such supports can be removed only for 4 years of tree life.

In the process of growth, cherry grade should receive complex care. Very important is loosening. Twice a year, the rolling circle is drunk, but should be neat with roots. In cool weather, an apple tree can not watered, but if the summer is roast, then it will be necessary to do it about 2 times a month. Water is divided into 2 parts: half poured in the morning, and the second half – in the evening.

Protection is very important. Apple health depends on it. The first procedure is carried out after a while after landing when the apple tree is strengthened. At the same time, the central conductor and skeletal branches are cut off by a third. Then, in the process of growth, it will only be necessary to remove the branches that grow up vertically, as well as to cut sick, old and frozen instances on time.


In order for the tree to give a high-quality and rich harvest, it will surely need to have pollinators nearby. The perfect option is parental varieties, but if not, you can take:

  • Idared;

  • Mac;

  • Sinap North.


Cherry very much needs feeders that allow an apple tree to strengthen immunity and give a richer harvest. The first fertilizer is given for 3 years of life. Spring is needed nitrogen, which will help to build up a green mass. After flowering, the variety will need superphosphate and potash salt. Autumn give feeding rich in microelements and vitamins, but poor on nitrogen. After flowering experienced gardeners advise to feed the cherry infusion of fresh grass.

Frost resistance

The variety is not too frostable, so in a strong cold without support he can not do. Young trees are especially vulnerable. As soon as the danger of first frosts come, they are covered. The first thing mulch the rolling circle. Then we throw a tree with a foliage, sweetheart. As soon as snow falls, a bulk snowdrift is made around the apple.

Diseases and pests

The variety has an average resistance to fungal diseases. Parsha is found quite often. The timely cleaning of sick leaves and spraying apple tree burglar liquid will help against it. Often trees are sick and monilion. All infected parts are destroyed, then it is necessary to apply the composite of copper or the same burglar liquid.

Pests attack apple trees relatively rarely, but it is very loved by mice. You can fight with them one of the following methods:

  • arrangement near the apple bottle with poison;

  • Adding poison to a mixture for blissing;

  • laying fragrant herbs in the rolling circle;

  • Mulching bastard.

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