White angular cabinets

    In small apartments, furniture functionality is in the first place. White angular cabinets – just this option that allows you to use the space as rational as possible.

    Features and advantages

    Many designers use white furniture in their projects. Corner options for cabinets in such interiors – not uncommon. This is explained by their indisputable advantages compared to the models of other forms and colors:

    • Compactness and capacity. Corner cabinet helps significantly save living area. Such models capture the space at the junction of the walls, which is usually not at all used. At the same time, even compact models accommodate a large number of clothes and other things.
    • Psychological effect. According to psychologists, white color creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity. It is also associated with cleanliness and freshness, charges with positive emotions.

    • Visual expansion of space. White angular cabinet is able to visually make the room more spacious. This also contributes to the color reflecting the flow streams and the form of furniture, which brightens two walls at once.
    • Style. White furniture in any performance looks gorgeous. Modern manufacturers offer options for every taste. This also applies to the size and style, and design, and trimming methods. You can choose a luxurious Baroque model, a concise wardrobe in the spirit of minimalism or the original version in Modern style. It all depends on your interior, the type of room and personal preferences.

    • Easy combination with other shades. Snow-white furniture is easily combined with other flowers. Such a wardrobe will perfectly fit into room with neutral shades (gray, brown, beige), and in a bright environment (with blue, purple, pink and other tones).

    Does not combine white furniture only with walls of the same color. It is worth being careful and when choosing a whole snow-white headset. To avoid the feeling of the hospital chamber, it is necessary to ensure a contrast background with the help of walls, gender and accessories.

    Coating options

    Recently, very popular becomes Glossy facades. Furniture transfers in the rays of light, it looks expensive and even solemnly. In addition to the external gloss, gloss performs and practical function. Like mirror surfaces, such furniture reflects the light, creating an illusion of additional space.

    White color enhances the effect that makes such cabinets perfectly selected for small rooms.

    However, charming overflows of the gloss have a flaw. Such facades need regular care and very careful. On glossy surfaces, traces often remain from the fingers to be eliminated by soft fabric. In case of careless operation, scratches and scratches may appear on furniture.

    Today there are special furniture polishing agents. But when buying it is important to pay attention, whether a particular product is suitable for care for white furniture. Also, in no case use to clean the cabinet aggressive tools with abrasive particles.

    Furniture with matte surface less good. At the same time in the appropriate design, such cabinets look no worse than glossy models. The choice of one of two options depends only on personal taste.


    By type of doors, cabinets have differences:

    • Cabinets With the doors of the “coupe” Very popular. Thanks to the roller mechanism, the doors smoothly move aside without requiring space for their opening.
    • Swing models may have interesting design, decorated with beautiful handles, but they are not so comfortable. Sash such cabinets jump forward. Because of this, it is necessary to count on an additional free space that the opening of the doors did not prevent other items.

    In the form and type of design itself, the cabinets differ:

    • M-shaped models Most in demand. Parts of such a product are located along the adjacent walls, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Usually one half of the cabinet has a big length than the other. The edges of the product can be both straight and rounded. Often they have the shape of an open shelves intended for souvenirs and useful trifles. For small apartments, this option is considered the most successful.
    • Diagonal models In closed form resemble a triangle. Inside, they are extremely deep and spacious. Usually, the facade of such a cabinet is installed mirror for visual increase in space.

    • Trapezoidal options similar to the previous type of structures. The only difference is that in a closed form, the cabinet has a trapezoid form.
    • Five-lane – Massive models. From the title it is clear that such a wardrobe consists of five direct parts. Similar options are appropriate only in spacious rooms. The capacity of the model allows you to use it as a mini-dressing room. Modeling the internal space is nothing but size is not limited.
    • Radius cabinets differ in smooth forms. Bend can be concave, convex or even to have a wave shape. The absence of sharp corners makes such furniture safe, which is especially important for families with young children. A unusual form makes such products with original even with a minimum decor.

    Depending on how the storage cabinet is intended for storage, it may have a different outer form and internal content.

    • For clothes Usually purchased wardrobe. Inside can be placed crossbar for shoulders and various shelves. The contents of such furniture are usually hidden from prying eyes. Models with a mirror perform not only the function of the visual increase in space, but also allow you to evaluate the selected wardrobe, without departing from the cabinet.

    • Books Corner models are usually performed from wood. They have a concise design and a variety of shelves closed with glass. Some options include in the design of the drawers for documents, as well as open side shelves for souvenirs.
    • For storage of collectible dishes and porcelain The wardrobe is intended. It can be completely glass or have closed boxes at the bottom. As a rule, such models are very elegant.


    For the manufacture of angular wardrobes of white, we use a variety of materials:

    • Wood. Cabinet made of wood massif – the most expensive option. It is most practical, reliable and solid. And its absolute environmental friendly is a certain plus for many people. However, it is worth considering that the array increases not only the cost, but also the weight of the furniture. In addition, without proper treatment, the tree is subject to deformation due to temperature differences or high humidity level.

    • MDF. Products from this material are more affordable. At the same time, the quality of furniture is at a decent level. Such cabinets are durable, durable and quite safe for people and animals. Models from MDFs may have wood texture (for example, in the “bleached oak”), and can be covered with a special film with a matte or glossy surface.

    • Chipboard. This material is the most budget. Often manufacturers combine it with MDF.
    • Glass, Mirror, Metal, Plastic. These materials are used to decorate products, as well as creating accessories.

    How to choose?

    In order to choose a product, you need to pay attention to many factors.


    Before buying, decide for storing what things you need a wardrobe and where it will be located. It depends on the size of the future purchase, its design and internal filling. Think some shelves and boxes you need, and in what quantity whether the bar will need for her shoulders and other elements of filling.

    Corner cabinet can be case or built-in. The second option saves even more space. Usually such models are made to order and are used for registration of a small dressing room.


    When choosing furniture, be sure to take into account the stylistics of the room. The cabinet must harmoniously join a single concept.

    If the furniture is selected for the room decorated in the “palace” style, it must be the same luxurious and the whole interior. Here are permissible curly legs, carved bulk ornaments, exquisite patterns, gilding and other parts in the baroque spirit.

    If you prefer a restrained classic, the furniture will be distinguished by elegance, and the severity of forms. And the first, and the second option suggests swing doors with elegant handles.

    Modern models are diverse. Aesthetics of minimalism is expressed in glossy facades and practically the absence of decor. The originality of the model can give a combination of white with other colors (more often with black), backlight, unusual forms (radius options).

    Modern style is reflected in ornaments on facades and mirrors, an unusual arrangement of open shelves and other interesting elements. Popular and photo printing. It can be a photo of nature, colors, animals, graphic drawings.

    Coating options

    If the room is decorated in bright colors, it is better to choose a single white cabinet. If the walls of the walls and the floor are fairly bright, then the furniture can be distinguished by selecting black and white coloring, photo printing, drawings or gilding.

    The texture may be matte, glossy or “under the tree”. The last option in white-white color is especially relevant for Provence style. If you want something more natural, you can choose the shade of “bleached oak”. Depending on the manufacturer, this color can be both light beige and milky-cream.


    When buying a product in the store carefully consider it. Check the smoothness and clarity of the mechanisms, the quality of fittings, coatings. When placing an order via the Internet, first familiarize yourself with the reviews of the furniture owners of the selected manufacturer. Try to choose only proven firms that have proven themselves in the market.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    White angular cabinet with glossy facades harmoniously fits into a small classic living room. Gilding with sophisticated patterns gives a model of a laconic design. Exquisite view. She harmonizes with frames of paintings, and with a door trim, and a chandelier metal.

    Modern Modern Design Art Decorate Original Black and White Model. Despite the light walls, the cabinet does not seem faded. On the contrary, black elements located in a checkerboard manner are brought to the interior of the highlight. Dresser and bedside table, performed in the same minimalistic design, complement the composition. Curtains and bedspreads in purple tones diluted with bright colors.

    If the wallpaper turned out to be too dark, and in the room I want to create an atmosphere of tenderness and romance, a glossy wardrobe with “openwork” patterns will come to the aid. Handles with rhinestones enhance the effect of light glamor. Snow white fluffy carpet and a light door – finishing strokes, clarifying atmospheric.

    In the young football player’s bedroom, the corner wardrobe with the image of the ball at the stadium will be quite. Posters with football stars, green carpet, mimicing grass, and the original ball in the form of the ball create a single unique style and the corresponding mood.

    In a small hallway, an elegant corner locker looks neat and stylish. Shelves for trifles and souvenirs, open hangers for outerwear, closed compartments and mezzanine – everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

    Next Overview Corner Cabinet for Bedroom.

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