All about Fungicide “Cabrio Top” for grapes

Any agronomist knows how important it is to properly care for garden crops and protect them from various diseases. And if you like to grow grapes, or just started doing this, you need to learn more detailed information about such a useful tool as “Cabrio Top”. This is a fungicidal drug that has a number of benefits, it is important to understand how it works, and know about the intricacies of application.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fungicide “Cabrio Top” is quite popular among agronomists who are engaged in grape growing. This drug has a number of advantages with which. In the agricultural industry it is impossible to do without drugs for plants, since improper conditions may harm that negatively affects the crop. Farm farms with vineyards do not cost without a variety of funds that need to process the soil and landing. The main task of the fungicide is to protect the plant from the fungal disease, which can manifest itself in different ways. And if you first encountered this drug, first need to learn all its pros and cons, so as not to harm the future crop.

The next advantages of the use of this solution can be attributed to the following. The tool allows to efficiently get rid of Oidium and Mildew.

The drug is universal by its application, and if there is a risk of a large infectious load, it is impossible to do without it. For wine-making, which are part-time and beekeepers, “Cabrio Top” is an excellent option, since fungicide protects plants, and at the same time does not represent danger to insects. A big plus is good solubility, Prepare a means for processing is quite simple. In addition to the protective effect, the substance contributes to the growth of plants, it quickly affects the pathogenic microorganisms, so the result can be seen soon. The drug passes numerous tests during which its useful properties were proved.

Of course, as we are talking about a chemical, he can not have no minuses.

First of all, it is a toxic agent that can harm human health, so it is important to protect the skin and mucous membranes while working with it, so as not to face negative consequences. There are some grapes that do not perceive this fungicide, so it will take testing to avoid crop death. If there are burns burns on the bushes, “Cabrio Top” in this case does not fit. The limited application of this drug makes it not suitable for many plants. It is extremely important to study the characteristics of grapes, check compatibility, and only then use the means fully. Many surprises the high cost, despite this, the drug is still one of the most sought-after, besides Among similar fungicides, he is the most stronger.

Composition and form of release

Before use, it is necessary to find out the features of the fungicide, which consists of two active ingredients. Prakracostrobin acts first, which is able to deeply penetrate the plant to protect the landing from the fungal disease from the inside. Thanks to this element, pathogenic processes will be blocked, so the infection will not be able to penetrate, and just stop. The second component is a methram, which protects grapes outside, which is also necessary for a rich harvest.

During the spraying, he falls on the leaves, creating a film that does not allow the formation of other disputes on the surface.

It should be noted that The big advantage of the drug is its ability to accumulate on the plant and at the same time maintain its properties. This means that even with significant precipitation, grapes will be protected, and the substance will remain on the leaves due to moisture, which will release the active elements, and they will again cover the surface. The tool may be offered in small bags with a capacity of 20 g, but if you need to process a huge plot, you can take a plastic flask with 1 kg of fungicide.

Instructions for use

Any farmer dreams of a rich yield of delicious, sweet grapes, from which you can make juice and other drinks. Therefore, without a fungicide in the work, it is not necessary, but it is important to know the subtleties of the use of this drug. If you are a novice in this industry, read the recommendations of specialists and clearly follow the instructions to achieve a positive result. Processing landing is needed in compliance with all conditions. As mentioned above, “Cabrio Top” can not always go under all types of grapes, so it is necessary to process a small bush. Since this is an excellent prophylactic agent, it should be used During the flowering period, until the fruits are formed.

The drug has a protective property for two weeks, but its application must be stopped a month before harvesting.

First you need to prepare a solution. If you use a small bag, the contents need to be poured into the container with 10 liters of water. The first processing is carried out with a prophylactic purpose, spraying all the plant. If you found signs of fungal infection, you need to repeat the procedure again. For the season, it is enough to make 3-4 processing. If in the first two times you did not see the desired result, experts recommend choosing a drug with opposite effect. It is important to note that “Cabrio Top” can be used only 2 years, after which the tool is better to change to a similar. The reason is that pathogens are able to get used to the components, they become resistant to them.

Any fungicides are toxic, so it is necessary to breed them either on the street or in a well-ventilated room so as not to harm your own health. Processing should be carried out in personal protective equipment – gloves and glasses, it is important to close all areas of the skin. Do not forget about the respirator that protects the breathing authorities. If for some reason the drug got into the eyes, you need to rinse them with a large number of running water. Split the solution is needed throughout the day after preparation, after which the remnants utilize.

Review reviews

Beginner grapes need to study all useful information that will help achieve positive results and a rich harvest. And to make sure the effectiveness of Cabrio Top is enough to get acquainted with the opinion of those who have already experienced the drug. Many agronomists argue that The tool perfectly copes with its task, it is easily dissolved in water, quickly acts on fungal lesions and protects plants even in a rain period. So you can say with confidence that This fungicide will become an excellent choice for landing.

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