All about fruiting cherry

Cherry is a very popular tree, especially in southern regions, so it can be found in almost every garden. Especially since the care is not so complicated as the same peach or apricot. But these trees planted on areas primarily due to large sweet berries. So, going to buy seedlings, it is worth learn everything about the fruiting of sweet cherries.

From which factors depends?

Cherry although it is considered to be a tree southern, but gardeners from other regions try to do everything so that this wonderful tree has taken root on the site and felt comfortable. The final purpose of the cherry content is to obtain a crop, and therefore its fruiting is the main question that should be paid attention. Consider the factors that can affect fruiting.

  • Climate. The main habitat of cherry in our country – south, and it is no coincidence. For the right development and good fruiting wood need the sun, heat, it can only transfer warm and soft winters. Of course, gardeners are experimenting in the Moscow region, and in the middle lane of Russia, but for the maintenance of trees will have to be expensive, and the care will be more voluminous.

  • Variety. Very much depends on the selected variety, they differ in quantity, size, painting fruit. At the same time there are early varieties, medium and late. Early ripen already in the late spring – early summer, the average can please the berries in July, and the Late will give a harvest in August. That is, to get a crop all summer, you can land on a plot of different varieties, and enjoy delicious fruits all season.

  • The right choice of place. Cherry loves open sunny sites, loose fertile soil. Surface Surface of Underwater Waters is not suitable. Nearby should not grow large trees that can shade a cherry and select nutrients due to a powerful root system.

  • Quality care. Cherry, like other trees, requires timely feeding, protection against pests, sufficient moisture, if no rain. All these measures in aggregate contribute to the receipt of a good crop.

  • Age. The crop of young trees will be different from those who have already taken a guilty age, like the very first harvest from the following.

What year the tree begins to be fron?

After planting seedlings there will be a considerable time, before you can see the first berries on the tree. Need to carefully care for plants, the first 2-3 years most complex. It is necessary to carefully examine the tree for the occurrence of various diseases and the appearance of pests, fertilize, water, carrying out.

All this can affect the future fruit. First bloom occurs only on the fourth year of the tree of wood. At this time, the tree gives only a small amount of flowers.

Wounds can form, and subsequently berries, and can simply blow away without the appearance of fruits. For the first time it is considered normal.

For the fifth year, you can already wait for more active flowering and the first, albeit small, harvest. Already for 6-7 years you can collect quite a decent harvest.

But there are such varieties that may first be bloated for the third year, and there are also such that the first harvest will only be given at a seven age.

Cherries grow from 4 to 10 meters, they are attributed to long-livers. And with good care, you can expect that the tree will live more than 50 years. Berries can be red, pink, burgundy, yellow colors. It depends on the grade of cherry.

Why there are no fruit and what to do?

Often, gardeners face such a problem when the cherry does not bloom, although it has already stepped out for this, or the flowers are formed, and there are no fruits. This problem needs to be solved, but before you need to find reasons.

They may be as follows:

  • The grade belongs to the fact that they begin to be fron down late;

  • The tree is still young and has not reached the pores of fruiting;

  • Cherry is very honorable age;

  • The tree overcame pests that are not allowed to develop correctly;

  • damage to fungal infections;

  • The landing place is chosen unsuccessfully, does not meet the parameters that are required for cherry;

  • Wrong planting process;

  • climate, inappropriate for the development of cherry;

  • incorrect or irregular care;

  • Unsuitable soil, for example, too acid.

What actions to do will depend on what causes the lack of fruits. The thermal-loving plant is more comfortable feeling in the south. But this does not mean that other regions can forget about trying to grow this beautiful tree. Breeders constantly work and create new winter-hardy varieties that allow you to get a crop and in colder regions, for example, in the Urals and even in Siberia. To such varieties can be attributed “Tyutchevka”, “Iput”, “Rene”, “lead”, “Bryanochka”.

When buying a seedliness, you must definitely clarify the features of the variety, because some fruits appear only on the seventh year of life. To get comprehensive and faithful information, as well as buy a healthy seedling, acquire cherries follows in a specialized nursery.

This will serve as a guarantee that the tree will be exactly the grade about which they told, and will delight with time a rich harvest.

Incorrect selection of space, too, can strongly affect fruiting. If it is obvious that the tree feels bad, you can fix the situation and transplant it to a new place – well lit, with fertile soil. But it should be remembered that than an adult sapling, the more difficult it is to transplanses it, and the greater the risk that he does not fit. All manipulations with a transfer must be made before the start of the Softness.

Landing errors are also fraught with serious problems. It should be borne in mind that when landing the roots should be well stripped, the earth is not clay, and it is impossible to plunge the root neck.

If the soil is acidic, the tree can not give colors for a long time. To correct the situation, you need to step up the earth in the rolling circle, adding ash or haired lime to it. You can learn about acidity with the help of special test strips that are sold in garden stores.

Provided that the flowers appeared, and there was no berries, it is worth considering such reasons:

  • Protective cold spring with return freezers;

  • insufficient amount of mineral substances;

  • lack of pollinators (insects or suitable trees);

  • Wrong “neighbors”.

To avoid these problems, it is worth making all the fertilizers, the necessary cherry: nitrogen, phosphoric, potash.

A very important point is the prevention of fungal diseases, and for this you will definitely need to handle a burgundy fluid. To combat pests use different means, for example, “Fufanon” or “Inta-Vir”.

As for neighboring trees, it should be carefully approaching their choice. For example, it is categorically not suitable as a sophisticated walnut with its powerful root system and an empty crown. Capricious peach and apricot – also inappropriate options. Optimal will be the neighborhood of sweets of other varieties or cherries.

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