Apple tree Arcade

  • Taste: sweet without acid
  • Aroma: Expressed
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 120-160
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 5-6 year
  • Timing of ripening: Summer
  • Removable maturity: at the end of July and early August
  • Bleed: up to 3 weeks
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Transportability: No
  • Height: up to 4 m

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Apple trees are divided according to varieties, but the grades themselves are divided into several subspecies. Apple tree Arcade applies precisely to this, in this article Consider the features and types of varieties, yield, flavoring qualities of fruits, winter hardiness, agrotechnical moments.

Description of varieties

Apple tree Arcade refers to early varieties. The tree is high, the length reaches 4 m, the crown is large, pretty thick because of strong and thick branches, on which foliage abundantly. Sparks are splashing, from the trunk go up at an angle. The crown therefore is also called widespread pyramidal. Soothes are formed straight, and the bark of dark brown.

Leaves Large, Rounded, Green or Dark Green Shade. The leaves prevailing smoothness and gloss. On the edges of the leaves are bent into or, on the contrary, outward. There is a small jar of edging.

Flowers bloom Abundant, they are not too large, on white color.

Consider subspecies.

  1. Arcade Biryukova. Apple tree is named after the breeder who raised it, and. NS. Biryukova. The variety was intended for growing industrial scales. But now meets in the gardens. Fertility is considered a feature.

  2. Arcade sugar. Apple tree presents an early sort, has a strong trunk, which provides good winter hardiness. Fruiting annual, without breaks. The variety is called sugar due to the fact that the fruit has a practically no sour.

  3. Arkad yellow. Apple tree is considered very early. Full aging of fruits falls at the end of July – the beginning of August. There is a high winter hardiness. Stable and good harvest. The minus of this variety is that after assembling the crop, the fruits are stored for a short time, so the view is not suitable for transportation.

  4. Arcade Pink, the most universal of all kinds. Used to use fresh, canning, apple puree cooking. Wonderful taste qualities are celebrated.

  5. Arcade Volzhsky. Refers to later dates of ripening fruits among all species. Collection of apples takes place in the first two weeks of September. The shelf life of the apples is 1-1.5 months in a dark room at a temperature of no more than +2 degrees.

  6. Sort Arkad Tenkovsky. Fast-growing apple trees. Large sizes apples with sour and sweet taste. This type has the largest shelf life. After harvesting can be stored in the cellar until January. Tenkovsky’s grade is submitted to the State Register.

Features, pros and cons

Each variety has its own characteristics that are reflected in positive and negative points. Since this apple tree has several subspecies, then consider the generalized positive qualities of all kinds:

  • High frost resistance;

  • good tolerability of long drought;

  • immunity to a number of diseases;

  • Annual fruiting;

  • a good storage period (varieties of Arcade Pink, Biryukov, Sugar, Volzhsky and Tenkovsky);

  • Early ripening period.

The minuses include the fact that for industrial production on large plantations not all subspecies are suitable. At varieties low transportability. Many gardeners note that the apple tree arcade is inclined to mildew.

Ripening and fruiting

Blossom of apple tree Arcade occurs in the first half of May. These testimony depends on the region of cultivation and stability of the light day. Apples ripen together by the beginning of August. Indicators can also vary from region.


Apple tree fertility comes for 5-6 year. In the first year of abundant harvest you should not wait. Approximately 3 kg of apples. In the following years, gradually become more crop.

If we averaged all subspecies of the apple tree arcade, then in average yield will be 70-80 kg of apples. That is 8-10 buckets in one season.

Fruits and their taste

Apples Arcade Round, Medium Size, by weight 80-120 g. Much depends on how the apple tree fed well, and what was the region. In the form can be diverse, there are round, flashed down and top, spherical and slightly oval-elongated.

Apple color varies from a subspecies – it can be like bright green, pale yellow or light pink. Skin dense, uniform and smooth. Present gloss, peel is thin in structure and does not have a wax flyer even with full maturation.

Meat juicy, loose and crisp. There are small seeds. Taste sweet, fragrant apples.

Features of cultivation

Apple tree Arcade need to plant in sunny areas from the south side. The place must be open, but not too blowing winds.

It should be noted that the presence of groundwater adversely affects the root system, since the roots will develop, intentionally plunging into the water, overshable, and will eventually begin to rot. The seedlock is planted on the hill, or the drainage system is thought out. You can leave only drainage if the groundwater is at a distance of 2.5-3 m from the ground level.

The land should be well to pass the air and in composition to be sandy, looming and loose. If the land is not loose in its consistency, then periodically will have to manually loosen the land around the tree.

Be sure to observe watering regime. It is produced as soon as the first layer of the earth is strong enough. You can clue around the trunk. It will help moisture longer to saturate the land.

It is worthwhile to circumcise the extra branches and form a crown. Since the crown is thickened, it is best to start forming it from the very first years of landing seedling. Cut branches in spring to swelling. All sections are produced by a sharp secateur, as well as the sections of the sections need to be treated with Garden Wara.

Apple tree trunk can be cooled to keep the bark from pests, as well as from sunburn. Solar burn is very dangerous for the apple tree, as the bark will begin to flap and open access for pests.


Apple tree Arcade has sterile flowers. Zovazi still occur, as gardeners say, but the fruits are fine. Therefore, the apple tree is sitting near the same maturity of inflorescences for pollination. The distance between them should be 2.5-3 m, so that the growing branches do not interfere with each other.


Feeding occurs in several stages. Early spring after melting of snow best of all apple tree to help minerals containing nitrogen. During the start of flowering and formation of fruits, it is worth fertile to the soil with superphosphate.

By autumn, it is possible to easily equip the earth with organic minerals, as well as potash Selutyra. As well as other chemical preparations that are designed specifically for autumn feeding.

Frost resistance

Apple tree has a good indicators of winter hardiness, so it is additionally to strengthen it. Agrofolok cohes the trunk of a tree, in order to avoid the invasion of pest rodents. You can use a fine mesh of metal, and over to cover everything with a sweetheart.

It is worth remembering that in front of strong frosts the soil around the trunk is abundantly shed for the last time per season.

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