White writing tables

None dwelling without a written table. Furniture functional element is the key part of the situation, sometimes asking it the necessary atmosphere. Today, the focus of white written tables: they stand out against the background of color analogs, have a number of features and advantages.

Pros and cons

White writing tables – the original solution in which beauty and functionality are combined. Such a designer reception allows you to radically change the aesthetic perception of the room, having endowed it with light and special status.

In addition to pleasant external data hinting at the welfare of the home owner, white writing tables:

  • zonate workplace, clearly denoting its borders;
  • Each object will focus on the surface of the table top, so it will not work to lose the desired thing during operation;
  • recognized as comfortable furniture, in most cases, equipped with excellent functionality;
  • are a rational organizer that accommodate all the necessary objects separately in a special, user-friendly system;
  • Consider a bunch of individual objects of the situation.

White tables – bold styled accents, their features are folded from strong and weak nuances.

White writing tables possess a number of advantages. They are:

  • can be made of material of different origin, including natural, artificial raw materials and their combination;
  • Depending on the type of material and method of production, differ in the texture of the surface and the degree of solidity, so they can pull out the different situation to the desired level;
  • There are a large range of output models of different degrees of complexity of structures and functional, allowing you to successfully combine with different interior compositions;
  • Based on the features and safety of the design, can be bought for adults and schoolchildren;

  • Due to the shade, the space of the room is visually changing, hanging it out by space;
  • differ in variety of size rows and forms, which makes a convenient location in standard rooms and facilities of non-standard type;
  • are an independent workspace or an integral part of the ensemble separating the working area from the rest of the premises;
  • Stripping from the complexity of the design, the presence of additional blocks, the prices of the components are distinguished by the cost, so that you can always find the optimal option, taking into account your own preferences and the available budget.

In general, almost any writing desk of white color can be a good solution to the room stylistics. It can be located near the wall, to build in it or put in the center of the room. Often the design implies special placement near the rack. However, with a mass of advantages, not every model is worthy of purchase. This is due to negative nuances of this furniture.

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White color looks elitely, but it is quite demanding for care. Anyone is visible on it, even the slightest pollution. The problem is that it is not always possible to remove stains, accidentally falling on the surface. Not every tool can remove them without damaging the texture.

Sometimes after cleaning with chemicals, traces of losses remain, paint is erased, yellow appears. Especially well noticeable on the surface of the white table Mechanical damage: scratches, cracks, chips are filled with dust, which deprives the furniture premium.

In addition, there are other nuances:

  • due to the shade operation of furniture should be careful;
  • By itself, the table without support for the shade looks apart;
  • Care of this product is more regular and particularly delicate;
  • Such a table is not always combined with another color furniture;
  • It does not look solid in budget models, so simplifies the situation;
  • High-quality product is expensive.


The furniture industry does not stand still: a wide range of models is presented on the market, which can be divided into two groups:

  • Standard:
  • non-standard.

The first line is classic varieties, the basis of which is strict functionality. They look familitably, have a free central part and busy sidebars or shelves. Furniture of the second group is more creative and is an accent of the room pointing to the taste of the user. It is unique externally, can resemble dual tables with a variety of shelves and racks.

By type of building, white written tables are:

  • linear;
  • corner;
  • P-shaped.

The first models are straight-type designs. In difficulty, they can be in the form of one tabletop, mounted in the wall, or being a classic, be a narrow model of a written table or construction on carved legs.

The second varieties are solid or modular. Depending on the model, the angle may be located with any of the sides of the base.

Angular or P-shaped written table can be on legs, in the form of tabletops located on each other. Options Weight: it all depends on the design and the required functional.

Additional elements

Functional table diverse. Some products are a tabletop on legs that do not have drawers, other models with a rack, in addition to the built-in boxes, are equipped with additional modules and couches.

The main additions of functional include:

  • superstructure;
  • drawers;
  • lockers;
  • roll-up shelves;
  • compartments for computer equipment;
  • Stellagi.


The parameters of modern written tables are far from the usual standards. In the context of tough competition, trademarks offer different solutions that are not subject to any generally accepted standards. If the product is produced by large batches, it becomes standard itself.

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Conditionally all tables can be divided into three categories, the model can be:

  • small, with dimensions 60×100, 80×110 cm;
  • medium size, with parameters 90×120, 90×130 cm;
  • big, with lengths of more than 140 cm.

At the same time diverse and shape of the table. It is narrow, wide, in the form of half a hex man, similar to the letter S or resembling a coil. Some length models occupy the entire wall. Other designs, in addition to the table, are complemented by a table or rack of similar style and color.


In the manufacture of this furniture use different raw materials.

The most valuable is wood (oak, pine, beech, birch). Wooden array ensures reliability of structures, after painting it looks solid.

The disadvantage of models is the fact that the shade cannot be aligned perfectly, so on the background of other analogues, the color is somewhat losing. In addition, wood tables are expensive and need combinations with other furniture of similar material and color.

In addition to wood, good raw materials for the production of white written tables are MDF and DPP, representing wood processing products. The weight of materials is lighter than the wooden analogue, such a surface can be treated with different methods, so the color shade is flawless.

Interesting and texture that can be matte, glossy, lacquered. In one case, the surface is covered with a film, in the other are laminated, in the third – coated with a rack enamel.

Often, the developments use glass and plastic. Furniture decorated with glass inserts, looks easily and adds to air space. Plastic makes a little simplifies appearance. In addition, it is unreliable and with substantial mechanical exposure can be broken from the main part.

If the plastic inserts are located near the heating devices, it can highlight harmful substances into the air.


White writing desk can successfully join different stylistics. However, he is not under the power of gross design ideas, such as loft. The shade itself has to stylish and elevated: in priority, classic and modern directions, not accelerating chaos.

Everything should obey harmony, otherwise, instead of a stylish accent, a feeling of disorder will be created. The purity of the shade, its combination with decoration and objects of the situation allow you to decorate different design ideas, for example:

  • classic;
  • Provence;
  • Modern;

  • minimalism;
  • vintage;
  • Biedermeyer;

  • Brutalism;
  • baroque;
  • Bionics;
  • constructivism.

The list can be extended: the relevance of the combination depends on the skill of the designer, the feelings of the taste of the home. The fact of the habit is important: the functionality is one important, others cannot without the surroundings of themselves as stylish creative things.

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Designer solution – the basis of the appearance of white tables.

The most interesting variants of stylistics worthy of attention include:

  • Stylish Linear Plan Line Plan Table with Side Side and Cabinet with Running Shelves on the other;
  • lacquered black and white version with a long table top;
  • Matte-built table with a small superstructure and shelves;
  • Combination of a white table with a light oak trim;
  • Classic lacquer table with a combination in the form of a lacquered chair;
  • Corner model with a concave center with long sides, equipped with shelves and drawers.

How to choose?

The choice of this furniture is easy: it is important to enter it into the existing interior and combine in color.

For the harmony of a white written table with an existing situation, it is worth considering several nuances:

  • The color must be repeated in other elements (walls, chandeliers design, table lamp);
  • No sudden contrasts: it is better to buy a model with a trim of light Sonoma, than to enter sharp contrasts with red or orange in the design;
  • An ideal method of harmonious combination is finishing: fine, if the table and other furniture it will be identical;
  • Do not focus on plastic, it is better to purchase a table from MDF or wood.

Before buying, it is important to learn the reputation of the seller: the decent companies certify their goods, providing it with instructions for assembly and care rules. At the time of purchase it is important to pay attention to the shade of details if the product is disassembled: the colors may differ that it is unacceptable. This fact is explained by the order by the seller of individual parts of the assembly, which he collects in a solid kit.

Beautiful interiors

See the beauty of the white written table in the interior will help examples of experienced designers:

  • The dresser table with additional drawers on the surface with the bronze trim of the handles is harmoniously fit into the design, if it is highlighted by flooring and wood chairs.
  • The angular model with a concave center, black decoration and four spacious boxes will decorate the room if it is supplemented with a chair in a similar design and texture.
  • A small white table of a simple design with a minimum shelves will decorate a children’s corner, if it is supplemented with a white chair made in the minimalism style, and will be decorated with bright elements of the setting.
  • The model in the form of a stand and located perpendicular to it of curved countertops with a glossy surface ideal for the room in beige colors, having a brown chair support and paintings in a gilded frame.

Overview of written tables – in the next video.

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