What to choose chairs for home and cottage?

Chairs are one of the most important interior items. They carry both a functional and aesthetic role. Therefore, it is worth seriously referring to the selection of a particular model.


To date, models and types of data of interior items. And manufacturers every day produce all new.

Depending on the design there are:

  • Whole, the base of which cast, was cooked in a single whole or removed from the canvas;

  • Collapsible consist of several parts, which makes them convenient for transportation and storage.

Convenient storage Stacked and foldable options. The first can be folded one on another into a stack, and the second folded like scissors, which, undoubtedly saves a place in the apartment.

Now there are various types of chairs. Consider the main ones.

  • The most common option is long known Wooden chair on four legs, which used many centuries ago. It has simplicity, convenience, versatility. Due to various models and materials, the scope is not limited: it is a dining room, and a kitchen, a living room, and a veranda in the country.

  • Stylish chairs – This is a transitional option between classic chair and upholstered furniture. They may be upholstered with jachard, velor, artificial or genuine leather. Such chairs more contribute to rest, and they can be held more relaxed position. Therefore, designers pay attention to the design: legs are spread to the sides and fasten each other, the back is tilted back.

  • Wicker from the vine. Choosing an eco-friendly furniture option, it is worth paying attention to wicker chairs and a rocking chair from a vine. They are made manually and able to create a unique interior design at home and in the country. Vine and rattan are quite flexible materials, of which you can connect various color, type of weaving, the grace of items that will also be very durable, qualitatively made models with the right operation can be served not one dozen years. The advantages can still be attributed to the ease, resistance to high and low temperatures, humidity.

  • With high back. The main advantage of this type is convenience and comfort. High back chairs organize the correct position of the body and do not break the posture. In addition, they will decorate any interior with their majesticity. You can choose models with armrests, soft upholstery and rigid seat.

  • Stool cane We are interested in people who experience difficulties in movement. If you decompose a cane get a small chair for the patient.

  • Puffy and puffs. Initially, they differed among themselves with their destination, but over time these differences were erased. In general, this is a square or cylindrical seating without a back, legs and armrests. Now the puffs and the deputies are soft and hard, in the form of a bag – pears, with a drawer inside and packed. Use them as a small additional chairs, like a stand under the legs, a table at a sofa or as a piece of furniture in the hallway.

  • Suspended chair chair – This design is often rounded shape, which is fixed to the ceiling like a swing. The first suspension chair appeared in 1968, but every year it grows popularity. Its native analog is hammock, which is often used in country houses.

  • Interior stools – These are furniture products without backrest and armrests. At all times, stools were in demand due to their low cost and saving place in the apartment.

  • Elite chairs For the living room should fit into the style of the room. They are made of massif, have a noble color of mahogany, nut or wenge. The sophistication of furniture gives expensive upholstery and finishing.

  • Otkidna View is suitable for small kitchen or balcony. Chairs with fastening in the wall take up little space and can be folded when not required.

  • Turning – This is primarily chairs for the office, but now there are modern for any interior.


In the modern world there are many materials from which there are chairs.

  • Wood. For a long time known, which won the leading position in the market, material. Wooden furniture is durable, beautiful and fit into any interior. Especially accounted for in taste to consumers Color Wenge. However, the price of this sample has recently forces consumers to pay attention to other types.

  • Rattan or La View. They are distinguished by high ecology and are used mainly for the production of wicker furniture.

  • Ledp It looks like a tree, but it is much cheaper. The minuses are that this material highlights harmful substances, the fasteners are poorly held, so the re-assembly can lead an object.

  • MDF Environmentally enough, withstands the temperature differences, the indicators of resistance to moisture are higher than that of wood products. In this case, the appearance remains worthy.

  • Glass chairs are made of extreme glass, which, when breaking, does not form sharp fragments.

  • Metal. Basically, it includes forged products, but other options are also. Minus such structures are that they are sufficiently heavy and cold. But designers find a way out of this situation using various packings.

  • Plastic. The advantage of plastic is lightness and resistance to moisture, temperature, so they are often used as street furniture. They are of different shapes and colors, so that they can fit into the interior of any modern apartment.

  • Boards Used in the manufacture of cottage furniture, or rustic style furniture.

  • With fabric upholstery. Chairs from most materials can be decorated with fabric upholstery. But there are chairs-frames, the seat and the back of which are made completely from the fabric. Often such chairs are folding and are used to relax in nature.

For chairs, there are silicone linings or rugs that prevent the floor from scratches and reduce the noise level when moving.


For chairs, standard indicators exist:

  • The total height of the chair is 800-900 mm;

  • from the nose to the seat – 410-450 mm;

  • The height of the back – 400-450 mm;

  • The width of the back and seats – from 360 mm;

  • Seat depth – 500-550 mm.

For bar chairs, sizes naturally differ. Height from bottom to seats varies from 750 to 850 mm. The necessary part for the bar models is the presence of a footboard, as it is not comfortable for a long time without a support. The radius of curvature should be 450 mm for standard backs and 220 mm for lumbar.

Today, people are increasingly ordered chairs for individual sizes, that is, for themselves and under their parameters. It is taken into account: the load on the chair for people with an increased body weight, the growth of customers, the length of the shin and hips. It is really useful not only for convenience, but also for health.


Choosing the color of the chairs need to determine which color of furniture in the room prevails. Depending on this, you can take a shade for several tones darker or lighter. Pastel shades (pale blue, white, pale pink) relax and provide calm.

However, designers are increasingly trying to focus on these subjects, and not hide them. Therefore, chairs may be contrasting, whether it is red, orange or blue. Purple color will be combined with black, but it will give some darkness of the room.

Bordeaux has long been considered the color of wealth and nobility. Burgundy shades are not marked, which is important for frequently used objects. In addition, according to the latest research, this color has a relaxing influence and strengthens the nervous system. But you should not overdo it with Bordeaux, as it is able to drag the interior.

If you choose chairs for a specific table, then it is better to choose one tone with a table.


Accessories for chairs – this is a kind of car spare parts. Separate parts of the chairs are wearing over time, they must be replaced. If the upholstery and painting will require for simple replacement models, then for more complex designs it will be necessary to buy the details failed. For office chairs, these can be wheels, gas lift, swing mechanism and backrest deviations. The durability of the chairs directly depends on the quality of products and proper operation.

It will not be superfluous to purchase silicone, felt, teflon or cork linings on the legs to protect the floor from excess friction.


To the interior of your apartment is holistic, choose chairs in accordance with the style of the room.

  • For style Modern and High Tech suitable models of interesting shape and design with unusual legs. Upholstery should be leather, calm shade.

  • For Baroque and Rococco Fine and comfortable chairs-chairs with many decorations are suitable. Let it be light pastel colors.

  • For classic style Massive wooden models of dark or light tones are characteristic.

  • Minimalism Offers choose plastic or metal chairs of clear forms of monophonic.

  • Patchwork. The main feature of this style is textiles. Upholstery chairs should resemble patchwork blankets.

  • Country. Furniture should be rude of natural materials. Wicker from the vine semi-cristed.


Decor chairs allows you to hide scratches, small defects or create items that fit into the style of the room. The most simple and most common ways to update the appearance is painting, the change of upholstery or the manufacture of fabric covers.

To paint the chair with your own hands, you must first prepare the surface. To do this, take the skirt and remove the old layer of paint. Next tassel or sponge apply a new color.

The change of upholstery will not be difficult. Select a suitable cloth and secure it on the seat with a stapler.

Another kind of decor of the chairs is tailoring fabric covers or decoration of ribbons of different colors. To do this, choose cotton, tapestry, linen and velor fabric.

Now fashionably make furniture in the style of Khokhloma. You can use the technique of decoupage or take a Pavlovo-Poshesky handkerchief and to sew the seat.


The design of the chairs directly depends on its style, which we talked above. But it is necessary to indicate that modern models are with armrests and without.

If the size of the room allows you to choose the interior item with armrests. Half-circled are a more convenient option, as they allow you to take a relaxed pose and make more comfortably in the room, rather than traditional. But they “steal” more space and cost more than their fellow.

For office option, presence of armrests are often necessary. At the same time, the length of them should begin from 250 mm, and the width of 50 mm.

Which to choose?

First you need to determine the purpose of the selected product.

  • For kitchen Chairs should easily wash, so it is better to abandon the tissue upholstery. If you have a separate dining room in your house, you can consider the option with a tapestry cloth. It would not be bad to have light chairs in the kitchen so that there was an opportunity to often move them without making great efforts. To do this, choose plastic or light metal models. For high tables there are bar chairs on a high leg, which is often adjustable in height.

  • For the living room There are a lot of various models that differ in the form, upholstery, presence and absence of armrests, design. The main thing is that they come to the style of the room and created the comfort, were comfortable.

  • For bedrooms. Mainly chairs for the toilet table for makeup. It can be a small pouf, a classic chair from living room or trendy transparent polykorbanat. Variants are different, here is the case of taste and convenience for everyone.

  • For office (computer). There are many requirements for him, since the work desk man holds mostly all day, and the choice of stool depends on how comfortable working conditions will be. It is important that there are many adjustments: backrest heights, seating depth, lifting level leg. It is necessary that it be at least 5 wheels on the basis of. It is better if the upholstery fabric is high quality, the presence of a head restraint will allow you to relax the neck from time to time.

  • For hallway Fine artificial or genuine skin puffs, other stable material. Convenient if inside there is an additional storage space.

  • On the balcony it is better to choose folding models. It will save place.

  • Models for the street Must be made of durable moisture resistant materials, temperature drops and exposure to sunlight. The best option for the price and functionality is currently plastic chairs, but you can also purchase wooden with special processing, forged or metal.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Nowadays, there are many chairs manufacturers, both Russian and foreign. Consider the most famous. All of them produce high-quality furniture.

  • Vitra (Germany). Founded by the factory in 1934 and to this day is the world leader in the production of furniture.

  • Minotti (Italy). Italian company founded in 1948. Was originally famous for the production of upholstered furniture, but now other furniture is made. In addition to product quality, consumers celebrate a constantly updated assortment and an unusual design of chairs.

  • Antonio Baston. They make gold-plated furniture from environmentally friendly materials.

  • B & B Italia (Italy). Founded in 1966. Buyers celebrate that plus that the manufacturer gives a warranty on its furniture 10 years.

  • Hay (Denmark). Danish company has unusual unusual furniture furniture.

  • Knoll (America). Furniture enjoy high demand from museums and noble assembly. Differs high degree of architectural and art.

  • Shatura (Russia). Creates high quality furniture at an affordable price due to its own production of components and a large retail network. In addition to numerous positive reviews about the quality and diversity of design, customers have recently noted the delivery of goods and incomplete kit of fittings.

  • Triah (Russia). People celebrate a large selection of fittings of leading European firms, the ability to purchase separate modular designs. From negative, users talk about the presence of marriage in the form of chips and scratches, as well as difficulties with the refund.

  • Lazurit (Russia). The brand focuses on the environmental friendliness of materials, there are certificates of safety. Of the minuses, high cost and low quality coating are celebrated.

  • Pinskdrev (Belarus) – Flagship of Belarusian factories of luxury furniture. Buyers celebrate high quality products, but often the one that goes to export. The disadvantage consider the wrong assembly instructions.

  • Gomeldrev (Belarus) – The oldest Belarusian factory producing natural wood and high-eco-friendly products. Compared to other manufacturers of wooden furniture, consumers are satisfied with the ratio of price – Quality.

  • Crow-Leniewlybel (Belarus) – famous manufacturer of high-quality furniture. Customers are poorly responding only about the quality of service by the employees of the hotline and in rare cases of delivering delivery.

Beautiful examples and original options:

Below in the photo you can see beautiful and originally decorated interiors

  • Furniture for home

  • Unusual

  • For bedrooms

  • For room

  • On one leg

  • For Street

In conclusion, look at the video about how to make a chair for the cottages with your own hands.

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