All about cropping raspberry in spring

Malina refers to the category of two-year plants. In the first year of life on the bushes, shoots are actively forming, which will be fruit in the next year. After that, they are subject to removal. It is worth noting that the pruning of old raspberry branches can be carried out as fall and spring. Taking into account the importance of thinning bushes, many novice gardeners seek to learn everything about a similar procedure. Special attention is paid to sanitary trimming, as well as pinching of the tops of ordinary and black raspberries after the winter. The main thing is to know when exactly and how to do it right.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Why need a procedure?

It is no secret that the completeness and quality of the implementation of the spring complex of work will directly determine the yield of grown bushes. It is for this reason that it is important to explore all the features of such a component of the care of raspberries as its pruning in spring. From how timely and correctly will be able to proper plants, the quality and volume of the future harvest depends.

On the one hand, many newcomers are mistaken, considering that the more shoots, the higher the yield will be.

In practice, things are different, because often even from the most compact, but competently treated bush, it turns out to collect a record number of large berries. At the same time, it will not be enough to dry the raspberry. By the way, such an irresponsible approach may have extremely negative consequences.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

The main objectives of the spring trimming of raspberry bushes.

  1. The optimal distribution of nutrients for their concentration is on fruiting. It is no secret that weakened and young branches take a significant part of energy and moisture.

  2. Providing maximum comfort when caring for Malinnik. It is indisputable to the fact that handling thick thickets are much more complicated than neat, shit and tied bushes.

  3. Creating comfortable conditions for harvesting as it matures. It is including the search for berries, which on the treated plants is much more noticeable.

  4. Maximum increase in yield. Everyone saved by removing extra shoots and branches Nutrients are sent to fruiting.

  5. Improving the appearance, size and flavoring qualities of the berries themselves. This is primarily due to sufficient lighting, the amount of moisture and nutrition.

  6. Minimizing the risks of the occurrence and development of plant diseases. It is no secret that fungus and viruses are actively spreading in dense shrubs, while hitting the maximum bushes in record time. This contributes to the constant and close contact of shoots, as well as poor air access and low ventilability of such thickets.

  7. Significant reducing pest populations in Maliniki. Sleeping facilitates sanitary processing, and also prevents the creation of conditions favorable for insect.

  8. Security Effective lighting of plants and developing fruits as well ventilation.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

During the early spring cropping of raspberries, it is necessary to save bushes from the following branches:

  • old who will no longer be fruitful;

  • damaged;

  • infected with diseases and pests;

  • weak and excessively thin;

  • frozen winter;

  • Young, forming on the root system of the plant.

In the process of thinning the Malinnik, only the strongest and fully healthy shoots should be left. Otherwise you should not count on a rich and high-quality harvest.

All about cropping raspberry in spring


The described procedure should be carried out in a timely manner. As practice shows, Even minor at first glance, deviations from the optimal deadlines are negatively reflected in the yields of the bushes.

It is worth noting that the trimming time is determined by the region and its climatic features. Predictably begin to process plants in southern regions.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Approximate deadlines, within the framework of which pruning in the regions of the Russian Federation, look like this:

  • Krasnodar Territory and other southern regions – the beginning of April (with favorable conditions possible since the end of March);

  • Medium strip including Moscow region, – the end of April;

  • Ural – beginning of May;

  • Far East and Siberia – Mid May.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Another determining factor is the current weather conditions. It is important to remember that if the column of the thermometer does not rise above the zero, then it is impossible to carry out malinniks. All the necessary work is carried out after the sludge will begin, until the emergence of new shoots. Extremely undesirable to tighten with thinning to the active stage of vegetation. In such cases, raspberries are much painful to transfers the branch separation, and the sections of the sections are healing longer, which increases the risk of infection.

Another landmark is a lunar calendar popular with modern gardeners and gardens.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

It is worth noting that they have long appreciated the significance of the phases of this celestial body in terms of the care of plants of different types. Based on this, many prefer to pruning raspberry bushes on the following days:

  • April – 6, 11, 12, 18, as well as 19 and from 24 to 30 inclusive;

  • May – 2, 7, 12, 17 and 20, as well as from 25 to 28 inclusive, 30 and 31.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

As a long-term practice shows, plant treatment is precisely for these dates to eliminate painful reactions to trimming. In parallel, the growing process is activated, and the “sleeping” kidneys are awakening faster. In accordance with the same calendar, it is not recommended to cut raspberries:

  • 3, 4, 15, 17, as well as on April 20 and 22;

  • 1, 13 and 14, as well as 18, 19 and 29 May.

It is worth noting that In the listed days, in general, it is undesirable to perform any work, one way or another related to the departure of plants. It is believed that this can provoke a significant slowdown in growth and reduction in yield.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Required Tools and Rules Pruning

The procedure described provides for a certain inventory. Its list is the most simple as possible and includes:

  • Knife garden;

  • suchkoreau;

  • secator;

  • gloves.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

All about cropping raspberry in spring

It is important that all the tools used have a good and correct sharpening. In parallel, the attention should be paid to disinfection. The thick and strong branches are removed using suchkoresis.

If it is most likely to use a secret, then, most likely, the location of the cut will be uneven and split, which will lead to a long healing and increase the risk of penetration fungus.

Garden knife is designed to remove the tops of the shoots.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

The basic rules of trimming include several important items.

  1. The main factor in determining the number of escapes left is the method of growing raspberry. With trench and bush versions, this indicator is 10 and 5-6 branches, respectively.

  2. It is necessary to take into account the air temperature, and most importantly, The probability of so-called return freezers.

  3. Necessarily required Follow the recommended work time.

Subject to elementary rules relating to the instrument used, rich harvest and outstanding taste of berries are guaranteed.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Crimping schemes

Taking into account the time of work and their goals, you can highlight several ways to trim the raspberries in springtime. It is worth noting that one of the ways of forming bushes and increasing their fertility is pinning. This procedure comes down to the fact that the bunker’s top pin is pinching that it becomes caused by branching. Such operations are carried out from May to the end of the first month of summer.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing attention to the processing of tree-like (stammer) raspberry. Unlike the overwhelming majority of ordinary varieties, this species has very strong and well-developed branches. As a result, such bushes are outwardly similar to small trees.

In improper care, such Malinnikov turn into a miniature wild forest, which is unlikely to give a normal harvest.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Avoid problems will help timely and properly performed trimming. First of all, attention should be paid to old branches that are no longer fruit. Often, tree varieties are cut into two approaches. The first time unnecessary shoots are removed from the end of May to the beginning of June, when the height of the bushes reaches the mark of 1 m, as a result, by the end of the summer there are about 5 lateral processes.

The second time the trimming is done for the next year from the middle to the end of May, and shorten the shoots of approximately 10 cm. It is important to remember that the stramb varieties are unpretentious, and care for them does not require significant time. Taking into account such features It is a tree Malina that uses record-wide popularity at gardeners.

All about cropping raspberry in spring


This method of trimming is most relevant if the main goal of the whole procedure is to extend the fertility period. The main distinguishing feature of the technique – the formation of 4 groups of shoots. The trimmed itself is as follows:

  1. The highest branches must be cut from above about 10-15 cm;

  2. The second in height of the group is shortened by 30 cm (often by a third);

  3. The following branches are cut by half (approximately 70 cm);

  4. The fourth escape group is cut up to 5 cm.

As a result of similar processing of bushes, the highest branches will be fron by the first.

In this case, flowering and fruit formation will be distributed to the following groups.

The last harvest will bring the lower “hemp” closer to August.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Double trimming in Sobolev

In practice, this technique has established itself exclusively on the positive side. With such a trimming, a multiple quality improvement is recorded and an increase in the crop volume. Often the bushes fruit twice per season. The main distinguishing feature at the same time – the phased conduct of the procedure with clear observance of the deadlines for each stage. Consider the order of action.

  1. In the period from the end of May at the beginning of June, young branches pinch or trimmed on a meter height, which provokes the awakening of the “sleeping” kidneys and their active vegetation.

  2. With the arrival of the next season, the formed branches must be shortened by 10-15 cm.

It is important to take into account that as a result of such manipulations, the branching of bushes is significantly increased.

At the same time, all new shoots will be similar to individual trees and literally covered with flowers.

In accordance with the rules of double trimming Leave no more than 5 strong processes.

All about cropping raspberry in spring


This type of treatment of raspberry bushes is mandatory at the stage, when the kidney swell or already begins to bloom. The essence of the pruning procedure in this case is to remove damaged and frozen branches for the winter. In parallel, it is necessary to get rid of all weak and thin shoots. As a result of manipulations, it is possible to redirect the entire flow of nutrients and the energy of the plant. They are not focused on the growing season and restoring the injured branches, but on the formation and ripening of good harvest.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

For repairing varieties

It is important to consider that such raspberry varieties are distinguished by the ability to fruiting both young and old shoots. Given this feature, pruning is produced in two ways.

  1. To obtain one abundant harvest, the processing of removable plants starts with trimming of branches located near the earth itself. Do it with the onset of the first frosts. In the spring it will take to condte the young piglery, leaving some of the most strong copies. This method is more relevant to the northern regions.

  2. If it is necessary to stretch the period of fruiting, i.e. to remove two harvest, then remove exceptionally old (two-year) shoots. At the same time, the first berries mature on last year’s branches in the first half of summer. The second harvest can be removed from young shoots in the fall. Naturally, twice for the year of raspberries will be fruitful only in warm climates.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

It is worth noting that, Regardless of conditions, repairing varieties are distinguished by abundant fruiting. The plant will give all the strength on the aging harvest, which provides for the care of the bushes throughout the season.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Subsequent care

Proper concern for raspberry bushes After their trimming is no less important than the procedure itself. It is important to remember that the plants are especially vulnerable immediately after removing unnecessary shoots.

And first of all it is worth emphasizing attention on the feeding. As already noted, after trimming, nutrients are sent to the development of fruiting branches.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

In this case, the number of bandages will be predictable, and parallel and the load on the bush. Relevant to feed Malinnik there will be a body, namely:

  • humus;

  • oola wood;

  • plant residues;

  • peat;

  • Lenhing sawdust.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

All about cropping raspberry in spring

If the raspberry is grown on sandy soil, then mineral additives are also recommended. The soil before making fertilizers must be moistened, and they themselves should be evenly distributed under the bushes with a small blowout in the soil.

The next important point is a competent garter of shit and cut off the shoots. They are fixed by a beam or by a fan way to a horizontally positioned solar support. Properly made garter significantly facilitates the care of bushes, and also provides uniform ventilation. It is also important to remember that In the process of ripening the crop fruiting branches can fall to the ground under the weight of berries.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

In such situations, the fruits will be packed after the rain, as well as to be attacked by ants and other insects.

In addition to the above, one should not forget about such an important component of the care of Malinnik, as plant treatment. In the spring, they are especially vulnerable to diseases and pests. An effective means of protection in this case will be a burglar liquid, the recommended concentration of which in the spray solution is indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Usually, For sanitary processing of landings, it is enough 1%, but in situations with sleeping plants, applications and more saturated solutions are permissible. The first spraying is made as soon as snow comes down and stable heat will be established. Re-processing is carried out immediately after trimming.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Useful recommendations

In principle, Malina refers to the category of unpretentious plants. However, it requires a certain care, from which yield will be directly dependent. To make the proper trimming of bushes, you need to remember the important points.

  1. Do not regret shoots, because the more they will be, the more hopefully the harvest may be.

  2. Dry branches are cut at the ground level, that is, under the root, without leaving hemp.

  3. Removal of shoots and their trimming should be carried out with maximum caution.

  4. It is required to exclude damage to the kidneys and the adjacent branches themselves.

  5. It is necessary to strictly comply with the specific scheme and timing.

  6. Cropped green shoots can be a good planting material.

  7. One of the most dangerous enemies of a good crop are thick Malinniki. Due to lack of nutrition, moisture, light and injection, berries will inevitably begin to fine, and the bushes themselves.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Taking into account the fact that trimming, among other things, aims to update bushes and their improvement, this procedure cannot be ignored. And this is not to mention an effective increase in yield.

Unfortunately, sometimes even experienced gardeners and gardeners make certain errors when performing relevant work.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

The most common incorrect actions include the following points.

  • Often the hand does not rise to a strong and well-developing pig. At the same time, it is mistaken to assume that its removal will negatively affect the crop.

  • Extra shoots remove superficial. Often, novice gardeners cut only the outer part of the bushes, getting rid of an extreme young row. The branches remaining inside the Malinnik lead to its urgent. As a result, fruiting deteriorates, and the risk of developing diseases increases.

  • When thinning, weave the branches that are capable of becoming The reason for the spread of infections.

  • Damage to the kidneys due to inept actions and hurry during trimming lead to extremely negative consequences. Avoid this allows compliance with schemes and basic rules. It is important to remember that you first remove the largest shoots, and then minor processes.

  • Often, gardeners are just shortening shoots and remove dried branches. In practice, such sanitary treatment of plants is not enough. Do not forget about the need for the correct formation of raspberry bushes.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

Summing up, it is necessary to recall once again that, Despite the unpretentiousness of the raspberry, it requires competent care. Proper and on time, the pruning will allow you to grow large berries with a good taste. In parallel, comfortable conditions for the care of the bushes will be provided.

All about cropping raspberry in spring

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