All about landing

Know all about landing and subsequent care – the only guarantee of success. We will have to find out in advance how to put the seedlings, at what distance to plant them correctly. It is very important to figure out when it is better to plant a plum in the Moscow region to open soil, as well as whether it is possible to plant it next to the apple tree.

All about landing

When it is better to plan?

Landing plums, like other fruit plants and shrubs, should be timed to a strictly defined point. Owning and choosing inappropriate time, you can face very unpleasant consequences. In the spring months it is necessary to navigate March or april. It is very important to catch the moment when the kidneys have not yet begun to bloom, but the air is stably driven up to 5 degrees and above. Planting a plum in the suburbs and in the middle lane is the most rational at the end of April.

For farmers of the southern regions – Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory and other regions of the Caucasus – the need to engage in plums is already in the last decade of March. But for the Ural and Siberian daches, it is better to move the appropriate time for the first decade of May. But sometimes landings are engaged in autumn. The most typical landing in September or October.

It must be traced that the temperature of the temperature reaches about 10 degrees. At night should be about 5 degrees. It is advisable to choose a moment when about 30 days left to the last minute onset of frost. Siberian, Ural gardens and land in the Leningrad region – a different case, planting plum trees in them is possible to maximize until the end of September, better in his first half. In the southern regions, the duration of the autumn landing covers September and October, but the farmers near Moscow are better to finish work until October 15.

All about landing

All about landing

Selection of seedlings

But even the most scrupulously weathered dates will not help if you choose a plum sighter illiterately, hope for seller’s words. A common mistake is the purchase of a treet in a container. Yes, a potentially closed root system with a lump of land is more effectively coming. However, you can not forget, in which world we live, and that for many nurseries in the first place savings, and not the interests of buyers. It is best to choose those seedlings in which you can see how the root looks like – it is possible to judge the prospects for the plant.

Thick large roots with a large number of branches will be the best option. However, branching close to Earth, by contraindicated, contraindicated. Critical may be split a strain and other defects, which are impossible to see on the closed sapling.

It is important to check that the vaccination is not set too crooked or curved. From the place of vaccinations to the Earth should remain about 10 cm.

All about landing

All about landing

Choosing a place

Often, gardeners are interested, is it possible to plant a plum next to the apple tree or not. These cultures demonstrate a really high combination. But it is provided only with the right approach. It is very important that both woods are young and were at least 6-8 m. Violation of this rule leads to the fact that a more developed plant will suppress her shadow too low culture.

But black eases demonstrates even increased compatibility. It is not just good neighbors with plum landings, but also effectively protect them from the invasion of the Tly. As for pears, she himself harms a plum and receives instead also harm. Breeding such trees nearby, and even on one cottage plot, can hardly be considered a good idea. Not everywhere you can withstand the distance between such “enemies” at least 7-10 m – and if it is impossible to ensure, it does not make sense to risk.

Hostile in relation to the drain also currants. IMPORTANT: This hostility also concerns related fruit crops, because currant plantings are mostly alone.

Strictly unacceptable neighborhood with any coniferous cultures, no matter how beautiful it looked. Favoring needles will be too much pumping the soil, while plum develops well only at neutral sections. Under the ban also a neighborhood with walnut and birch.

All about landing

Plum badly harms sweet. But cherry, peaches, apricots, Alycha will be optimal neighbors. But it is important to understand that only with normal, not too thickened landings, when there is no rivalry for water and nutrients, problems are completely excluded. If this rule is not observed, the gardeners should only be on themselves. From surface crops with a drain, meadow mint and white clover are well combined; But tobacco, potatoes contribute to the infection of fruit trees.

Find out whether different varieties of berry culture are compatible, best of their official description. Necessarily take into account the need for pollination. But picking up a plot at the cottage for landing, you should pay attention to other moments. It is very important that there are no stagnation of groundwater. All places where they fit to the surface closer than 1.5 m (and better by 2 m or more) It is worthwhile by the party.

Reasonably significant requirement – the abundance of sunlight. Any shading will adversely affect the state of the village. Distance to any construction should be at least 3 m. The soil on a skillful selected place necessarily loose and fertile. It is advisable to avoid landing plum where it can blow permeating wind.

All about landing

All about landing


Sedna treatment

Some gardeners buy landing material in the fall, and use it in spring. Good wintering in this case is provided only by pinch. The depth of the trench for the winter should be approximately 60 cm. After removing the plant in the spring it should be carefully examined and cut off the deformed roots. All cutting points should be sprinkled with activated carbon.

All about landing

All about landing


Digging the landing pit is made approximately 20 days before the procedure. If you prepare it too late, then by the right moment the soil regime will not have time to restructure properly, and the result will disappoint farmers. Depth, as well as the amount on all axes, is 60 cm. It is very important to put in the hole immediately fertile soil, mixed with improving mineral complexes. At the same time there is a stake, then turning into support.

To make fertilizers who like drain, it is necessary to mix the combination initially the earth:

  • 20 kg humus or compost;
  • 20 kg of peat;
  • 0.3 kg of superphosphate;
  • 0.08 kg of potassium sulphate (on peeled soils the number of all these components is doubled).

All about landing

All about landing

Shipping scheme

It depends on the peculiarities of the plant itself. So, For prone only to weak growth of varieties, you need to withstand the distance between the 2.5-3 m wells. The aisle at the same time is 3-4 m. If the culture is inclined to develop actively, then the distances increase to 3-4 and 4-5 m, respectively.

Even by law in the garden from the fence to any fruit tree (including the plum), a distance of 4 m should be preserved; It is necessarily maintained for a sapling, and for an adult copy, read from extreme points.

All about landing

How to plant?

In autumn

The most important point – for this purpose, predominantly zoned hybrids with guaranteed cold persistence are suitable. Hollyk in the pit it is better to do immediately. But if it was not prepared in advance, then it is created immediately before landing. Placing a seedling on the tubercle, gently spread the roots. The following steps are:

  • Pull up a pre-prepared soil mixture so that the tree holds well;
  • Shake the seedling gently so that even minor voids remain;
  • Check that the root neck does not go under the surface of the soil;
  • a little finish the land and thoroughly watered it;
  • Perform a garter of a seedling;
  • form brush drivers framing the rolling circle so that the water does not spread too much;
  • Sprinkle area sprinkled with widths or a twig (other types of mulch show themselves much worse).

All about landing

All about landing


Although this option leaves much more time to rooting culture, keywords still need to be obsessed perfectly. The landing wells in this case are prepared since the autumn. Proponed before the cold season of plums neatly quit and put their roots in a semi-liquid “bolt”. Prepare such a “bolt” you need from a combination of clay with a cow.

Next to the bottom of the pits pegs. Do without him, as in the fall, it will be perhaps possible. When the amount is drunk, it is time to check the safety of the roots and remove the deformed areas. The roots of the Saplings supplied to the surface should also be placed. Half the poured pit watered using 30 liters of water; For mulching use peat or sawdust, check carefully so that the root neck is not blocked.

All about landing

Tree landing nuances with closed root system

In this case, the approach is naturally different. Most often, seedlings with closed roots are planting in summer. It is very important that the root system remains unchanged, any damage is not allowed. Young trees are pronounced in the sun’s clock, thus avoiding winding and burns. It is necessary to grow seedlings in:

  • containers;
  • bags;
  • grids;
  • specialized containers.

The optimal point of disembarkation – in June. This will allow and prevent freezing, and ensure the adaptation of trees in a new place. Occasionally in the southern regions plums plant at the beginning of autumn. In this case, protective shelter is formed. For him use:

  • chew;
  • cardboard;
  • spruce paws.

The size of the pit for landing must correspond to the size of the land of the land. Before the disembarkation itself, the recess is abundantly shedding with water. But not simple, but with the addition of drugs, overwhelming parasites. It is useful to dissolve in water and insecticides. To easier stretch the seedling from the container, the soil in it will also have to pour as it follows. It is necessary to ensure that the earth does not break up. His tip must be at the level of the pit. Each plum is watered using 20 liters of water.

So that no emptiness remains in the ground, they are sprinkled with garden earth and thoroughly. In the edges of the pit, 3 kids ride, and then, retreating from the rolling band 0.6-0.7 m, the ditch used for watering.

All about landing

Subsequent care

Caring for plum in the open soil is not too fundamentally different when using seedlings with a closed or open root system. More importantly, the characteristics of a particular variety have. But there are general features that do not depend on the varietality. In the fall, it is categorically impossible to use nitric fertilizers that activate the growth of green mass. Special attention should be paid to the priority area.

It is supposed to regularly conduct a weeding and loosening. All root pigs are removed at least 4-5 times during the vegetative period. If the tree is growing for more than 2 years, weeds can be suppressed with herbicides. But it is impossible to make them hit on the leaves and the trunk of the drain itself. After disembarking, the tree is watered weekly until summer weather is over.

Instead of leak or hose, it is preferable to use an rain installation. The frequency of irrigation varies depending on the weather. IMPORTANT: When mulching a priority circle, you can do without herbicides at all. For this procedure use:

  • branches of coniferous trees;
  • sawdust;
  • straw;
  • peat.

Autumn moisture profitable watering lead weekly. Stop it only after the end of the leaf. The fallated fertilizers are usually enough for 2 years. When their stock is exhausted, plum will be needed both minerals and organic agent. On the third year, the tree is supplied with urea and carbamide (this mixture is dissolved in water).

All about landing

All about landing

In the first decade of summer it is necessary to enter nitroposk. Concentration of solution – 0.3%. Use it with an extraxanle way. Between August 10 and 20, 0.06 kg of superphosphate and as much potassium sulfate are used. They are dissolved in 10 liters of water. In August, it is also necessary to apply the root jammer mixture into which:

  • 0.015 kg of potassium sulfate;
  • 0.015 kg of superphosphate;
  • 0.07 kg of ash;
  • 10 l clean cold water.

Formation of plum trees implies their trimming. This procedure is carried out only on healthy plants. The seedlings of the first year are cut to 1 m; With the enhanced form of the crown, the stack should have a height of 0.7 m, and with a pyramid – 0.5 m. Plums of the second year of development are shortened by 1 kidney from growth, and new shoots cut into 0.1 m – so that the stack becomes thicker. 3rd year trees form otherwise. Stands need to be completely cleaned from lateral shoots. The growth of last year is cut off by 50%. In the future, skeletal branches cut undesirable. For the formation of the crown any year, the early spring is optimal when the juices have not yet begun to move.

Spring plum trees are treated with insecticides. Repeat it is necessary when the kidneys bloom. However, when the processing blooms are started immediately. In summer, use experienced safe agents to counteract fungal infections, ticks and frozing.

In the fall, all the folias must be collected and burned; use it for compost categorically impossible.

All about landing

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