All about planting strawberries in the fall of mustache

Strawberry everyone loves since childhood, but it requires big attention and care. Without replacing the place every 3-4 years, the yield decreases, berries become small, hard, tasteless. Gardeners need to know everything about the landing of strawberries in the fall of mustache, because it is a great way of reproduction.

Advantages and disadvantages

For most regions of our country, strawberry landing in autumn mustache – the optimal version. It is reliable, because seedlings will have time to take care of frosts. In the last month of summer, it is usually worth a good weather, no longer exhausting heat, moisture in the soil is enough, there is no sudden weather drops.

In the springtime, it can quickly step by heat, then it can change the sudden cooling for several days. This strawberry is enough to get sick.

The main advantages of the autumn planting of strawberry mustache:

  • Looking can be carried out without a rush, since almost all things on the household plot are already completed;
  • Locked mustache do not require much attention, they do not need to often water and strengthen from the scorching sun;
  • planted bushes will give a harvest for the next year, in contrast to the spring planted;
  • With proper agrotechnology, the plant will take root to the cold, will perfectly hold the winter.

From disadvantages can be noted the possibility of early frosts that hard to calculate. For successful rooting, you need to leave 1 month since landing before the onset of the first frost.


For our big country, a specific time of autumn strawberry disembarking will be individual for each region. These timelines will definitely be adjusted from current weather, the availability of landing material.

Looking for a mustache in a non-fit time without protracted rains.

Approximate landing time for regions.

  • In outskirts of Moscow, Middle Liapus of Russia Locking can be started from August and until mid-September.
  • In the southern regions, That is, the Lower Volga region, Stavropol, in the Kuban problems may arise only because of the continuous drought. A mustache can be started in September, to finish until mid-October.
  • For Siberia and Urals You need to carefully pick up the varieties that can grow in such harsh conditions. Autumn landing of the mustache begins in early August, ends in September.
  • In the Leningrad region Everything is suitable for growing strawberries – fertile land, raw climate. You can in September all month to put on strawberry mustache.

Gardeners need to be borne in mind that it takes about 25 days to roougs. At this time, it should be counted when determining the timing of disembodies.

Source requirements

For the cultivation of strawberries Suitted sulant soil, neutral loams, weakness soils. If the earth has no appropriate acidity, you need to spend deoxidation.

To do this, add to the ground chalk, lime, dolomite flour and means for restoring soil fertility.

These substances should be made to the ground during the rescue of the Earth, that is 2-3 weeks before planing grown mustache. Then watered the Earth for the first time. Soil will fall, condenses, which is important for the roots. Before falling down, the land is no longer needed to shed water strongly, only a small moisturizing is required.

Experienced gardeners are recommended to prepare the land for disembarking strawberry outlets since spring as follows.

  1. Spring to populate the soil, removing weed grass.
  2. Make one bed on the bucket of overwhelmed manure or humus.
  3. You can add 30 g of double superphosphate and 50 g of mineral fertilizer.
  4. It is advisable to make ash in the ground in limited quantity. It is useful for the soil, perfectly helps against pests, but stuck soil. For strawberries, alkaline earth does not fit, therefore it is impossible to make a lot of ash.
  5. Plot to plant Siderats, for example, White mustard, Lupin.
  6. When Siderats grow to a height of 30-40 cm, they are mounted and dripped. They become excellent fertilizer and weed protection.

To prepare a site for planting sweet berries, it is necessary to relate carefully, it is sensitive to the soil and located near the neighbors.

Strawberry is actively growing after corn, garlic, carrots. Gives a rich harvest after dill, celery, spinach.

Strawberry does not tolerate intimacy with grated cultures, leguminous plants. You can not land mustache after tomatoes, raspberries, cucumbers, potatoes.

Selection of musty

Select your mustache for the year of shifts of sweets sweet berries. The highest quality harvest is obtained from the plants of the second year. During the period of fruiting, you need to look at the first year plants, select bushes with the largest berries and good yields, mark them, for example, peg. Next year, such a bush should be given mustache. But if he is struck by pests or diseases, then it will not be able to propagate.

Experienced gardeners are recommended in the year of formation of planting mustache from this plant remove blur. Buste strawberries do not have enough strength for a good harvest and the formation of strong subsidiaries. Without flowers, strength will go to the formation of strong mustache. For reproduction, choose the opening outlet, that is, the closest to the bustle. The amount of mustache depends on the development of the bush. You can find 30 mustache with 2-5 sockets, but it is better to leave 5 mustache and one outlet that will be planted.

The most strong mustes are considered July. They manage to grow, gain strength, go well.

Characteristics of high-quality rosette for breeding strawberries:

  • has an extensive root system;
  • The length of the roots – up to 7 cm;
  • The diameter of the root neck is not less than 6 mm;
  • has no less than 4 developed leaves.

Sign of the readiness of the mustache – They cannot be pulled out of the soil with hands without explicit damage.

Preparation of planting material

Outlets need to root before landing. You can do this in two ways – directly into the ground or in one-time dishes. When placing a socket in disposable tanks, the mustache is placed in cups with drainage holes. Previously, they are treated with a strong heatman solution, fall asleep with a nutrient mixture of humus and leaf soil. The structure of the soil must be loose.

The soil moisturizes, make a hole. A cup with a rosette of strawberries put near the bush, stick on half to the ground for stability, rooted in it a rosette.

When rooting sockets directly in the soil they are pinned to the surface. You can undermine the soil under them or dug a small hole if the roots have already grown quite large.

From above sprinkled with sand. It is important to trace so that the central part of the socket is not buried. Every day you need to check the seedlings, moisturize, inspect the leaves. Watering should be moderately, not allowing water stagnation, which is the reason for the formation of rot.

15 days before the landing, the outlet must be trimmed with a sharp knife or a secateur. This will allow the young plant to switch to independent meals, speed up the process of forming the root system. When cutting near the young plant, 2-3 cm should remain. If the bush after the separation led, it creates a shadow, watered.


To land up strawberry mustache in open ground, you need to use the recommendations of experienced gardeners, otherwise the berries will be small and tasteless.

Preparation of the site

Support mustache on the sunny slope into the moisturized land. Pre-dig holes. If a single-line scheme was chosen for landing, then between the rows there should be a distance of 70-80 cm between the bushes 20-30 cm. With a two-way method, it is necessary to plant two rows. Between them distance – up to 80 cm, between the bushes – about 40 cm.

Usually after planting bushes, the earth is mounted around them. But instead of mulching, you can use a special film. Sucking under her hands must be right, as the technology will be different.

Positive sides of landing for agricultural:

  • The earth will remain loose long;
  • No weeds will be gone;
  • Long will last moisture;
  • Heat near the roots will be comfortable for strawberries;
  • Berries will drop less;
  • Plant will hurt less.

Since the feeding of plants under the agricultural complex is impossible, then when forming a bed formation in the soil, it is necessary to make 1.5 times more useful substances. 2 days before landing on the garden spread the agriculture, strengthen the edges with heavy objects or sprinkle a little earthly. Schedule the places for the wells, catching cuts in the form of a cross, the edges of the cuts are sweeping, dig holes of the desired depth.

Step-by-step instruction

For planting strawberry seedlings to a new place, you need to choose a non-fit, better cloudy day.

If the weather is solar, then you can plant the grown mustache in the evening when the sun’s rays are no longer active.

Instructions for autumn landing of mustache.

  1. Pole Prepared wells and new bush 10-15 minutes before landing.
  2. Little comfortable shovel pull out a power outlet or cut a disposable container and get the earth with the root system. It is important that the earth remains with the roots.
  3. View roots For the presence of pests, rot. The root length should not be more than 7 cm. If they are more, then it is better to cut them.
  4. Place a bush in a new well, straighten the roots. It is important not to bend them, otherwise the plant will die or will take a long time, badly grow. Root neck must be left at ground level.
  5. Fully sprinkle roots, All space in the well fill the soil, slightly compact the soil next to the plant to ensure the contact of the earth with roots. Around the plant need to form a deepening. After winter, the bush is silent over the soil, in the spring it must be emphasized.
  6. So followed Seed all cooked outlets.
  7. The soil should be closed with overwhelmed sawdresses, cheese. Particularly useful is the pine needles, as it warns the development of many strawberry diseases.
  8. Young bushes are better to close on the first time from the Sun. It is good to do with a white nonwoven material.

Further landing need to water and regularly loose. When carrying carbon dioxide and oxygen into the land in the root system, exchange processes pass faster, it stimulates the rooting of the plant. In the first winter, seedlings can be insulated. Best keeps warm snow cover. For his detention on the site you can decompose any small twigs or coniferous boots. In the regions with severe winters you can decompose non-woven material.

Strawberry on the backdrop there is almost every gardener. It is a delicious berry, but grow it troublesome. To get a high crop need to know the rules of cultivation.

The main concerns are in frequent change of places of this culture. If you properly organize crop rotation, then it will be less difficult.

It is necessary to properly plan the accommodation of bushes, then it will be easier for them to care. With the competent use of modern technologies in the form of agrovolock and nonwoven materials, it is possible to reduce the time of plant care. It is important not to give strawberry bushes to erase, to update them in a timely manner, then they will delight good harvest of delicious berries.

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