All about planting potatoes in May

Garders growing in their own potatoes, prefer to plant tubers in the soil in May. Choose the most suitable moment for this procedure is quite simple. The main thing is to focus on local climate features, and follow the advice of more experienced gardeners.

The necessary conditions

So that potatoes began to be well, and the yield was high, you need to create good conditions for the development of young tubers.

  1. Temperature. Start planting plants in May, waiting for the soil temperature to 8-10 degrees. For 13-21 days before the jumping of tubers should also warm up. In this case, they are faster adapt to new conditions and go to growth.

  2. Humidity. Planting potatoes need in wet soil. At the same time, the earth should not be too wet. This can lead to the development of various fungal diseases.

  3. The quality of soil. Soil to landing must be prepared since autumn. At this time, the garden is well drunk, removing the roots of weeds, and also fed by humus and ash. Spring soil frustrated before the planting.

Some gardeners, choosing the perfect time for planting potatoes, pay attention to various signs. It is believed that it is possible to start up the landing work while flowering dandelions and cherry.

Do not do this before the first leaflets appear on birch. After the start of the roseberry blossom to plant potatoes are already late. It is believed that the harvest in this case will not be very good.

Terms for different regions

In many ways, the choice of time for landing depends on the features of the local climate.

South and middle strip

In the warm regions of the country, in the first days of this spring month are active landing work. They are usually beginning in April. It was then that in the south the early potato varieties are planted. But the landing of late potatoes are engaged in May. Do it usually at the very beginning of the month. In the middle lane and the Moscow region they are engaged in the first or second decade of May.


In Siberia and in the Urals, the potato landing is proceed after May 10. Works can continue until the end of the month. As a rule, only early and medieval potatoes are planted in these regions. Late varieties are not particularly popular there.

When to plant grade?

Now there are a large number of potato varieties. In time of ripening, they can be divided into early, middle-air and late.

First of all, the early varieties of potatoes are planted on the site. On average, this is done on May 1-10. Such plants are fully ripen in about two months. The most popular are the following options.

  1. “Agatha”. This is a popular Dutch variety. It is successfully grown not only in Europe, but also in Russia.

  2. “ROSAR”. This variety is popular among gardeners living in the northern regions. Potato flesh light, and peel – pink. It is very tasty and perfect for cooking.

  3. “Impala”. This is another Dutch variety, which is glad to grow gardens in all regions of the country. The flesh and peel of potatoes have yellow.

  4. “Bashkir”. Potatoes with white pulp and pink skin can be boiled, so and fry or bake. The taste of him is always the same pleasant. Potatoes are great for the Ural Garders.

  5. “Nevsky”. Such a grade is also suitable for landing in the Urals. It is distinguished by high yield and unpretentiousness.

  6. “Alliance”. Universal variety that is well suited for landing both in warm and cold corners of the country. Rugs have a pleasant taste and like most gardens.

  7. “Red Scarlet”. This potato loves his pleasant taste and high yield. It is distributed in many regions of the country.

You can start the harvest of early plants in the middle of the summer.

The middle-timed potato varieties are planted in the soil after May 10. To digging they will be ready around 70-90 days. Such varieties are stored longer than the early. You can plant in May the following varieties of potatoes.

  1. “AMAROS”. Such tubers have a reddish skin and a bright yellow flesh. Fruits differ in large size. “AMAROS” is growing great in the northern regions of the country.

  2. “Tuleyevsky”. Yellow large potato is a pleasant taste and good resistance to diseases. It can be planted both in the Western and Eastern regions of the country.

  3. “Blue”. This variety belongs to the average. You can dig it 110 days after disembarking. Potatoes has a yellow flesh and a very gentle taste.

Late potato varieties sitting closer towards the end of May. Time of ripening of vegetables takes about 3-4 months. Typically, such potatoes are deposited or used for feeding animals. For landing in May perfectly fit the following varieties.

  1. “MONDEO”. This variety was led in the Netherlands. Tubers have an oval shape and light yellow peel. The plant is characterized by good resistance to most diseases.

  2. “Cardinal”. Also Dutch variety. Grown it mainly in the central regions. Fruits have a pleasant yellow flesh and red peel.

  3. “Atlant”. This variety of potatoes is distinguished by the high content of starch and pleasant taste. It is great for growing in the central regions of Russia.

Several different varieties of potatoes are recommended to plant in one site. In this case, there is a delicious young potato can be several weeks in a row.

In what numbers to plant on the lunar calendar?

Many dacms when planting potatoes are focused on the lunar calendar. It is believed that the growing moon activates the growth of greenery. Because of this, the treasures of potatoes becomes lush and strong. But the decreasing moon has an impact on the growth of tubers.

Determine favorable days for planting potatoes is quite simple. So, in 2021 in May optimal time for sowing work – 1, 5, 6, 7, 22, 23 May. An unfavorable period for planting potatoes – 9-11, as well as May 15.

Besides, work can not be carried out in full moon. It is believed that at this time the roots of the plants are especially vulnerable. Categories are not recommended to plant potatoes and on New Moon Day. Otherwise, the yield of plants will be very low.

Using this information, pick up the most suitable date for planting potatoes will be able to even a novice garden.

Useful advice

To increase the yield of culture, when disembarking, the tubers in May should pay attention to the following points.

  1. Processing rooteplood. Gardeners recommend to treat potatoes with a solution consisting of 40 grams of superphosphate, potash salt and the same number of nitrogen fertilizers. These products are bred in 10 liters of water. The potatoes treated with a solution you need to dry well before landing.

  2. Selection of place for landing. Potato beds standing in a sunny place. Rows should be located in the direction from north to south.

  3. Using high-quality planting material. For sowing on the plot it is worth choosing healthy tubers. From damaged and affected fruit diseases worth getting rid of.

  4. Landing depth. So that shoots were uniform, grooves or wells in which tubers are placed, should be the same depth. What it is more, the longer the potatoes will bring. On average, the tubers are planting at a depth of 8-12 centimeters.

Potato landing in May allows you to quickly get a big harvest without any effort.

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