What plus soft chairs?

It is difficult to imagine today any house without chairs, because it is one of the main and most frequently used furniture items that they surround us constantly. They can be special – a chair for director or a chair for working at a computer are divided by its functional qualities – products for the kitchen or for the living room, and may also have an original appearance, can be rigid and soft, with armrests or without them.


Soft is called a product that has a seat with filler and upholstery. Inside it there are also springs, guaranteeing a chaul long service life.

If there are no springs, then the chair is considered semiform. The product may be with a soft back and without it, often armrests at the chair also have a filler. However, the product is still talking about the presence of a comfortable seat.

All models of this type of furniture are different in color, and in style, by material, and in design. Thus, all products can be divided into the following groups:

  • Soft classic chairs – these are such structures that consist of a solid corps or have a case from parts.

For the living room, it is better to choose classic models in white or dark colors, as they are elegantly looking in the interior and focus on luxury.

  • Soft folding chairs Usually have a case, folding by the type of scissors or chairs in the cinema hall.

Buying furniture in the hallway, you can stop your choice on folding chairs with a satellite of soft filler.

  • Now the fashionable novelty can be called soft Products with light framework. They are produced from plywood nudo-glued type. Certain models of these improvised chairs have a special stand under the feet. The backs are more often high, and the head restraint will allow you to relax the tired neck.

  • Soft models with a carriage tie Also very popular among the averages recently. And all because such a decoration technique allows you to make furniture more volumetric, air, which immediately increases its value in the eyes of the buyer. The decor uses dense textiles or skin with a screed.


To pick up an excellent soft chair, which for a long time can listen to you, you need to choose the right material from which it is created.

Elite classic European-made chairs are made of such wood species like oak and red wood, alder and cherry. Cheaper material – pine and birch. In addition, metal or plastic can be used for the manufacture of a soft product housing.

As for the seat of the chair, then as its filler applies both natural materials (felt, down, horse hair) and artificial (foam and polyurethane, synthetone).

The upholstery is more often released from velvet fabric and jacquard, plush and tapestry, silk, and is also tremended by chairs with leather upholstery. Natural or artificial leather looks solid and presentable. But also tissue upholstery, such as velor, look at no worse, beautifully harmony with the rest of the items in the room.

Your chosen upholstery material should be durable and clean well.

Multiple wicker soft products from rattan. Thanks to its openwork, they do not seem big even in a small place, and with their help the interior gets special pronounced features.


The depth of the seat seat is usually 45-55 cm, and the width is 45-60 cm. The comfort of a soft product often depends on the back, and rather – its material, as well as an angle of inclination. It must be 110-120 degrees.

Armrests in the product should be elastic to be elasticity so that in support of them you could quickly get up. Usually they are located at an altitude of 18-24 cm from the seat.

Look for a chair that perfect for you in height. Many products have a 45 cm seat height, but if necessary, you can choose the models above or below.

Appearance and size of the chair can the most directly affect the interior of the room where it is placed. For example, a small soft stool with a green tissue upholstery on the back and armrests will be abolished in the interior of a small darkened living room.


Select the coloring of the soft chair is necessary, observing certain design rules:

  • Chair must have the same color as the wall surfaces in the room. If they are painted in a blue shade, on their background, models of saturated blue color will look beautiful. For walls with beige coloring, brown tones are suitable for green walls, products with lightweight colors and dark tones are selected.

  • If the walls in the room are black or gray, light beige or white, brown, then furniture elements are selected by the same neutral tones. Creamy walls can be selected the products of a gray shade, and with white walls, black products are perfect. And then you will get a bright and contrast effect.

  • If your dwelling is made up mainly in bright colors, then the neutral color of the chairs will help keep the balance balance. These can be soft products of white and black, gray and beige shades.

  • Bright chairs with red upholstery can become an accent “spot” in the room. If the space is decorated in white-gray colors, then only red or bright green chairs will dilute and give brightness to this scenery silence.

  • Taking into account the color planning, color furniture items are put in the interior absolutely different color.

This is the option, for example, when yellow, and on the background of violet – orange products can stand against the background of blue walls.


Soft products are used by the greatest demand where they have to sit for a very long time. Therefore, more and more often in homes and offices, you can see the chairs-chairs option – functional devices with a very comfortable seat. Chair-chair is a model with armrests that combines the advantages and chairs, and armchairs. Soft, semicircular or square, and sometimes the rectangular back is made as comfortable as possible. Comfortable armrests can be made of an array that will make this model exclusive, or from soft filler and high-quality upholstery.


The stool in the store can be sold as with armrests, and without them. Armrests themselves can be rigid, semi-mighty (with overlay) or soft – with conventional filler and skin upholstery or textiles. Choose a chair with armrests or without them – this is an exceptional question of personal preferences. Armrests are important for the chair that you use daily.

It is also important, a rigid or soft back will be from those devices that you decide to purchase. There are two types of backs – rigid from the same material as the legs of the chair, or with a soft filler and upholstery, like a seating.

If you like a comfortable stay more, then buy a stool with a soft back. You can choose a combined stool with soft seats and a rigid back.


Soft products in the classic style can decorate the most modest interior, because they themselves are a sign of aristocracy and the impeccable taste of their owners. High-quality tree in combination with natural upholstery and vesiable elements on the back add vintage note design, which is now especially relevant.

The new flow in the design of the furniture presented modern chairs in the style of Modern. They stand out simple forms with an unusual embodiment. Smooth lines and natural materials, nothing superfluous – these are the main advantages of this stylist.

Luxurious upholstery of soft structures, their vesized legs and original decorations around the whole product – all this is a pronounced Baroque style functionality, which will abolish the luxuriously furnished living room or bedroom.


You can make soft chairs with more attractive, using various modern design techniques – with fabric, decoupage, using a jute rope or a solid satin ribbon.

You can change the upholstery of the chair with jacquard on the tapestry, sew ordinary covers on the chairs or use capes.

For especially festive dates, you can decorate products with flowers from the fabric. You can use decorative pillows, cones or garlands compositions. Popular decor chairs in the style of Shebbi-Chic, where corals and starfish, shells and pebbles are used.


Wooden soft devices are selected for the kitchen, dining room or living room in the style of the classic and Provence, Ampire or Baroque. Clawed furniture on trimmed legs with thread elements on a tree most suitable for classic style.

Special beauty gives an elegant form of a back with curved forms or threads – for traditional bedrooms and dining rooms, it’s just a find.

Soft wooden white models with a dining table will harmoniously look in the kitchen of any style – from the classics to High-Tek.

In the style of minimalism chairs become less catchy, but more functional, and have the most simplified forms.

How to choose?

Soft stools must comply with ergonomics requirements. Prefer the products with a soft back and armrests – they will allow you to relax as much as possible when. Choose the most optimal shape shape. Let it be a semicircular or standard – the main thing is that he gives you the necessary comfort throughout the service life.

Specify the seller from which materials you created a chair. They must be completely safe. Take time and the opportunity to come to the salon and feel your future purchase, and even better – sit on it.

If the seat is pressed under the weight of the body, and the upholstery will start wrinkling or replete, the quality of such materials will cause doubts.

The filler here must have a dense structure and return to the initial form after you set out from the chair.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main positive qualities of soft chairs:

  • Small sizes allow them to be placed not only in rooms, but also in the hallway, on the balcony, loggia, kitchen.

  • Variety of designer and design solutions.
  • Functionality and practicality.
  • Convenience and comfort.
  • Attractive design.

Negative traits at soft chairs are much less:

  • If you acquire an expensive, but not suitable for the features of your body chair, you are unlikely to be satisfied with the purchase.
  • Soft chairs are much harder than ordinary, and therefore they are much less mobile.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

When selecting soft chairs, give preference to famous European brands.

You will not regret if you order soft products in such eminent companies from Italy, like Parente Tradyng Corporation, Tekhne or Faggiani S. R. L., After all, their chairs – a sample of quality and exquisite decoration.

Amade factory and “Ladoga”, Noginskaya Factory Chairs are ready to offer its customers the most interesting models from the highest quality materials at a bargain price.

Furniture from Malaysia has always been famous for quality, exquisite design, durability, luxury. Among the huge range of products of EUROSPAN and Woodhause products, you can easily find stylish soft furniture furniture.

Modern examples and options

Bedroom designs best choose with armrests. They are conveniently comparable to real chairs, but they look much more graceful and visually does not look cumbersome in space.

Soft products are offered today and for the children’s room. Fluffy soft seats, horns instead of backs, legs with “hoofs” – Well, how not to smile!

DIY Made soft chairs are also very in demand today, especially if it is just necessary to create a conventional wooden chair and a soft pillow, fixed on his seat.

About the subtleties of the selection of chairs you will learn from the following video.

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