Apple Kospekh

  • Authors: G.TO. Kovalenko, Z.BUT. Kozlovskaya, G.M. Morudo, D.IN. Grakovich, B.M. Evdokimenko (Belarus)
  • Taste: sweet-sweet, harmonious
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 155-240
  • Yield: up to 25 t / ha
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 3-4 year
  • Timing of ripening: Lateness
  • Removable maturity: in early October
  • Duration of consumer period: January March
  • Purpose: Universal
  • Appeared when crossed: 72-41 / 94 x Antey + VM41497

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Pospekh – not the most famous variety of apple trees, especially among non-professional gardeners. However, the closest acquaintance with him shows that it is a decent plant. It is only necessary to carefully examine the highlights to get the optimal result.

History of removal of varieties

Yablona Pospekh created Belarusian breeders Kovalenko, Morudo, Grakovich, Kozlovskaya and Evdokimenko. As a basis, grades 72-41 / 94, Antea, VM 41497. However, such complex hybridization gave a successful result. Decorative qualities of the plant did not sit down, but over fertility worked hard. The main developments were in the experimental economy in the Minsk region.

Description of varieties

Pospekh is a tree height of 2-3 meters. Culture has a mid-pyramidal crown of medium thick. Branches are uniformly located in different directions.

Features, pros and cons

The advantage of the variety is the excellent resistance of the passage. Developers managed to achieve excellent fecundity. Save the fruits for a long time. Some special problems still failed to identify. The only weakness – located near the surface of the root. They are easily damaged at earthworks and can be frost.

Ripening and fruiting

Pospekh – Typical Latest Apple Tree. The ability to collect mature fruits is achieved by early October. Standard consumer period covers January, February and March. The first apples will appear on 3 or 4 years of development. Flowers will appear at the end of May or in early June. Blossom lasts from 12 to 16 days.

Regions growing

The variety was removed for the Central District of Russia. Practice shows that it is possible to cultivate this plant in many other areas. Growing is allowed:

  • in the south of Russia;
  • in the rest of the Russian Federation to the Urals;
  • in the Urals and in the immediate comparable.


35,000 kg of apples can be grown on 1 hectare. Given the slight growth of the tree, this is a very impressive indicator. Fruits will appear annually. Their number is absolutely stable under normal conditions.

Fruits and their taste

Tasting examination gave apples to an estimate of 4.2 points. The fruits of the prosecution belong to the dessert group. They are characterized by a high density of pulp and fine-grained its structure. Also the sour-sweet taste and pronounced fragrance. This aroma of racks and quite pleasant.

Features of cultivation

For culture you need loose, air, rich in oxygen. Deep digging near the trunk when landing is unacceptable. Pumping should be held twice a year. But the land can be hurried throughout the year. As for soil, along with Suglink, it is not bad for both the black soil and sand.


For this purpose, you can use:

  • Mantet;
  • Melba;
  • Boxing;
  • Breurne;
  • Delishes Golden;
  • Quinti.


In the first vegetative season of the apple tree Pospekh to feed inappropriate. The exception is the situation when too little fertilizers initially placed in the landing point. Spring use nitrogen fertilizers. In summer, the time of use of mineral compositions comes, and before the onset of winter it is necessary to use organic complexes.

Frost resistance

Plant is distinguished by decent cold resistance. It is stated that it can move even harsh frosts. However, it is necessary to defend the roots of the apple. Especially important protection under the small number of snow. It is necessary to cover the attractive circle with the help of humus or compost. Napnik lay on top.

Diseases and pests

Apple tree Pospekh will not hurt spottedness, rust and mildew. From insects are bad:

  • shield;
  • fruit;
  • Color.

Review reviews

Pospekh perfectly confronts the infection with a pair. It’s really unpretentious plant. Special problems in the cultivation does not occur. You can store fruit throughout the winter. Apples will be large and externally beautiful in most cases.

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