After how many days will the zucchini ride and why they did not go?

Zucchini – popular among summer residents and gardening culture. This vegetable can be touched by the whole season, and with a good crop also to make a blank for winter. But what if the zucchini seeds did not go? On the reasons for the low germination of this culture and the measures taken to save the crop and will be discussed in our article.


Zucchini can land in different ways: seedroom home or seeds immediately in open ground. Need to take into account the features of the climate and how fast you want to get a crop. For example, if there is a desire to be more likely to eat vegetable (at the end of June or early July), it is better to drink seeds to seedlings at home. By timing it is worth choosing the last decade of April.

To do this, form deep cups: so the root system will be able for good growth and is adapted faster in open soil. It is better that the packaging was from the peat, which is perfectly decomposed in the ground and immediately feeds the soil after landing.

It is possible as containers for the extension of zucchini seeds on the windowsill, use and kules from the newspaper: with this package you can also immediately plant seedlings in open ground. Seeds planted in this way will give shoots 4-5 days, but provided that they were not dry, but pre-closed.

To quickly appear sprout, seeds are soaked in different ways.

  • Place seed material in cotton or linen bag, moisturize it and leave in the container for a day or two.
  • Place seeds in wet sawdust. After 3-4 days, the processes appear.
  • Germinate zucchini seed and in hydrogel. On the second day you can see the roots.
  • Wet nodes with seeds can be buried in a dung or compost bunch to a depth of 15 cm and leave for 6-8 hours, and after planting them in bed. This method looks not too aesthetically, but the zucchini rose quite quickly.

The method of soaking does not have to wait long to wait for the sprouts, they appear on average after 2-4 days, both in the open soil and at home. However, dry seeds can also be planted, and even immediately in the ground, but the deadlines, naturally, will move, the time for their germination will be required longer.

In general, Zucchini belongs to those vegetables that quickly germinate, it is important only to comply with the conditions and especially the temperature regime. The plant loves heat, so seedlings, for example, planted in the ground when on the street It is consistent with warm weather, and at night the temperature is not less than 12-15 degrees with a plus. It may be the very end of May, but in most cases – June.

If the seeds passed preliminary training, on 5 days after landing, a friendly shoots should appear on the garden. If the conditions for germination of zucchini are not too perfect, then wait for the sprouts in a week or a little longer. But if after 10 days you did not wait for germs, then do not wait and take measures to transplant the culture, otherwise you risk staying without your favorite vegetable.

Now analyze, because of which the seeds did not go, and when crossing, consider all the factors that could lead to such a result.

Influencing factors

For the germination of a zucchini seed, many moments affect. Consider the main reasons that may lead to a negative result.

  • Too high humidity in the soil. In such a medium, seeds can do or freeze, not putting the roots.
  • Cold Earth. If the temperature in bed is below 20 degrees, the seed will arise longer or will disappear.
  • Non-quality grains. Usually those who fabricate seeds must conduct testing for germination and guarantee quality (according to Gosstandart). But it does not always happen, and therefore it is better to buy seeds from proven implementers.
  • If you planted seeds, prepared independently, and they were from a hybrid, then such copies will never be proceeding, whatever conditions you would create.

And you could disrupt the rules for the storage or collection of seeds, if you decide to prepare the material to land. Recall that you planted: hybrid variety or ordinary original. In the first case, do not try to collect seeds, and in the second, leave the most beautiful vegetable to full aging on the garden. Then clean, highlight the seeds and decompose on the newspaper or clean tissue (you can not rinse them).

When seeds are dried, you need to collect them in a paper bag or a linen bag and store in the room. Remember that too old or too young seeds will give a bad percentage of germination. The structure of the zucchini seed affects the structure of the soil, and the depth of planting. In the light loose soil, the seeds are deepened by 5-6 centimeters, but in a heavy clay structure it is better to put it on a depth of 4, and even 3 centimeters.

Deeply planted seed zucchini will germinate for a long time, maybe not at all. It is also necessary to take into account.

What to do if there are no germs?

If the zucchini did not get into the open ground, obviously, there was too early. This often happens when the seeding time and temperature regime is not respected. Create zucchinic beds film shelter, at night heating the greenhouse with warmth, which can come from hot water bottles. The same greenhouse conditions create containers with seeds lined with seedlings. Sometimes it is enough to move the cups closer to batteries or another source of heat. If after sowing it took 8-10 days, and you noticed that the seeds were badly crushed, you need to take measures to cross the culture.

As a rule, time for placing is enough: Preparation of a new party will take a maximum of 1-2 days. If you are not sure in the same seed material, it is better to repeat it not to use. And for sure to get shoots and have a crop, start with the cultivation of seedlings. In the end, if nothing came out with her (which is extremely rare), then you will have a time ago for the seed landing in the soil. But growing sprouts at home is much easier by controlling climatic factors and creating the necessary conditions for the development of seedlings.

Saplings usually grow in a home or greenhouse within a month, before they fix it and acquire 3-4 leaves. In this form, they are ready for landing on open areas. If still, the seeds did not sprout in the garden, the situation is to be analyzed. Perhaps the soil did not receive due nutrition before planting, so seeds did not have enough nutrient elements to go into growth. Or in this area last year you have already raised zucchini. The fact is that the plants of the Pumpkin family do not like the same place.

Combustion of crop rotation – one of the main rules of growing zucchini. Better to plant them after tomatoes, onions, potatoes. It is desirable that the plot is open to sunlight and good fertilized. You can block the zucchini seeds right into the compost pile: it’s just an ideal place for pumpkin, especially if a bunch is located near the fence. Often the correction of these moments gives a positive result.

Experienced gardener always miscalculate everything, but the beginning has to learn by samples and errors. But in no case do not despair and abandon growing your favorite culture.

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