Apple tree Auxis

  • Authors: Lithuanian Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetable
  • Taste: refreshingly sour-sweet, with spicy aftertaste
  • Aroma: Expressed
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150-180
  • Full size: average
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5-6 year
  • Timing of ripening: Autumn winter
  • Removable maturity: in mid-September
  • Bleed: until January-February, in the refrigerator until March
  • Duration of consumer period: Since December

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It’s hard to find a household plot or a cottage where apple trees are not growing. Gardeners try to choose such a kind of fruit tree, which will give a high harvest and will not be too demanding in care. This is like an apple variety with the beautiful name Auxis.

History of removal of varieties

The birthplace of this apple variety is Lithuania. The breeders of the Lithuanian Research Institute of Fruit Economy Auxis were brought by crossing two species – Makintosh and Graftstein Red.

Description of varieties

Auxis is a favorite among winter apple varieties. The tree is characterized by medium-sized dimensions – the maximum height reaches 4-5 meters in the middle volume rounded Crown. Tree crown is not very thick, but during flowering, covered with numerous gentle pink flowers looks incredibly beautiful.

Features, pros and cons

Apple grade has its own characteristic features, thanks to which the lovers and farmers growing fruits on an industrial scale are very loved and farmers. The main advantages of the varieties are high yield, winter resistance, good immunity to disease and pests, as well as unpretentiousness in care and cultivation. In addition, the seedlings quickly take root in the ground.

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Among the shortcomings, it is worth indicating the propensity of fruits to cream, if they are not in a timely manner, which negatively affects their trademark.

Ripening and fruiting

The flowering period begins in the second half of May, when there are no frosts, which has a positive effect on the yield indicators. The first fruits are formed in the third decade of September and actively appear for 3-4 weeks. Fruiting Annual and stable, characterized by a specific cyclicity, which can be impaired with harsh weather deterioration or in improper care.

Regions of fruits

Due to the perseverance to the cold and the heat of the apple tree, Auxis can be grown in almost all climatic zones, but regions with moderate winter are considered the most favorable.


Springness rates at the variety are average, so the first abundant harvest can be obtained in 5-6 years. In general, the yield is high. With proper care, the tree will give a generous harvest – up to 30 kg of juicy and tasty apples. As the tree agrees, the yield gradually falls.

Fruits and their taste

The fruits of the apple Auxis have the right rounded shape and medium weight – from 150 to 180 grams. Taste qualities of fruits excellent – bright sweetness is intertwined with barely pronounced acid, which gives apple. Apples Unusual color – light yellow with red splashes, and skin thin with glossy coating.

Features of cultivation

Planting seedlings is better to spend early in spring when the soil is already a free program, and the kidneys have not yet blocked. If you land seedlings in the fall, then it should be a period when it still has 1-2 months needed to adapt and strengthen apple. Ideal for the cultivation of an apple tree Auxis is considered light, fertile soil with neutral acidity (loyaded, sandy), on which straight sunshine. Dangerous for apple tree are drafts and strong wind, as well as soil wetlands.

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Before boarding the site is drunk, weeds are cleaned, and only after that the pits of 1-1 depth of 1-1 are prepared.2 meters at a distance of 3-4 m from each other if the mass landing of trees is planned.


Apple tree Auxis needs pollinators trees that should have similar flowering and maturation. Ideal varieties of pollinators are Vityaz, Antey, Anis Scarlet, Antonovka and Ranet Seven. For the most efficient pollinity, it is necessary on one site (with regard to distance) to plant 3-4 apple varieties.


Wood food is an important component of the care that should not be forgotten. Feeding are made several times a year. The first time the lure is performed in spring, during the appearance of the kidney. This uses nitrogen class fertilizers. The second time the feeding is carried out during the period of active fruction. This will require organic fertilizers, as well as compositions from potassium and phosphorus. Making feeding in the first three years after landing in a seedling is performed on a small depth (up to 20 cm), and from the fourth year, the growth of the fertilizer tree is made to a depth of about 40-50 cm.

In addition to feeding, it will still be necessary to spend the spring-autumn trimming and watering on the set schedule.

Frost resistance

Despite the frost resistance, the tree requires a certain defense, especially if it grows in the region with severe winters. Its trunk should be blocked, which will protect against insects settled in it, and also need a mulching that protects against freezing. For this, dry foliage, needle, humid or compost applies. The mulch layer should be dense – 20-25 cm.

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Diseases and pests

The variety has sufficient immunity to many diseases and pests, but sometimes the invasion of malicious insects and diseases happen. Most often an apple tree auxis suffer from pulse dews, crashes, fruit rot and rust. Comforting with diseases will help spraying, as well as the use of fungicides and insecticides.

To pests that are not indifferent to this type of apple trees include a weevil and hawarm. To avoid lesions and invasions of pests, it is enough to carry out prevention, performing spraying with special solutions (chemicals, urea, burglar liquid).

Review reviews

Analyzing gardeners and farmers, you can make certain conclusions. So, Lithuanian grade quickly adapts to climatic conditions and carries out, gives high yields and is rarely subjected to diseases.

Auxis apple variety is massively grown by farmers, because it is characterized by high harvests, excellent taste, is transported to transportation and without problems is kept to early spring.

For inexperienced gardeners are problematic to care for trees, which requires consistency and certain knowledge, however, the resulting delicious and fragrant fruits are some efforts.

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