White kitchen table: types and examples in the interior

Many will agree with the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the house, apartments. It is there that most families spend a lion’s amount of time, especially women. The kitchen is always connected with pleasant memories: home holidays, gatherings with friends or just a place for a great breakfast before starting a new day. Each item in this place is consciously selected, everything must be performed in one stylist or at least be close to it, what to say about the color gamut. Here try to stick to one concept. The most common color, which is most often found in kitchen heads, of course, white. And the most relevant kitchen accessory is a white dining kitchen table.

Common features

Kitchen table – the most sought-after thing in the house. Most often it is for the choice of this subject of the interior very carefully, delicately and tastefully. The market has such a number of tables of different colors: pure and white, black and white, with spraying, matte or glossy, with any pattern or pattern, with engraving. Forms can also be different: folding, sliding, small, large, round and rectangular.

This abundance at first, many knocks down, people are lost in guess, what table will be better, so the choice becomes very difficult. Especially if there are uncertainty in choosing a color, because many think that white or light color, of course, looks advantageous, but it is very impractical. After all, any speck or scratch will be noticeable immediately. It is most likely cliché. After all, in fact, any scratches or specks are noticeable anymore less strongly than on a dark table.

Due to this, not so cunning momentum is the popularization of white kitchen tables, and in general the predominance of white color throughout the kitchen has become a new turn in the design industry.


After the color was defined and selected, you need to decide on the material. After all, the role of the material from which the future table will be made is as large as the choice of its form. Before you begin at this point, you need to look in the kitchen, choose a place for new furniture, put everything harmoniously. All subsequent stages of furniture alignment and its convenience depends on this. After this step is passed, you need to start choosing.

Most often, tables are made from lasting and always current material – wood. This is a well-established, traditional option, with proper operation will last one decade.

Wooden table is often due to its big potential withstand heavy loads make sliding or folding. These two functions add great functionality. Create savings.

At the same time, there is no special need to worry about how much about the guests can fit at one table.

Positive sides of the tree:

  • Safe material does not cause an allergic reaction;
  • Easy, does not require a lot of people for their transfer;
  • the ability to give any form at the request of the customer, make a carved or smell something on it, cover with glossy or matte varnish;
  • It does not have restrictions in the styles, it will suit absolutely any style – from the classics to modern.

Disadvantage, in fact, one – on a wooden surface very easy to leave cuts.

The following material is glass. The most fragile material of all, so glass is always just a tabletop. An interesting option will look white, fully matte countertop. Suppose both an option with light white spraying.

The peculiarity of this material is practical. In the sense that it is quite difficult to leave the cut or jar on the glass. This property is glass surfaces and are in demand.

There is such a symbiosis in which the tree and the glass is combined with each other. The table is made of wood: legs, a frame in which you can integrate additional storage boxes, and the surface (table top) will be made of glass.

The advantages of this species lies in the fact that the tree gives additional fixation and stability of the entire design, which means reliability.

Plastic – the cheapest table of tables. But such furniture is used in dachas, in gardens or on a picnic. For the kitchen in the house this option is suitable only as the temporary replacement of the main table, which either broke, or has not yet been purchased.


After the required material was selected, the next step in the choice of the future table will be its form. It is believed that the form of furniture is very influenced not only on the entire external entourage, but also to a greater degree to the location of the subjects in general. For example, exactly where the table will stand, in the center or somewhere with the edge.

From here it turns out that the whole composition of the remaining cabinets, shelves and the refrigerator will be built up either around the table, or in the opposite side of it. To this question, you need to approach in detail and better spend a couple of extra watches to choose from, how not to know where and what to put.

The manufacturers have been on the market for more than 20 years how to depart from simple and classic options for tables. The classic is considered an undented rectangle that accommodates a certain number of people. Either this is a circle that also fits perfectly into the interior and with the help of sliding mechanisms can accommodate around themselves any number of guests. Why so popular round table? He has a number of advantages that other models are not.

  • Lack of corners. An important point, especially when there are children. Yes, and adults will not wear out on the corners.
  • Occupies not so big space.
  • Comfortableand, since the absence of legs on the sides provides a comfortable time staying to a large number of people.

The only minus of this table is the lack of ability to dock one table with another. If nevertheless, the diameter of the round table does not inspire confidence, you can choose an oval table. It is more in diameter and on the functionality he has advantages.

The square table will be advantageous to look in the interior, where clear lines are dominated, rigor. Square furniture is suitable for a small square. Minus such a table is that only 2 people can comfortably sit behind him.

If you are looking for an interesting solution, then the model in the form of a triangle is very suitable for you. Even the most boring and nonsense interior will play with new paints, but such a form, as in the case of a square, is suitable only for two, to plant guests for such a table will be clearly problematic.


Many will agree that the furniture in addition to the practical side should carry also the functional parties to help, for example, save place. Or a small table turn into a big. Below are the functionality of the tables when it is necessary to save place. Folding table – a convenient and multifunctional model that will fit into any interior. Not “eating” excess space. And if necessary, increases in size up to two times.

The base of the folding table is concluded in the mechanism that allows you to decompose the surface. It is worth noting that the mechanism must be metallic, then this model will serve you longer. And the legs themselves should choose more massive – they are stable and fully allowed to withstand additional weight. With this mechanism, the table may be any form: rectangular, oval, round.

But if you need to save the place at all, then thanks to the folding mechanism, the table can be screwed to the wall, leaving a small protrusion, and the additional design can be omitted. That is, in the undressed state at the table, 2 people can sit, and in the unfolded 4.

Sliding table – the perfect solution for very small cuisine. It is possible to increase the surface due to auxiliary construction, which is usually inside.

Suitable for small kitchens, but in a large space will look at the place.

Table Transformer – an interesting modern solution. The peculiarity of this model is that during transformation, not only the surface itself increases, but also adjusts the height of the legs.


Any furniture needs to be careful, and especially the kitchen table, because after him everyone spends a lot of time. You should not be afraid of bright shades, because manufacturers seek to make and pick up such material for their goods, which will be as easy as possible in cleaning. If you compare a white or black surface with each other, then we can say that it will take the same for the care of a white surface as for dark, if not less.

Therefore, do not think about possible cracks or chips. The main thing is to choose quality table top.

Kitchen table tips – in the following video

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