Apple tree Candil Sinap

  • Authors: Ukraine
  • Taste: sweet
  • Aroma: Expressed
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 120-140
  • Full size: Large or medium
  • Yield: High
  • Start of fruiting variety: on slaughterhouses for 1-2 year, on average – 2-3 year, on seedlings for 6-7 years
  • Timing of ripening: Autumn
  • Removable maturity: at the end of August-early September
  • Bleed: until April

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Candil Sinap – a unique Crimean grade, no one hundred years. Cultivated in those times when the yields considered pounds, and not kilograms. Almost unknown to modern fruit living outside the Crimea. It has a high yield and good transportability, but it requires a careful relationship to the removed fruits. The dessert taste is considered to be intended for consumption in the fresh form, but it is good in freezing and in the workpieces.

History of removal of varieties

Apple tree is considered the result of the Ukrainian breeding, especially it is growing only there and in adjacent areas with a similar climate.

Description of varieties

High-resistant wood characterized by slow growth and narrow-pointed crown. It is characterized by increasing the fruits on fruit twists, which grow in large quantities, as well as on the copiers and complex rings. This grade obliges a fertility to take care of supporting thin straight shoots and branches departing from the trunk under an acute angle. Large-minded shoots are characterized by rare and small lentils and medium-long interstitial. Painted in brown with reddish tint. Lancel leaves of apple trees have a pronounced form of oval, gray-green color. The tip of the sheet is pointed, sometimes elongated. Sheet plate is composed in the form of a boat with sawdust edges, keeps on short weak-colored stiffs.

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Features, pros and cons

Considering that the grade can be safely attributed to unique, features, as well as the pros, he has a lot. For example – Candil Sinap grows on the dulls, and, depending on the growth strength, some characteristics change.

Other differences:

  • An unusual form of fruit – elongated cylindrical;

  • wax raid (Pruis) on the fruits, which gives them visual and tactile fatness;

  • The pulp of fruit is juicy, but loose, with improper storage capable of becoming “potatoes”;

  • Big plus, this is the ability of fruits to be maintained without a refrigerator until the middle of spring, special vegetables stores can support candidyl synap in perfect condition until the next harvest;

  • High marketability, later and long blossom, which protects the wound from return freezers and increases the percentage of pollination.

The minuses include long time before the start of fruiting – up to 15 years. That is why experts advise to grow Candil Sinap on a dulling of various types, then the beginning of fruiting comes much earlier: (on the slaughterhouses for 1-2 years, on average – 2-3 years, on seedlings for 6-7 years, on dwarf – 3 years ). The tendency to sprinkling, the incomplete thin branches at large harvests can also be considered good quality, as well as the frequency of fruiting. In addition, transportation is possible only with the use of special methods for preserving fruit – protective wrapping or use of meshes, gluing paper or chips.

Ripening and fruiting

Maturation Autumn, the onset of removable maturity – the last decade of August, the first decade of September. Adult tree gives 200-300 kg.

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Regions growing

Grow grade exclusively in the Crimea, can grow in neighboring territories, but similar climatic conditions are required for good fruiting.


In nurseries where perfect conditions are created, Candil Sinap gives 10-15 c / ha. Used M9Lolar Put.

Fruits and their taste

Large or medium elongated-cylindrical greenish-yellow fruits are covered with thin glossy skin, apparent fat, and a beautiful blurry with blurred boundaries. Weight 120-140 g. Juicy and tender loose flesh has a sweet dessert taste and a pronounced apple fragrance. Excellent bleeding indicators guarantee the safety of the crop until the middle of the spring.

Features of cultivation

The main feature is the cultivation of Candil Sinap to stock. The variety requires fertile soil rich in humus. The level of acidity depends on the bond – from 5.5 to 6.5 pH. Places for landing are chosen with good lighting and protection against strong and cold winds. The slaughterhouses will require the installation of support, to which you can subsequently bind the bent competitive shoots, avoiding future bugs thus.

The distance between the wells and rows is maintained within 3-4 meters. Sizes 40×80 cm. Drainage (gravel, pebbles, broken brick, slices of thick bumps are laid on the bottom of the pit). The outlined ground is enriched with organic (humid, compost, bird litter), and minerals, such as superphosphate. If necessary, it is installed in a well in advance with a support to which the binding trunk is tied. After landing, the land is tamped, carefully following the root cervix to be above the ground. The rolling circle is thoroughly spilled, repeating this procedure in the first few weeks, if there is arid weather. Further care lies in irrigation, preventive processing, formation of crowns, sanitary trimming.

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