What wooden chairs choose?

In the interior, every detail is important, therefore, making up a harmonious ensemble, nothing should be ignored. None dwelling without such objects as chairs. Modern manufacturers make them from a variety of materials, but wooden models remain the most popular and qualitative.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fashion on interior items is constantly changing. What was terribly popular yesterday, today has lost its relevance. Only fashion remains unchanged for high-quality and eco-friendly models of wood.

Durable and durable chairs produced from wood are distinguished by a wonderful appearance. Especially attractive and harmonious in many interiors look natural shades and textured prints of natural array. Such details are able to revive the situation and make it more cozy.

In addition, wooden products can be put in ensembles of different stylistics. Properly selected designs will be organically fit not only in classic, but also modern or pompous interiors. This fact confirms the versatility of natural material again.

Many consumers stop their choice on wood chairs, since such raw materials is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for human health. Nowadays, not all furniture objects can boast of such qualities. For example, cheap products from LDSP have in their composition hazardous formaldehyde resins, evaporating under high temperatures. Natural tree does not possess such serious disadvantages, so good-quality chairs from the wood massif can be calm even in children’s bedrooms, not experiencing for the health of small owners.

It is also worth noting the unpretentiousness of the natural tree in the issue of combining with other materials. Chairs made of array can be decorated and supplemented with details of glass, metal, plastic, leather (natural or artificial) and even elements of artistic forging.

High-quality natural material furniture boasts durability and wear resistance. Beautiful wooden chairs will serve you for a very long time and will delight an attractive appearance if you provide them with decent care. This issue cannot be neglected, otherwise the product may lose the initial form.

There are no serious flaws in such interior items. However, many consumers believe that wooden structures require too much attention in terms of care.

For them, it is necessary to acquire special impregnations, without which the material can crack and dry.

Another minus furniture from the wood massif is its high cost. Of course, more affordable models can be met on the market (for example, pine or birch chairs), but if you want to purchase an aristocratic and solid version of oak, beech or gavi, then you will have to leave a decent amount in the store.


Currently, the furniture market recommends consumers a variety of attractive and practical chairs made from natural wood. Consider in more detail that we offer modern manufacturers.

First of all, all wooden chairs on the type of seats can be divided into soft and hard. In the first versions, the seat is complemented by the upholstery with the filler. The rigid copies of such equipment do not have and, as a rule, are not trimmed with tissues or skin.

Also wooden chairs are distinguished from each other in their design and appointment in the interior.

  • Recently, beautiful bar chairs are very popular. Similar options are often complemented by an elegant leather upholstery and consist of a small round seat and an additional footboard. If earlier such models in the conditions of the home environment looked too unusual, today they can often meet them in the kitchen interior or bar corner in an apartment or private house.

  • Very convenient in use recognized folding wooden patterns with back. They differ in compact sizes and light weight, so they can be transferred at any time, for example, from the kitchen in the living room. Especially often the owners of small housing appeal to folding structures.

  • No less useful and practical transforming constructions are considered. They can also be produced from natural wood or more affordable materials, such as LDSP or MDF. Transformers chairs can combine several functional elements at once. For example, it can be a small folding countertop and a retractable back.

  • If you wish to emphasize the elegance and elegance of the classic style in the interior, then you should look at attractive chairs with bent legs. Often there are the same curved backs and armrests in such products. Especially stylish and ornate looks sophisticated copies treated with varnish or coated with gilding.

  • Organically wooden chairs look in the bath. For this, not only the standard version with the back and armrests, but also a concect sizes and a concise stool. It is best for the bathhouse that the designs of the linden are suitable, since this variety of wood does not overheat, it can easily withstand the temperature differences and humidity, and is also distinguished by a pleasant texture.

  • Reliable and durable are wooden chairs on a metal frame. In such products, as a rule, the massif consists of a seat and a back, and the remaining parts (base, armrests and legs) are made of wear-resistant metal. It can be both matte and chrome. Such interior solutions look interesting and stylish.


Today, the furniture market has a wide variety of high-quality and attractive chairs, suitable not only for any interior, but also the budget of the buyer. The price of furniture is affected not only its design, but also the material from which it is made. The manufacture of eco-friendly wooden structures uses the following raw materials:

  • Most often, chairs are made of ash, gevent, oak, maple, walnut, alder, rattan, cherries and other popular breeds. These instances are not cheap, but they can boast of excellent performance and long service life. A little cheaper to the buyer will cost the options from pine or birch. But let the low price scares you, as it does not speak of low quality similar models. Everything is explained only by the fact that birch and pine in our country do not relate to valuable breeds and grow very well.

  • Also in the manufacture of wooden chairs, reliable metal frames are often used. Such structures are distinguished by durability and wear resistance. They are not subject to mechanical damage and deformation. In addition, metal structures with wooden equipment can be delivered both in many classic and modern interiors.

  • Often wooden chairs are complemented by various upholstery. The most expensive and elegant option is genuine leather. This material boasts an excellent appearance, wear resistance, durability and durability. If you are not ready to overpay for such a model, it is quite possible to do with a more affordable option with the skin of the leatherette. Unfortunately, such raw materials in their strength and durability is inferior to natural, but often it looks absolutely identical. More modern and high-tech material is eco. It is more attractive and elastic than leather, but it is quite easy to damage because of the fine structure.

The main advantage of the wooden chairs leather upholstery is that it can be easily and quickly removed from various contaminants, especially if you do it as soon as possible.

This characteristic is especially relevant if you are going to place such furniture in the kitchen or in the hallway.

  • Models with fabric upholstery look no less. Such options are cheaper, but are more demanding in care. From the woven surface, it is much more difficult to remove dirty and dusty traces and it’s not worth pulling with it, since the defects that have entered into the structure will get rid of it even more difficult.


Wooden chair can be painted in a variety of colors.

  • Classic are products of white, black and brown shades. As a rule, such chairs look harmoniously practically in any interiors. However, the variants of the dense black shade should be used carefully and plans in the interiors of brighter and neutral tones.
  • If you like natural shades, then you should seek unpainted options. Such chairs are highlighted from the interior due to the natural pattern and natural color.

  • Expensive and luxuriously looking copies of mahogany. Often, such chairs are located in funeral and pompous ensembles.
  • Light design models of pastel shades (beige, peach, caramel, light brown) can be placed both on a contrast and similar neutral background. The main thing is to dilute the second interiors with bright details so that the image of the room does not seem boring and monotonous.

A type

There are several types of wooden chairs:

  • Classic. Models with seats, back, legs (straight or curved) and armrests.
  • Barna. Largely similar to classic options, but the back in them, as a rule, is lower, like armrests, and the legs are complemented by a small fit.
  • Armchair chair. These designs are very similar to the present chair. Often there are round backs in them that are separated by the same material as the seat.

  • Stools. These designs do not have backs or armrests. They have only a seat and legs with an extra slash.
  • Non-standard. Non-standard interior options can be made in the form of letters, animals, wooden sculptures or parts from fairy tales.


For the interior of the classic style, the most successful choice will be a wooden chair with curved legs and a back, painted in a light or dark shade. It is advisable to choose lacquered specimens. Also in the classic will look organically products decorated with carvings.

For such styles as Vintage, Provence and Shebbi-Chic are suitable similar designs, but their appearance should be more modest. You can choose artificially aged models with stagger surfaces or antique old options.

In the rustic style of Country, you can sit slightly negligent unpainted chairs with a pronounced structure of the tree. They can also imitate a poorly processed surface with uneven and unwashed lines.

Modern interior should be supplemented with laconic, but elegant and elegant chairs. Do not pick up unnecessary options. For the modernist direction, low-speed, but sophisticated specimens.

For the “attic” Loft style suitable for almost any wooden chair. It can be artificially aged, with the addition of metal parts, qualitatively polished, painted or unpainted – all listed options will look in such an ensemble organic.


Chairs from a wood array can be decorated with the most different details. For example, it can be:

  • elegant carved inserts;
  • artificially aged surfaces;
  • gilded or silver plated coatings;
  • curved legs and armrests;
  • elements of art forging;
  • Decorative seats.


Wooden designs will look organically in almost any interior. It can be both classic and modern ensemble. For example, elegant versions with carvings, deprived of metal or plastic parts, will fit into the classic environment, and copies with metal and chrome-plated structures (frame or decor) can be put in the airborne-tech interior.

Interestingly and mysteriously look at models stylized under the old.

Such options can be placed in the interiors of the type of country, Shebbi-Chic or Vintage. To competently beat them, it is not necessary to make the whole room at all. It is enough to choose “vintage” decor items and not too bright finishing materials.

Original chairs of avant-garde forms can inhale life even in boring and monotonous interiors. But do not have such models in classic and strict ensembles not to achieve a noticeable dissonance.

Chairs must come to the interior not only in style, but also a shade. It looks good and many contrasting solutions. For example, a gloomy black wooden copy is better to place on a snow-white or beige background.

How to choose?

Select high-quality wooden chairs follows, relying on the following recommendations:

  • Pay attention to the frame. It must be the most reliable and durable.
  • Pay attention to the legs. They should be no less than 25×25 mm.
  • It is desirable to pick up models covered with varnish. They look more interesting and are more protected from negative external factors.
  • Pay attention to the reliability and strength of fastening. This applies not only to the main parts (backs, armrests and legs), but also of various mechanisms, as in the case of a chair adjustable in height.
  • Do not forget about product design. It must approach the main ensemble on the shade and stylistic direction.


Difficult care wooden structures do not require, but without it they will lose the former beauty. They need from time to time to process special antiseptic means. Such protect natural material from aggressive sunlight, drying, cracking and lancehips.

Also wooden chairs need to be wiped slightly wet and soft cloth so that dust and dirt will not accumulate on their surface.

Aggressive chemical means (and even soap solution) to use in no case.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

High-quality wooden furniture from GEVA produces Malaysia. This manufacturer has produces a huge number of diverse models, from simple stools to beautiful rocking chairs. Many consumers celebrate the excellent performance of these goods and their affordable price.

Elegant wooden premium chairs decorated with beautiful woven upholstery, produces the Belarusian brand “Pinskdrev”. The range of this company is so wide that even the most capricious and picky buyer will be able to choose the optimal option. Most consumers noted the durability and exquisite design of wooden products from Pinskdrev, as well as their elegant and graceful outlines.

Incredibly attractive and elegant chairs and chairs-chairs for the living room launches the Italian brand Oak. Especially bright and expensive, branded products, embroidered with high-quality cloth or leather, supplemented with furniture cloves, as well as carved structures with a bulk soft seat contrasting shade. Oak products collects enthusiastic reviews on the Internet. First of all, consumers celebrate to the little things the thoughtful design of branded chairs and, of course, they talk about the unsurpassed quality of materials and structures in general.

Luxury examples and options

Gorgeous wooden chairs with a gold-plated surface and rounded backs with carved patterns will look rich and elevated in a coupling table with burgundy or red walls, light marble floors and decorative baguette details with gold-plated coatings.

Luxury golden designs with elegant shapes and woven overlap on the back and seat will look amazing in a large bright room with a high ceiling and white walls, decorated with gold ornaments and borders. In such a space, it will be organically to look for a brown shade fireplace and a huge carved mirror over it. Complete chairs with an elegant wooden table with curved legs, decorated with golden decorative linings.

In a snow-white room with luxurious columns and a light glossy floor, you can arrange a small vintage round table of black color with lap edges, as well as two elegant dark oak stools with a floral upholstery and a bench at high legs with a similar finish.

A set of white round table made of natural wood and snow-white wooden chairs with red upholstery will be harmonized with a glossy floor of an amber shade and gentle lemon walls. Decorate the floor covering with a large carpet with small color prints, and hang large paintings in the old style on the walls. Windows in such a room should be supplemented with dense golden or cream curtains.

On the peculiarities of the manufacture of wooden chairs, see the following video.

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