All about Mulch

People, just novice career of the gardener, have the most general idea of ​​what a mulch is. Meanwhile, knowing which material to use and how the soil mulching is carried out for strawberries and other plants with their own hands, a multitude of errors can avoid. The use of chips and coconut mulch also deserves attention.

What it is?

Any experienced dachane will be able to explain what the word “mulch” means and what value it has for the garden. It is worth noting that This agricultural “Assistant” is quite effective. Unfortunately, many underestimate the significance of a similar method, believing that he only takes time and strength, bringing little benefit. Usually, such estimates are associated with illiterate work and lack of accounting of subtleties of technology. If we talk briefly, the mulch is a material whose layer is laid out around the stems of grown crops.

Such a method of protection of the soil and plants themselves is applied for a long time. However, it became the most popular when such a fashion arose in foreign countries.

Mulching is possible for any plants. And yet the approach in each particular case must be selected individually. Only with this condition you can count on a decent harvest.

Why need mulching?

The most important thing its purpose is to protect against weeds. If a special layer is wide enough, the growth of harmful plants is reduced several times. It is also important that it is possible to reduce the irrigation intensity, since moisture and useful substances are preserved under the protective layer. The frequency of soil looser decreases, and its structure is optimized. Under the cover, the land is less suffering from bright sun in summer, from cold and snow in winter.

This moment is especially relevant in the coldest winter, when only mulch is sometimes saved from the death of perennial plantings. But she has a number of other functions. Among them, the fight against infections is especially allocated.

Thanks to the mulst, dangerous microorganisms much more difficult to get on the plant itself. If it is used, the quality of the soil is maintained at a high level, it is prevented by washing, various types of erosion and the appearance of a crust.

In addition to the purely mechanical containment of weeds, after mulching the aisle, it is shaded, and this also interferes with the development of weed herbs. In hot days under mulch, the optimal temperature is withstanding. Laying a special material in the fall prevents removal by wind, leaching and other unpleasant events. Practice shows that in this case plants are much better developed next season. Finally, the closed plants give more apparent roots.


For the site you can choose several types of mulch.

Ships and sawdust

At home for mulching it is quite possible to take various types of wood chips. Features of its breed origin must be taken into account. In any case, wood chips should not put next to the landings themselves. Large wood pieces can be poured near adult plants and developing seedlings. But the seedlings they will take too much valuable nitrogen.

Middle and shallow chips can be sprinkled by any plants. But its influence will have to compensate for the active watering of liquid mixtures containing nitrogen. It is necessary to understand that any tree when overloading in the soil significantly increases its acidity. On earth, which is so scared, it is better to avoid. Prevent overlooking helps stirring sawdust with lime and other recognized alkalis. You can simply wait until the manufacturer reprovers.

Beveled grass

The use of herbal bowels is very effective in dealing with evaporation. He also negatively affects various snails and slugs. It is necessary to carefully avoid the use of patients of plants, because it threatens the spread of infection. The same refers to vegetation, affected by various pests, including after final overloading in barrels.

Fresh grass allows you to maximize the land with nitrogen, but it is toxic for many plants.


This type of mulch can be very useful. However, its separate species contain quite a bit of biologically active components. Almost all plants concentrate their main part in the grains, and the share of green mass accounts for quite a bit. The dispersion and hay must be used after excerpt for at least 2 years. In the fresh form they will strongly block the soil by seeds.

Soloz ship consumers in bales weighing 16-20 kg. Independent workpiece of such a mulch is possible with manual presses. After harvesting the combine additionally grind straw is not required. In areas with perennial berries, they are laid out in a broadcast. Mulching potatoes with straw can be immediately after the release of the first sprouts.


Mulching herbal sharp, leaves and opds suitable for any culture. The risk of any harm is minimized, which is very important for inexperienced gardeners. Such a mulch contributes to the deduction of moisture in the ground. It is important and saturation of nitrogen, which is sharply lacking on many gods. The display should be made by a thick layer, because the foliage is prone to drying and loss of volume.

Dark coloring of this type of mulching material makes it very attractive when preparing for winter. But covering a vegetable garden with perennial plants need careful. When converting greens in humus, acids can be released that can cause serious damage. Plant trunks wrapping with plastic films or used plastic bottles. You can not even pull the earth, but to decompose the leaves on a punctured stalk shovel holes.


Use pine and fir bumps most justified for:

  • blueberries;
  • cranberries;
  • Rhododendron;
  • heather;
  • garlic;
  • Luke;
  • Potatoes.

If the bumps are laying down under the trees and bushes, their layer should be 100-150 mm. For vegetables it is 50-70 mm. As soon as the mulch is posted, it should be poured. Very good if it will not be simple water, but a solution of fungicide. With vegetable beds, as soon as the harvest is removed, the mulch should be removed immediately. Under the trees it is left until spring.


Apply needles of coniferous plants most appropriate for plant-acidophiles. Most often it is hydrangea and rhododendrons. In parallel with such a shelter, feeding nitrogen is carried out. Use a housing for cultures that need calcium, extremely undesirable. Take fresh coniferous opead (until he becomes brown) undesirable.


You can use medium, and riding, and low-handed peat. The last option is suitable for any soil and in any season. It will allow breaking the soil, but almost will not add nutrients. Middle and riding types contain substances that overwhelming vegetation. Because it is advisable to use them for preliminary preparation of empty beds or as a basis for compost.

Special fabric

Pretty widespread mulching with black material. Most often used Agrofolok Density of 0.1-0.13 kg per 1 square meter. It is guaranteed to suppress the development of weeds. With proper care, the appearance of rot and molded nests completely excludes. The life of the agriculture reaches 4-5 years.

In some cases apply Geotextiles. He must have a black color. Materials bury in the ground. In places where cultural plants themselves are located, it is necessary to make slits. Under the geotextile calculation, the soil moisture is fully maintained, but such a material cannot be combined with strawberry growing.

Attractive and mulching Spanbond. He perfectly suppresses weed herbs. But it is necessary to understand that only tight material can perform a qualitative task. Like other similar coverage, it should have a black color.

In favor of Spanbonda speak its long service life, frost resistance, resistance to microbes and mold.


This method has been applied for several decades. Not suitable for any film, but only specially adapted for mulching. In any polyethylene or mixed tape holes are done. The main part of the rolls supplied to the market has a width of 1 to 3 m.

In a number of country households used light films. They need to prepare seedlings to landing.However, it is additionally assumed to process the Earth with herbicides. Film for Bakhchch must have the highest quality. Black and impenetrable film is used in the cultivation of other cultures. Water consumption for watering due to it is noticeably reduced. But it is necessary to understand that under impermeable black matter plants can overheat.

Other options

Analyzing the pros and cons of mulching with clay, it is worth indicating:

  • spectacular appearance;
  • the convenience of use;
  • long drying period;
  • a large number of small particles (forcing the respirator to wear);
  • cheap;
  • Long preservation of basic qualities.

Recently, the so-called active mulch is increasingly used, it is “hot grass”. It contributes to the accelerated development of soil organisms and worms. Soon it becomes clear that the plants have become stronger and grow better. The decomposition of herbal mass leads to the appearance of carbon dioxide, thanks to which it is easy to get a great harvest. Finally, the “active mulch” is a powerful stimulant of plant immunity. What is important, fermentation does not represent any risk.

In an industrial scale, cellulose mulch is now manufactured. Its discharge is based on secondary paper raw materials. To improve the quality of the product, it is sometimes added wood pulp. Best of all, if it is thermally processed fiber with increased suction ability. All manufacturers carefully sort and clean the incoming raw material, therefore feared the clogging of the soil does not make sense.

In handicraft conditions, such an alternative solution is often used as Mailing cardboard. Many gardeners note that it gives stable results for a number of years. Retention of water in the soil, in any case, is achieved confidently. Before displaying a cardboard sheet, the place allotted for it is required to rush to water. The sheets themselves are putting the mustache so that they cover the entire area.

Mulching the corn mass. Easier and correctly doing special mats for the bed. The stems of about the same magnitude will have to be processed (cutting thin areas and folded one to another, turning the bottom, then riding). Roots will have to cut off. You can bind the stems as convenient: the resulting mats do not blow away the wind in any case.

The horse bedding is also widely used – simply speaking, manure. It is considered much more productive biologically than other types of litter. But it is important to understand that in its pure form such a mulch is very active and can even cause harm to plants. Need to consult with specialists before buying.

Another solution that is often used lately, becomes Coconut mulch. Separate fibers in its composition are compressed under high pressure.As a result, it turns out a dense, but with breathing material. It is produced in the format of mats or circles of various sizes. Under coconut protection, hypothermia is excluded, the drainage of the soil, its demolition of the wind. It contributes to more active fruiting, it is distinguished by the neutral value of the acid-alkaline balance, blocks the spread of pathological microbes.

Finally, possibly Mulching based on branches and cutting residues. Although they are significantly larger than chips or leaves, but with a competent approach overload in a short time. Special types of equipment are used for the procedure. These devices are also capable of scattering the prepared mass on the site. They are provided to customer specialized companies.

It is worth noting a few more options:

  • gravel;
  • Moss-Safagnum;
  • soil cultures;
  • Rubber (but it is used only in extreme cases when there are no alternatives).

How to mulk correctly?

Mulching is an excellent option in order to improve the properties of the soil and subsequently get a good harvest. However, this procedure must be carried out correctly. First of all, it is necessary to strictly comply with the periods of procedure. Most often mulching spend in spring and autumn months. But at the same time it is necessary to watch the Earth will have had to be free or has not yet had time to cool. For narrow beds recommended the use of hay and sawdust. When covering the rolling crops of trees between the barrel and the boundary of the calculation should be at least 1.5 and not more than 3 m. Mulch must be periodically updated.

Too early laid out of the mulching layer will slow down the development of the garden, lawn or shrubs (raspberries, grapes). With high humidity, the soil may even start rotting. In turn, late with winter mulching turns into the fact that the Earth has time to freeze, and the efficiency of protection from cold falls sharply. What is important, while still fails to extend the time of the autumn wake of plants. To protect strawberry bushes, it is necessary to mulch the plot twice per year. Optimal candidates – dry foliage and beveled grass. In front of the winter you can also use straw or cheese.

Dry leaves and mustache on the plant itself will have to be removed in advance. For blueberries advised to use peat, sawdust, hay, straw and bark.

The most durable is the sawdust. The layer of the mulch is approximately 100 mm.The procedure is carried out at least twice: after landing on the laid place and as needed. With subsequent processing, the layer is reduced to 50 mm. For roses, peat, sawdust and chips are best suited for roses. Coniferous opead can be used. And even egg shell. The use of larch bark is also becoming a good solution. The procedure is carried out in the second half of spring. The bark will definitely dry 15 days and processed by antiseptics.

When spring comes, from the mulch-laid mulch, you should get rid of. She herself will have time to become a habitat of various harmful microorganisms and dangerous insects. It is necessary not to just remove the old bookmark, but also burn it. You can not mulch only recently crumpled shoots and rapid shoots. This procedure is harmful to fresh seedlings, because it greatly interferes with the natural light and the development of shoots.

Do I need to remove the mulch for the winter?

In the overwhelming majority of cases do it optional. On the contrary, a mulching layer:

  • will increase the protection of the root system from the frost;
  • attracting worms;
  • For the winter, it will be time to overwhelm, saturate the earth and prepare it for the next season;
  • Save the soil looseness and make it easier for its people in the spring (and sometimes it will allow to refuse to repack).

With the mulching of the straw, you can remove its top layer, dry and store separately until spring. So usually do those who cannot provide themselves with straw. The opinion that microorganisms can multiply in the mulch, right, but among them there are useful views. It is possible to solve this problem at the expense of special processing using disinfectants.


Everything that remains from garden crops is required to grind. From time to time you need to add new bookmarks (layers). Use for mulching plants, which have been treated with eradicates for less than 30 days ago.

A straw can also be used in itself, and in combinations with other organic. Fears that it prohibits, groundless: this happens only in closed rooms that do not have decent ventilation. Soloma is well suited for berry and vegetable crops, but with shrubs it is compatible bad. Needless, dense layout of straw will slow down the development of young shoots. But at the same time, the straw mulch is capable of fighting even with the Colorado beetle.

When choosing a meadow hay, it is necessary to give preference to plants bevelled before flowering. From the hay you need to abandon especially wet periods, because it is prone to hearing.

Mulching beds are best after processing (when they were loosened, poured or bored, they even just sprayed). On heavy clay earth, it is impossible to lay over 20 mm of any coating, otherwise it is likely to rot. Regarding all about every 14 days add fresh material. Light land can be mulched more active, but then the layer is more than 80 mm contraindicated. It is necessary to monitor the roots of the oxygen.

In the rainy days used by the layer additionally reduce. Moreover, it is necessary to reduce it and on any shaded area. It is worth remembering that the needle takes away nitrogen, and when it is used, drugs restoring its concentration in the ground. Similarly, it is necessary to act when using sawdust.

Laying the Siderats in Mulch is not only possible, but also very useful. Adding raw grass creates actually the effect of silaps.

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