All about home composters

In the modern world, people are increasingly choosing natural products without adding any chemicals. This also applies to fertilizers who should also be the most natural and high-quality. To get them at home, most often use special devices – for example, home composter.

What it is?

Devices are called composters or just home compost boxes intended for food waste. Such adaptations help to save money not only on garbage removal, but also on the purchase of fertilizers. In the composter you can add different, for example, it can be:

  • eggshell;
  • husk of seeds;
  • Skin of fruits or vegetables;
  • fallen leaves;
  • dry hay or grass;
  • thick of coffee or tea;
  • Trimming newspapers.

It is strictly forbidden to put in the composter:

  • plastic products;
  • cigarette cigarettes;
  • Multicolored paper products;
  • plants that were treated with pesticides;
  • Fish or meat waste;
  • Products made of milk.

To get high-quality compost, you need to follow some rules. First of all, it is necessary to maintain a fairly high level of humidity inside. For acceleration, the fermentation will require constant access of oxygen. To start the decay of the connections, there should be warm in the composter. In addition, each device must have a lid, several ventilation holes, as well as for exhaust fluid.

To complete the processing of various waste, it will be necessary from a few days to several weeks. To speed up the process slightly, you can make a special start.


There are several types of composters that differ from each other not only by volume, but also the principle of action. Such devices can be apartment or garden, electrical or automatic. As for the kitchen mini-composter, its contents are perfect for feeding flowers on window sills. If there is a cottage, then the contents can be transported there and use to fertilize the beds. In addition, such composters can be used all year round. In addition to all this, composters differ from each other on the principle of action.


The effect of such a household adaptation is more like the principle of operation thermos. The processing process occurs when exposed to high temperature. Inside the composter the heat is saved.

For this reason, waste decomposes much faster. Usually such containers are made in the form of a bowl or barrel.


This device is different from other composters. The process of waste decomposition occurs with earthworms. In the container there are several trays, in which waste. Then they launch worms in them, which processes waste to biohumus. However, such a composter has one drawback, which lies in the grinding of very large waste.


With its appearance, such a device is very similar to the plastic bucket. It initially folded waste, and then on top poured a special fluid that contains a large number of microorganisms. As a result, fermentation occurs in the composter.

If we talk about the features of the design of the composters, then they can be a classic or drum type. The first made in the form of a box or a big barrel with a lid. They make up any vegetable garbage. Most often their volume is 500-700 liters. In addition to all this, classic designs are divided into open and closed.

  1. Open devices are usually used only in the warm season. In addition, they are easy to add up if necessary. The disadvantage of such models is the appearance of an unpleasant odor, as well as a long term of fermentation.
  2. Closed tools are much more convenient to use. Their use is possible throughout the year. In addition, the recycling of waste in them is very fast. The only drawback is considered a high price.


Many companies are engaged in the production of composters. The most popular among them are the following brands.

Worm Cafe

This home vermicomposser can easily be found in Russia. The principle of its work is to use rainworms that recycle waste into biohumus. Manufacturers recommend putting in it from 1 to 5 thousand worms. The collected design takes only 0.5 meters of space. Case made of black plastic. Included there are 3 tray, pallet with a crane, a mudovenary, a briquette of a coconut fiber, a special ventilation system, as well as a cover that will protect the fly from the invasion.

To start the process, you must first start the worms in a moistened block from coconut, and then throw waste there.


Another composter from TumbleWeed manufacturers. It is not too big, has only two tray. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous version.


Design made by American manufacturers. 5 trays are included in the kit, in which 5 kilograms of worms can be placed. In one day they can recycle 2-3 kilograms of waste. In addition to tray, there is also a briquette of coconut fiber, a thermometer, as well as a special ventilation cover.

Naturemill Pro HC52CA

The automatic composter of this brand has a high price, and is also very convenient in operation. Work comes from the network. It can fit to 7 kilograms of waste. Such a composter can process about 50 kilograms of waste per month.

SCD Probiotics K100

If the owners want to acquire the device a little easier, then they will fit the K100 composter. It is a design made in the form of a bucket, with a special crane for outdrawal fluid. In such a device can easily fit about 19 kilograms of waste. Recycling occurs as a result of a special organic substance “Sleeping”, which is included in the composter.

Mr. Eco

This device is a small basket, which can be attached to the door of the kitchen cabinet. To utilize waste, they must be initially turned into a paper towel or in the newspaper and only then throw it into the basket, srolling a hand. Garbage immediately falls into the bottom compartment. Included there are special biodegradable packages that not only eliminate the smell, but also greatly facilitate the washing of the composter. Full waste decomposition occurs within 1 month.

Tips for choosing

Decide on the choice of a composter is not so hard. Consider the most important factors. For example, For an apartment, a small model is suitable, which has a lid. But for dachas you can pick up something more interesting. If a person is not limited to means, then you can buy industrial composters that have very interesting forms. Some of them are made in the form of a stone, some in the form of a holloch. If the means are limited, then the composter can be made independently from the remedies. Those who want to get fertilizers quickly should turn their attention to the EM-Composter.

Recommendations for use

Almost all nutritional waste is a very valuable organic fertilizer. However, when hitting the landfills, they begin to rot, and then fall into groundwater. In addition, they allocate harmful landfill gas. That this does not happen, you can make a fertilizer at home with a composter. You can use such fertilizers in different ways. For example, you can cook a seaside soil. This requires only 100 grams of compost to dilute in 1 bucket of land. After that, this mixture must be recovered for 2 weeks, and then seed into it.

In addition, the compost can be added to the holes when planting potatoes. Enough to add one handful to each well. Also this fertilizer contributes to the rapid formation of humus.

Summing up, it can be said that home composters is an excellent remedy for the processing of unnecessary waste into the fertilizer needs. In addition, such a device will relieve a person from the need for daily garbage removal.

How to cook compost at home, look next.

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