All about Luke Suvorov

Few gardeners grow on their summer cottages, the mountain bowl of Suvorov. But at the same time he deserves separate attention. Today we will talk about the peculiarities of this plant, about how to plant it correctly and grow.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov

general description

Culture is a bowl-shaped bow. Its diameter can reach about 2-3 centimeters. Fruits have leathery shells. The stalk of the plant can be height from 30 to 100 cm. The veins on the plant weakly. Leaf plates of vegetation can have a width from 5 to 20 millimeters. They are sizovy. The form they have a remune. The edges of the foliage rough. Loke Suvorov has a spicy taste and a strong sulfur smell. To get rid of the smell, ripe bulbs are best soaked in clean water, while it is periodically changed to fresh.

Onion shoots in their appearance are similar to shoots of garden tulips. But in the process of growth and development, the form begins to change. Spherical inflorescences of culture can reach a diameter to 10-12 centimeters. It blooms with pink-purple saturated color. Fresh greens of such a bow can be added to soups, salads, snacks, sandwiches. And if desired, it can be freeze in the freezer. The bulbs themselves can be consumed in baked or pickled form. They are most often used as a delicious and spicy seasoning to dishes. Sometimes fruits are boiled in honey and baked on coals.

Luke Suvorov’s yield is low. With 1 square meter of landings it will be possible to assemble only 1-1.2 kilograms of fruits. It should also be noted that the culture grows quite slowly. The bulbs can only be used for 3-4 years of cultivation. As a collected form, fruits can still be stored for 3-4 months at a temperature of 2-4 degrees of heat. Keep them better in a dark place. A variety is a source of a huge number of different vitamins, essential oils, trace elements and sugars. Homemade cakes prepared on the basis of such a plant helps to cope with vision-related diseases, they reduce pain syndrome, improve brain activity, normalize pressure and blood circulation, and also increase immunity.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov

Such onion compositions can be drunk and cold, in the treatment of diseases associated with the defeat of the respiratory tract. At the same time, such onions can be used for therapeutic purposes in various forms: in the form of a soft cashecture, home tincture. But it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to abuse this plant. In excessive amounts of the onions of Suvorov considered toxic, it can harm health. And it is better to exclude it from the ration of those people who suffer from various diseases of the heart, food allergies, ulcerative damage to the gastrointestinal tract organs, gastritis. This bow has a high carbohydrate content, so it will be especially useful for those people who are engaged in sports.

This bow has an elevated content of special phytoncides. They contribute to the slowdown in the growth and development of pathogenic microflora in the human oral cavity. Often, culture is used when placing landscapes, as it has a beautiful decorative appearance. Large inflorescences of bright color can decorate almost any summer cottage. Sometimes such onions are planted immediately in flower beds. But it must be borne in mind that vegetation is quite volumetric and spread, so it will take a lot of space on the plot.

It is worth noting that culture is resistant to frost. It easily adapts to various cultivation conditions. But it is impossible to forget that such a bow has a short vegetative period, therefore all the greens will be suitable for use only a couple of weeks after the formation of shoots.

And also in ripe bulbs will contain some poisonous components, therefore, they can only be used in the treated form. Fresh fruit is impossible.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov


Next, we will analyze how to put onion Suvorov. The plant is undemandingly to the soil. But still the optimal option will become a loose chernozem. The soil must have neutral acidity. If it is too scaled, then you can do lime.

Do not forget that this plant is very hard to transfers high humidity, so it is impossible to plant it on the converted places, in areas located near the groundwater. Otherwise, the root system of vegetation will begin to catch up quickly, as a result it will just die from the fungus. An ideal option for culture will be areas that were previously grown peas, zucchini, cabbage and pumpkin.

Immediately before landing the land on the selected area thoroughly loose. It will be necessary to remove all harmful weed vegetation from the spot. And also be sure to remove the remains of the roots of the plants that grew there earlier. It is better to make in the soil of humus, compost, fertilizer, which includes phosphorus and potassium. Most often used wood ash and superphosphate. If you still plant vegetation on sites with high levels of humidity, then you must make a drainage layer.

All the beds better make bulk. Such technology will prevent the accumulation of melt water and atmospheric precipitation. So the root system of the bulbs will not be converted. In the process of planting seeds or lolk deepen into the ground for a couple of centimeters. At the same time, the distance between individual seeds should be at least 25 centimeters. Distance between individual rows should be about 30-35 centimeters. The material is placed in the soil as much as possible so as not to damage the roots.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov


In order for the culture to be able to grow normally and develop, you should remember to leave her.


Onion Suvorov will not require too frequent irrigation. If there is enough natural moisture, plants are not moisturized at all. If a long time is too dry and hot weather, then watering should be done once a day. And the procedure is recommended to be performed either early in the morning or late in the evening.

Remember that this mountain bow can be much easier to transfer drought than overvolving.

Loosening and weeping

To obtain a good harvest it will be necessary to carry out regular weeding and loosening. Ruff the Earth needed at least once a week. Weeding are carried out as the appearance and expanding of weed vegetation.

All about Luke Suvorov


Onion Suvorov will also need nutritional feeders. The optimal option for it will be humus and superphosphate (about 20-30 grams per 1 square meter of landings). In the spring season, increase the number of phosphoric and calcium fertilizers. If you use an ammonium salter, then it is worth remembering that too much of such a substance will lead to the fact that the green mass will be very powerful, but the bulbs will become too small.

Remember that with the slightest shortage of potassium in the ground there may be a strong deformation of sheet plates. After that, they start shrust. A couple of times per season is recommended to make nitrogen-containing feeding. It is better to do this after the appearance of the first young leaves. If you grow such vegetation to get food bulbs, then you will need to delete arrows in a timely manner. If you grow it only as an ornament for the landscape, you should not do this.

Periodically, view landings for the presence of pests and signs of diseases. And also control so that there is no excessive thicance. When thickened, it is better to dig up small bulbs from the ground, leaving them for planting under the winter.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov

Methods of breeding

This culture can multiply by two main ways.

  • seed material;
  • Dolkov.

Seeds sow under winter, shortly before the onset of frosts. Before boarding, they are necessarily washed in a solution with manganese, you can also use a solution of copper. It is better to hold stratification at which the seeds are frozen in wet sand. Stratification is performed in order to damage the firm shell of the seed. This contributes to a faster germination germination.

Seeds can be obtained by gathering them in the middle of the summer season from the inflorescences of plants. So that they sprout faster, they can be carefully treated with sandpaper. After the supply of snow masses, the germination process will gradually begin. At the same time, a small amount of time will be watched by sheets. By the end of the summer season in the soil, there will be a small bulWhi of a small size that will need to dig up, and then again fall into the ground in the fall, closer to the onset of cold weather. For the second year, floweros and larger sheet plates will appear. Next, last year’s manipulations are performed – digging and plant plants again.

Remember that it is possible to get strong and healthy vegetation only for 3 years of life. Salves planted on the same time as seed material. Them should also be previously treated in a solution of mangarteese or copper.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov

Diseases and pests

The onions of Suvorov is considered rather resistant to disease and pests. But as prevention it is recommended to process vegetation with a solution of manganese. And many gardeners use a solution with a preparation “Phytosporin-M”. Sometimes culture may be affected by rot. It happens because of the moistened soil. In this case, the plant must be removed from healthy landings and destroy. Healthy plants after that normalize irrigation mode.

Vegetation may be affected by other diseases:

  • Puffy dew;
  • jaundice;
  • trachemicosis;
  • mosaic.

At the first signs of disease, all damaged parts are immediately cut off by the secateur and burn. Next, sick plants are processed, it is better to use ready-made chemical fungicides. Bred them in strict accordance with the instructions. And the onions of Suvorov sometimes suffers from the invasion of the Medvedok, onion flies, moths, shelon. In this case, you can use biological preparations that are sold in garden shops. Folk remedies prepared at home can only be applied when the vegetation is damaged.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov

Comparison with other species

Onion Suvorov belongs to the group of mountain bow (anzurov). It is similar to such mountain species like SINGDOM and AFLATUNG. There are differences in time of ripening time, length and width of sheet plates, sizes and shapes of the bulbs themselves.

Besides, The onions of Suvorov are often confused with a giant hairstyle rokambula. At the same time, the first is considered more resistant to pests and diseases. Also, its weight can only reach 100-150 grams, the weight of the rokambila can be up to 500 grams.


Many gardeners left positive feedback on such Luke. It was noted that this culture is unpretentious in care. It can be used to decorate the country area. Some gardeners noticed that such a bow can be perfectly suitable for the preparation of various delicious seasonings.

And it was also said that the plant is rich in useful vitamin C. Positive feedback deserved and onion leaves. They can be used in the preparation of various dishes, they have excellent taste and aroma.

All about Luke Suvorov

All about Luke Suvorov

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