All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

The original idea of ​​growing tomatoes was proposed by a scientist Igor Maslov for about four decades ago. He suggested a fundamentally new method for planting tomatoes, which began to use many farms and ordinary daches. For many years, the technique was tested in many climatic zones, and everywhere there is always a tomato demonstrated high yield.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

Features method

When creating a new cultivation method of Tomatoes, Igor Maslov proceeded from the fact that Tomato bushes in nature are treated with pops. They are not adapted to growing upright. For comparison, the cucumbers have special long mustache with which it clings to support. The tomatoes have no appropriate devices, because Vertical growth type for them is quite time consuming.

The root system of tomatoes is very weak, including it is precisely it directly affects the fruction of culture. Throughout the stalk of the tomato bush, small pyroids are located – this is the root root.

If the escape gets the opportunity to let the roots along the length of the green stem, then it will increase the volume of the root system in general several times. Accordingly, the fruits will receive more useful micro and macroelements, and the yield will be higher.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

As a result of these observations, Maslov offered to plant seedlings in the ground not in the vertical, but in the horizontal direction. In addition, the scientist found that it was desirable to distort the seedlings, so that she would grow more and was able to grow. The more the stalking part of the tomato bush – the better its rhizomes will be formed.

It is noteworthy that this technique eliminates parasification of plants – removal of lateral shoots growing under the lowest leaves. The scientist believed that these manipulations weaken the stems and thereby reduce the amount and quality of the crop. He proposed to take advantage of these processes to grow new additional bushes. To do this, they are thoroughly cleaned from foliage, pressed to the soil, they pinch and sprinkle with a substrate by 8-10 cm.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

Some time later, young leaves appear in the plot. And after 3-4 weeks, they form a new full-fledged bush, thus increasing the total yield of tomatoes.

That’s why It should be seeded at a distance of at least 1 m from each other. With such a scheme, tomatoes will have enough free space for full growth and development. In other words, Maslov technique helps the gardens to achieve savings on the landing material, which during growth will be repeatedly increased several times due to the cultivation of prohphs.

Method Maslova has its own explicit advantages:

  • increased yields of each bush 3-4 times;

  • Technique does not require any additional expenses;

  • saving the number of seedlings and sowing area;

  • Simplicity and accessibility for every vegetable.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

However, there are its costs:

  • To plan the tomato seedlings along the horizontal plane, you will need a lot of space on the plantation;

  • Fruits grow too close to the soil, if the harvest time is not timely, it will be amazed by fungal infections or ground insects.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

Suitable varieties

Most of the agrotechnic specialists advises to take only tall varieties for the cultivation of tomatoes on Maslov technique. This decision completely justifies itself on the gardens with a small area. However, when disembodied with low-speed varieties, the likelihood of the harvest from a square meter is high, it can be 60-70%.

Optimal for cultivation according to the Maslov method, several varieties are considered.

  • “Giant Maslova” – high-yielding average variety, ripening occurs between 110 to 130 days from the moment of germination of seedlings. Fruits juicy, fleshy, large, weighing up to 600 g. The bushes of this variety can reach 2 m in length, with the cultivation of the vertical plane typically use a small holder.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

Roots of this plant strong, powerful. Therefore, the plant requires fertile land. The greatest harvest can be collected on black soil with humus. At the initial stage of growing culture requires useful fertilizers.

  • “Pink giant” – Salad species with a medium ripening period. Its main advantage is the small volume of seeds or their absence. Fruits fleshy, round, weighing about 400-500 g. Have a good taste, during cutting almost do not allocate juice. The height of the bush is 1.5 m.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

  • “Giant” – Tall variety with a middle ripening period. Grows up to 1.8 m. Each shoot is formed up to 7-9 brushes, covered with fruits. Tomatoes are characterized by high taste characteristics, suitable for use in fresh form, as well as processing in ketchup and paste.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

  • “Russian Giant” – The main advantage of tomatoes of this variety is its massive fruits reaching 650 g. They are distinguished by persistence to cracking and good taste properties. This mid-spring variety grows up to 1.7 m.

Characterized by resistance to fungal diseases.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

How to prepare seeds?

When preparing seedlings to grow seedlings, the duration of summer in a particular climatic zone should be taken into account. If warm time lasts not long, then cook seeds should be preparing in winter so that over the summer tomatoes have time to grow and achieve technical ripeness. According to Maslov’s theory, from the time of planting seeds before the start of fruiting passes approximately 80-90 days.

Technique requires the most scrupulous selection of seed. For this, only the best tomatoes will suit. It is advisable to germinate as many sprouts as possible to choose from them the strongest plants. However, even in this case, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that the yield on different bushes will be different. But in any case, it will be much to exceed the number of tomatoes collected by the traditional method.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov


The planting technology of young seedlings on Maslov technique is almost no different from any other ways to plant tomato bushes. However, it should not be hurry to plant a plant in an outdoor ground. It should grow more than usual.

When planting seedlings, it is necessary to clean the garden from last year’s foliage and vegetable debris, form a groove and moisturize it with a large volume of water. At the same time, seedlings should be placed so that most of the stem is immersed in the ground. At the same time, the root of the tomato bush should be sent to the south. In this case, the top, facing the north, will begin to reach in the opposite direction during growth.

The seedlings are sprinkled so far so that the substrate layer is 9-10 cm, only 4-5 top leaves should be above the ground.

In the regions with a short summer duration, as well as in areas with an unstable climate, beds with tomatoes after planning should be insulated. To do this, you can organize a film greenhouse or lay out the straw.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov


Igor Maslov declared that The cultivation of tomatoes according to his technique does not need a special dive. Nevertheless, experienced gardeners noticed that the plant responds very well on this procedure – after her seedlings actively increasing the roots and very quickly. Therefore, nowadays, many experts advise to dive tomatoes grown by Maslov. During the growth of the bush, it is advisable to perform at least 3 pickles, it will allow the culture to form a strong root system. For this, all the lower sheets are cut off, blocking the stalk more and more.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov


Care of the Tomato bushes grown on Maslov technique almost no different from agricultural engineering of any other garden culture. It also requires watering, weeding, making fertilizers and tapping.


If, when planting seedlings to the wells, humid or manure was added, this will be enough for the full development of tomato bushes and the formation of fruits. If it was not done, as well as in cultivation on scanty soils, the plant will require additional feeding. The most first fertilizers make a couple of days after planning young plants. To do this, use a solution of a cowboard (1 to 10) or a bird litter (1 to 20).

In the future, 1 time in 10 days are performed by feeding seedlings ready-made complex mineral compositions.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov


Separate attention should be paid to the garter of tomato bushes. On the plants grown by Maslov, many fruits are formed, under their weight, the branches can break. To avoid it, along the beds stretch the wire, the rope or the fishing line and gently tune in to it stalks and borders. It is advisable to use a wide bandage for this, and rubber harness, gauze or any other not injured bush.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov


Rising tomato beds require regular watering. However, it should be remembered that the plant develops in a horizontal plane in close contact with the Earth. Therefore, it is important not to create excessive humidity, otherwise not to avoid the rotation process.

Arched irrigation technique has the greatest distribution of the gloomy. In this case, the grooves are formed on a small distance from the tomato bushes, the grooves are formed, water from time to time is produced.

This method prevents the formation of a puddle near the tomatoes and does not give soil around the bushes to be covered with solid crust. In this case, the volume of moisture should be moderate.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

It should be noted that The experienced gardens first with some distrust reacted to the new method of growing tomato culture recommended by Maslov. However, some risked to try it on their country areas, and remained very pleased, since the yield of each bush rose almost 3 times. This method of cultivation of vegetables requires early drying of seed material. Subsequently, this will help plants rather to root when moving into open soil and begin to start fruit.

For some time, the technique was undeservedly forgotten, but in our days they remembered again. Specialists assure that it allows the plant to develop powerful roots and ensure the growing fruits with a full set of nutrients. The method provides an increase in the crop, while the main methods of planting and plant care practically do not differ from standard agricultural equipment.

All about growing tomatoes in Maslov

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