All about the injury of potatoes

Plugging is one of the procedures that help to significantly increase the yield of potatoes and protect it from weeds. So every gardener should know how to handle potatoes.

The need for procedure

Potato emphasis performs several functions at once.

  1. Protects young bushes from cold. This is very important for such a thermal-loving plant.

  2. Improves the quality of soil. She gets more loose. The air is better to root plants. In addition, the dipping slows down the growth process on the weeds.

  3. Protects plants from ultraviolet rays. Tubers do not recruit Solan and do not greasize with time.

  4. Increases the stability of potatoes to the wind. Thanks to this, the plants stems are less likely to break or damage.

  5. Protects potatoes from pests. Immediately after emphasising the bushes, their resistance to insect attacks increases. In addition, spray the groaning beds to combat the colorad beetles becomes much easier.

All about the injury of potatoes

Besides, Plugging helps to increase yield. The fact is that after reaching the 20-centimeter height, the growth of the stems stops. At this time, all nutrients go to the tubers. The glue of the bushes stimulates the active growth of both the above-ground and underground parts of the plants. This, in turn, stimulates the bookmark of the new roots and the formation of tubers. Therefore, people who regularly plunge potatoes can count on a large harvest.

Fully abandoning planting plants is only if they were planted under a dense covering material of black.

All about the injury of potatoes

Timing and time

The exact time of emphasising of potatoes depends on the selected variety and its features. As a rule, when choosing a suitable moment for this procedure, gardens are focused on the appearance of plants. The first time the potatoes are plunged at the moment when young shoots grow to 10 centimeters. This procedure helps protect plants from cold.

Young shoots fall asleep loose land almost completely. Do not be afraid that after such a processing, the growth of potatoes will slow down. After a couple of days, green sprouts will again appear on the surface of the Earth.

The second diplogging of the garden is carried out in order to form large tubers. Processing potatoes are usually started 14-18 days after the first dip. So, if potatoes were landed in early May, for the first time it should be treated in the second half of the month. For the second time, potatoes can be dipped in early June.

All about the injury of potatoes

It is very important to have time to handle potatoes before the moment the flowers are formed on it. During the flowering of the plant, it is not recommended to extract or spray. All this makes potatoes to experience stress.

All about the injury of potatoes

Experienced gardeners know that the second injection procedure is more complex. This process takes more time. Gardening has to form around each bush bulk hilly. Their height should be at least 15 centimeters. Otherwise, green spots may appear on the tubers.

For the third time, potatoes are extinct not all gardeners. But people who do this believe that such a procedure helps to significantly increase the yield of plants. The height of the holmiks located around the bushes should be within 20 centimeters. This procedure must be done to carry out the tops of the top. If the moment is missed, it is worth refrangious from the third. Otherwise, plants may be damaged.

Himp potatoes are recommended in cool cloudy days. It is best to go to the plot in the morning or in the evening. In the midday clock, it is not necessary to engage in extracting potatoes for several reasons. First of all because long to be under the scorching sun badly for human health. In addition, plants at midday hours also become weak and sensitive to mechanical stress.

If summer is too dry and roast, it is recommended to water the bushes before dipping. Such a procedure also helps to increase plant yields.

All about the injury of potatoes

What tools are used?

To enhance potatoes, you can use different tools. Therefore, each gardener may choose something suitable.

  • Garden tillage. Use this tool to emphasize potatoes is quite difficult. It must have a wide working surface and a sharp sharp edge. Instead of a chipping, you can also use a hoome or an ordinary shovel.

All about the injury of potatoes

  • Mechanical skieper. Some gardeners to enhance the site now apply more modern tools. You can buy a manual mechanical occupier in one of the gardeners. Such a device consists of two heavy metal discs located opposite each other at a low angle. Use the rank in work is very simple. But for this you will need two people at once. One of them must put pressure on the tool, and the second – to send it. Using a mechanical device, you can very quickly process a row with bushes on both sides.

All about the injury of potatoes

  • Motoblock with disk rug. Processing the area such a device makes sense only if a person grows a large amount of potatoes. The fact is that this device is quite expensive. In addition, it is used if the garden was planted with potatoes. To dip the potatoes with a motor-block was convenient, the distance between the rows should be the same. Otherwise, tubers may be damaged.

All about the injury of potatoes

All about the injury of potatoes

  • Manual plow. This tool consists of a massive frame, wheels, thrust and acute knife. Using it, a man in one pass by a rift handles one side of a potato bush. In the process, he needs to push a massive design in front of him. To facilitate the procedure, the gardener is recommended to buy a lighter plow.

All about the injury of potatoes

  • Motor cultivator. Such a device makes sense to use on a small plot with light soil. The process of emphasising potatoes by automatic cultivator consists of several stages. First of all, the ground looser with the cutter. After that, it is changed to the plow. Next, the bruises are performed.

All about the injury of potatoes

Having chopped one tool for the first instrument procedure, it should be used in the future.


Before you begin to glue the potatoes, from the site you need to remove all weeds. This can be done manually or with a household trimmer with a nozzle. Weeds can be left on Earth. The dried grass will additionally defend the roots of plants from sunlight. Before dipping, you can also hold root feeding of plants. To do this, use a solution consisting of 20 grams of potassium sulfate and ammonium nitrates divorced in 10 liters of warm water. Spray a plot like this product is usually the day before the enclosure of plants.

All about the injury of potatoes

After these preparatory procedures, you can proceed to processing the site. There are several ways to emphasize plants.


This technology is suitable for emphasising grown young bushes. To process the site, you can use garden chip or shovel. The process of emphasising bushes is as follows.

  1. For the start, potato stems should be carefully diverting aside and burn to the ground. They should look like a neat fan.

  2. Chopper or shovel need to dial the soil with aisle. It needs to be carefully filled into the center of the bush. Throwing land on shoots need carefully, trying not to break them. The ramming is not worth it.

  3. Next, the land must be distributed so that only the tops of the shoots remain upstairs.

At the end of this procedure, the bushes can be scared by weeds. This will allow you to delay in loose soil moisture. Instead of grass you can also use well dried hay. If you hold this procedure correctly, the crop of potatoes will be higher than if the bushes were simply raised by the earth.

All about the injury of potatoes


This method of enveloping plants is popular in Finland. It is largely reminiscent of the previous method of processing the site. But in the process of emphasising the plant, the Earth is not sprinkled. For this, only beveled herb or straw is used.

When planting potatoes, the wells try not to do too deep. This is done so that the tubers are as close to the surface. As soon as the first shoots appear on the site, they are sprinkled with a layer of herbs. In the future, the number of mulch on the site only increase. This is done until the shoots grow to 20 centimeters.

The potatoes grown in this way differs in good yield and more raw. It is very important to ensure that the tubers have always covered the soil and a dense layer of hay. Otherwise they will turn green and become unsuitable for use.

All about the injury of potatoes


This method received such a name due to the fact that the process of dipping is carried out before the appearance of the first sprouts. For the first time, potatoes are treated when several green shoots appeared on the site. At this time, the rest of the sprouts is underground.

Along every row manually need to form small hills. In the process you need to focus on green shoots. About a week later, the procedure must be repeated. The principle of work remains the same. The last time the bushes are plunged after 10 days.

All about the injury of potatoes

If you do everything right, the yield of potatoes will increase significantly. Care for such a plot will also be easier.

Dipping of potato beds is a simple procedure with which even a novice garden can cope with. The main thing is to study all the available information and choose for yourself the most appropriate method of plant treatment.

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