All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

Strawberry can stop bringing fruits to 4-5 year, so you need to worry about the formation of new strawberry plantations in advance. In the article, we will tell about how to properly transplant this berry culture, which time will produce these works, and how to care for the seedle.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

The need for transplant

Strawberry beds need to be periodically updated: the fact is that the aging plants of Victoria (the same applies to the garden strawberries) Over time, they are not so abundant fruit, and the winter is worse. If you want strawberries to constantly grow in your country and pleased a good harvest, it should be searched by young processes to a new place. Experienced gardeners are calculated so as to have at home the midstakes – this is a guarantee that in each season there will be sweet and fragrant berries. Strawberry can give a harvest in one place for a maximum of 4 years, and then it is desirable to transfer the culture to another place.

Fruit strawberry maybe then it will be, but will give less berries, and the fruits will not be such a large size. Yes, and the soil composition will change during this time, it will become more exhausted and infected, which necessarily affects negatively on the bushes. Repairing strawberries, bringing fruits to frosts, more often need to transplant, as it is faster “sucks” nutritional elements from the ground.

You can deal with the seeding throughout the growing season, but the outlets with flowers are worse.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries


To transplant strawberries better before flowering and after collecting the last harvest, that is, 2-3 weeks before the appearance of flowers and 15-20 days after fruiting. The best is the spring landing, when the soil is well moistened. Yes, and ahead of seedlings is awaiting a good prospect: for the summer they will grow, they will turn the roots and put the foundation for the next season. The end of April, the beginning of May is the best time to transplant strawberries and strawberries. But to the spring planting the soil is prepared from autumn. The selected place must be deeply overhaul, remove all weeds and their roots, add a manure (necessarily only overworked), you can control or compost composition.

In the first days, the seedlings should be watered so that they do not have lack of moisture, but excess moisture will lead to the formation of rot or mold, so follow the state of the soil. You can sprinkle a garden garden – except for additional nutrition, strawberry seedlings will be protected against diseases. Autumn cutting strawberries made from late August to early September. There are also its advantages from these deadlines: Dachnikov has more time, and therefore work will be carried out qualitatively, and enough attention will be given to new beds, and frequent rains will be replaced by water at this time. In addition, plants need time to adapt and root to cold weather, so such dates are fully justified for early autumn landing. 2 weeks before they decided to make a transplant, take for the preparation of the soil.

Decide to transplant strawberries in the fall, then in summer it is necessary to look at the bushes, which give a beautiful harvest. Two-year-old uterine plants that have formed a sweet and high-quality berry (preferably with high yield). It is believed that the most effective is the spring planting of strawberries, but the autumn is not so painful for plants, and the dacket of time has more to care for seedlings.

By the way, in the warm regions, the transplant is produced in October – it all depends on the variety: there are varieties that give 2 times the harvest season, so you need to transplant such a culture in any case after collecting all berries.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

Basic Rules

Rule number one is not to transplant strawberries and strawberries in sunny weather, it can destroy shoots. Choose a cloudy day, or do it in the evening when the sun will not fill. It is advisable to observe other rules.

  • The planting material must have at least 3 sheets and the root length is not more than 5 cm.
  • In the case when the roots are longer, they need to trim, do not regret, otherwise the young plant will not be able to develop normally.
  • It is necessary to work “in dirt”, as it is properly shed a bed to landing.
  • It is very important to produce a properly muffled seedlings when the “heart” (seedling point) is at the ground level. Too deep or too small landing will not give the normal development of the bush, which will affect the yield.

If you are not using your own seedlings, and bought them, be sure to make events for their disinfect. It is enough to hold the roots of seedlings a quarter of an hour in warm water (heated to 50 degrees), then lower the root system in cold water at least 10 minutes. Thus, you will spend 2 events for the plant at once: disinfection and hardening. There is another rule that belong to the controversial: do not transplant the flowering plant. But, as they say, if you really want, you can.

In this case, you just need to dig roots with a large room of the earth, and if the root system is stressful, then it is quite a chance to get more and harvest in a new place. Another important point: It often happens that there is no additional place on the site, and simply have nowhere to transplant strawberries. In this case, it is allowed to plant a new seedlings on the old place, but subject to a number of measures to restore the soil: to feed it, disinfection and so on.

A mustache can be rooted in pots, and during this time (2 weeks) lead the soil in order by preparing for further operation. But it should be more exception to the rules than the law.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries


Reproduce the plants of the family of strawberry seeds – not the most pleasant occupation. First of all, the process of time consuming, as well as young seedlings do not always inherit the varietal characteristics of the original source (plant-uterus).

Therefore, 2 other methods are most popular:

  • root in the mustache;
  • Make adult bushes.

Consider every way of Read more.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

Rooting musty

The mustache, which let the strawberry and strawberries, are quickly accepted, forming the same young plant. One bush is able to give 10-15 “kids”. Here’s how to transplanses them.

  • It is better to choose shoots that have already having the roots.
  • They are pressed into the ground at a distance of about 25-30 cm from the “parent”, or rooted in special pots with good soil.
  • After 60-75 days, the seedlings are transplanted (it is better to do it with a lore of the earth – they will quickly take it faster).

If the soil pot has been with nutritional elements, then it is not necessary to completely fertilize a new landing place. In another case, it is advisable to make fertilizers in the well, it is suitable for wood ash.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

Division bush

In this way, the bushes, giving little musty or not forming them at all. But it is better not to share too old plants, from them seedlings are poor quality, and you can not wait for fruiting. Enough to take just an adult bush and divide it on horns. From a large bush, you can get up to 8-10 seedlings, and small plants for separation are also suitable, just in this case you will have less confused material.

For cutting strawberries choose more cloudy weather. Need to cut dried leaves, prepare the Earth and the necessary tool. Follow these recommendations.

  • It is better to choose bushes that fear no more than 3 years.
  • Choose a well-lit plot closed from winds.
  • Soil preparation start a month before transplanting: Droppy and make fertilizers. You can scatter the humus at the rate of 10 square meters 1 kg. Lime will reduce the acidity of the soil, it is made on the basis of such proportions: 350-500 g per square meter – it all depends on the acidity indicator.
  • Before planting plants to a new location, the beds are watered.
  • Digging the uterine bush should be careful not to damage the root system, preferably rinse the roots under running water. Do it too much with caution.
  • After that, the rhizomes are neatly separated (for this it takes garden scissors, a sharp knife or simply separated by hand).
  • In the wells at a depth of 30 cm make small elevations.
  • One hand spread the roots in the well, and the other hold the seedlings. Put a new bush of the earth and press up slightly.
  • The plants themselves are planted at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other, and the aisle ranges from half a meter to 70 cm.

At the end of the work, the sprouts are watered, you can mulch peat composition.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

Subsequent care

After landing, it is important to care for the seedle. So that she does not start, at first, it is often necessary to water her (every other day, and in drought and every day). And to save moisture in the soil, you need to make mulching bushes. For this, the hay is suitable, just beveling herb, overwhelmed manure. You can take for this sawdust and black film.

If they are still talking about additional feeding, then it is better to use the organic as a mulch. Although, according to some gardeners, in the first year, young plants do not need additional feeding with useful elements. But the question is controversial: someone believes that it does not happen. Focus on the soil composition on the plot where you landed strawberries. If the land is depleted, it will definitely not be additional feeding. By the way, the strawberry itself very depletes the soil, so they do not hold it in one place.

After 3-4 years, the transplantation of strawberry plantations is desirable for a more rich place, and instead of the berry culture, vegetables are planted, pre-equipped and disappointing the soil. Do I need to produce loosening? If there is no layer of mulch from above, then after each watering, after the water is absorbed, and a lightweight crust is formed, it is necessary to blame the ground between the outlets.

If the soil was not treated with fertilizers before landing, then after 14-15 days, be sure to adopt seedlings with minerals.

All about transplanting strawberries and strawberries

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