An apple tree Pervouralskaya

  • Authors: L.BUT. Cats. Sverdlovsk Experienced Station of Gardening
  • Taste: sweet and sweet with a little tartness
  • The weight of the fetus, g: 150
  • Yield: 200 c / ha
  • Start of fruiting variety: for 4-5 year
  • Timing of ripening: Lateness
  • Removable maturity: end of September
  • Bleed: High
  • Duration of consumer period: December – May
  • Purpose: Universal

See all the characteristics

There is a fairly large number of frost-resistant varieties of apple trees, they all differ in some special qualities. Consider an apple tree Pervouralskaya, we note the characteristics of the variety, taste qualities of fruits, yield, agrotechnical moments and pollination.

History of removal of varieties

Often more than varieties of apple trees are intended for cultivation in the southern and western parts of Russia. But varieties that would be favorably growing in the Urals and Siberia, not so much. Therefore, in the Sverdlovsk experienced station of gardening, they decided to engage in this issue, the work was carried out by the breeder of cats. BUT. For the parent couple were chosen grader Persian, as it is excellently pollinated by other varieties, and a seedling called BM 41497. The hybrid was removed in the mid-1990s, and immediately put it for field work in different Urals. And closer to the 2000s appeared the first yields. In 2004, the grade of the apple tree Pervouralskaya was introduced to the State Register. This variety is grown on any territory of Russia, except for the Far North and the Far East.

Description of varieties

The height of the tree is small – only 3-4 meters, it relates to a variety to average cultures or semi-classic trees. Many gardeners note that the growth of the trunk will largely depend on the region of cultivation and the length of the daylight. It turns out that in the northern latitudes, the height of the apple can hardly reach 2.5 m without special crown circumcision.

Croon Oval, meets and widespread. The older the apple tree, the spreader the skeletal branches will grow, while they can slightly fall. Thickening at the branches.

Foliage on the branch a lot. Middle size leaves themselves, oval with a noticeable pointer to the end, dark green shade, with a pronounced section in the middle and with veins throughout the surface of the sheet. From severe direct sunlight foliage can be twisted. Front plate smooth, rear – more rough and matte. On edging there are minor jar.

Young shoots grow thick, close, from the tree trunk grows almost at right angles.

Brown bark, escapes she is greenish brown.

The root system deepens to the ground is not too deep, it is branched, rapidly growing. Almost always is looking for an additional moisture source.

Features, pros and cons

This hybrid has its own positive parties, they are that a variety is:

  • stable and high yield percentage;

  • Beautiful frost resistance

  • For many, the plus is also considered that the tree is mostly semi-parlor, and it facilitates not only the harvest, but also the crown care;

  • Taste quality apples.

The minuses include:

  • the need for additional pollination;

  • Late dates of fruiting.

Ripening and fruiting

The hybrid of the minor, the first inflorescences can produce for the second year after disembarking in the ground, but such flowers are worth disrupting, not allowing to develop. The first harvest is made to shoot for 4 years after landing.

Blossom starts in May, but here a lot depends on the region: for example, in the south, the set of colors will begin at the beginning of May, but in the Urals – closer to the end of May. Flowering lasts approximately 2 weeks. Harvesting falls at the end of September. And you can store apples until May next year.


The first harvest is filmed for 4-5 years, and it will be 5-15 kg. Adult apple tree up to 10 years will give a harvest of 60-80 kg, but more mature can give up to 120 kg. Up to 200 centners with one hectares are removed from large plantations.

Fruits and their taste

Close-up apples, weighing up to 150 g. In the form rounded, uniform, sometimes there are surplus. The ribbed of the fruit is underdeveloped. On the color of yellow-green with a pronounced blush.

Peel dense, thickened. Surface glossy, smooth, places can be present oily flare.

The flesh is juicy, crispy, dense, on a shade cream, fine-grained. There is an apple fragrance. Surroupful seeds. To taste, apples Sweet-sour, remain caramel aftertaste.

Features of cultivation

Need to choose the right landing. Although the hybrid and half-classic, he still needs a large space, especially for the root system. It is advisable to avoid strong drafts, as young seedlings are just driving.

The selected place is carefully verified for the presence of groundwater, because the root system of the original Pervouralskaya stretches very much to the water, and from excess moisture can start climbing the roots. Therefore, groundwater should flow at a depth of at least 2-2.5 m.

The soil should be loose, weakly acid, sandy and sublinous. If a clay breed is dominated on the site, then the land around the seedling will need to cultivate 1 time in 2-4 weeks.

Four times seasonally need to abundantly water apple. On average, up to 50 liters at one time, it is necessary to water in the morning and in the evening. With such abundant irrigation, you can fertilize the ground around the trunk.

The formation of the crown also occupies one of the important places in the rules of agrotechnics. The first trimming takes place for the next year after landing in the soil. The central trunk must be shortened by 1/3, skeletal branches cut to 7 cm. Trimming is produced by a sharp secateur, and the sections of the sections are processed by the Garden Wara.

During the season, the trunk is not only visiting for the subject. It may be sunburn or pests. In this case, the place where the bark has deployed. If this happens regularly, the whole trunk is derived from the ground to the first lower branches.


Apple tree Pervouralskaya partially self-free. This means that there are blooms of both sexes. At the same time, for more harvest, it is necessary to plant varieties of pollinators not far from this apple tree. For varieties of pollinators, cultures are selected with the same flowering period. It can be a torch, Olympic Fire, Aksen, Rospeck or Spring.

Frost resistance

Frost resistance of this variety at -37 to -40 degrees. The hybrid is perfectly tolerated long frosts, especially when all preparations for winter were performed correctly.

Although the main task of the breeder and was to bring out such a variety that could calmly respond a harsh winter, it turns out that it is still necessary to strengthen the tree trunk.

The root neck must be protected, falling asleep with dry ground by 10-13 cm or sowing straw. Then the trunk itself is covered with agricultural or rubberoid, you can make a small tent around the trunk. This is necessary so that insects or rodents for the period of winter did not fall in a tree.

Diseases and pests

Thanks to genetic relations in apple, Pervouralskaya beautiful tolerance to all the varieties of pasta. But for preventive work, it is still necessary to spray a tree at least twice the season.

Gardeners note that this variety has a lot of pests, the most common flashes and ants are considered. With the shield struggle with solutions of the household soap. And with ants with a special means “Thunder”. They spray a bark in the spring.

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