What are the racks for shoes and how to choose them?

The old saying says that the new shoes will be at the same man who carefully monitors the old. At a minimum, keep the shoes should be fine: it should not be puzzy in the hallway, ordering the appearance of the room, collecting dust and scratching due to periodic mixing in search of the desired pair. Special rack will help solve the problem with minimal useful area.


Racks for shoes can easily imagine any person, but pictures in the head among different people at the mention of this phrase will be different: someone will imagine a modest shelf for the hallway, and someone will remember the long rows of shelves in a typical shoe store. Britain today are produced in a huge variety of options. Nowadays, the shoe rack must be present literally in every home, because each person has several pairs of shoes, and in the evening, when all households gather at home, without a place for ordered storage, it is easy to do.

Realizing that consumers will buy such furniture, Manufacturers try to produce various models that would take into account the features of the stylistic design of the apartment, and could also be selected in accordance with the number of available free space.

Forget about the fact that in your hallway allegedly there is no place to accommodate the bluer – in fact you just have not yet found a suitable model.

Description of species

Official classification of shoes you will not find anywhere, but With a careful consideration of the entire model range, the most common types with defined characteristics will be distinguished. Let’s start with what a completely typical homemade (and shop) shoe rack looks like. Most often this design with shelves located one above the other. Such a locker is usually done open – he does not have anything like the doors.

Such form factor is convenient because it allows from the height of human growth to evaluate the appearance of the shoes and quickly select the desired pair from the available range. A minor height of such furniture is chosen in order to make it possible to sit for more convenient arms. Some manufacturers equip the design with a full-fledged soft seat.

However, it is not necessary to think that the shoes should be strictly the same as described above. Imagine thatThere is no room in the hallway to accommodate a typical rack, and there is only a free corner. Naturally, in such a situation it will be reasonable to use it, but then Locker for shoes will be narrow and high. Shelves will be shorter, but the total number of shelves will increase, and this room only benefits.

On a high bedside table, however, you will no longer sit down, but something has to sacrifice.By the way, Obuvanka in principle is not obliged to stand on the floor – There are hinged wall models. They are rarely too big and occurring infrequently, but for unusual design, such a decision may be perfect.

Actually, the shoes will not necessarily be a separate design, because it can be an integral part of a larger cabinet. In many cases, it is a retractable bottom box, which allows you to get quick access to shoes at any time. At the same time, it takes less space and hides the property from dust and prying views in a closed storage. In the trendy modern furniture models, designers sometimes refuse the primitive concept of the drawer, giving preference to folding and foldable design with beveled shelves.

In fact, the consumer is far It is not always necessary to chase behind the originality of furniture for the hallway, Because in many cases, manufacturers are intentionally focused on such buyers. For example, the word “transformer” is present in the name of many models, that’s just in the original it means the ability of the product to perform functions of 2 different pieces of furniture, and in the store so often call any shelving with shelves more ingenious than in the most primitive version.

For this reason, never chase names, and learn clearly understand exactly how the same suspension accessory is installed – maybe it is not yet necessary to hang anywhere.


Modern shoes produce from various materials, which allows you to solve the problem of the taste of each individual, enter the product in the interior of a certain style, choose the model cheaper or hopeer. Consider the main types of raw materials used.


Wood is the most chassis for the production of cabinets and shelves, and no plastic with it will compare. The wooden subject of the interior is stable since it has a natural origin (with certain reservations) and creates the impression of a home coat, and in the best samples will also serve as decades.

In fact, wooden shoes need to choose carefully. Most in the market of models from chipboard. It is glued using chip chemicals, which is worth a penny, but no environmentally friendly nor reliability. In all respects, except the price, Better looks like MDF – also chips, only no longer glued, and extruded at high temperatures. Finally, Stellazh From the array – this is a sample of luxury and chic, safety and aesthetism, durability and strength, and its only minus is except the price.


Metal rack most often chooses a person for whom the most important thing is a long service life of the product and its high strength, which is very relevant in families with children. Metal does not absorb pollution, not interesting mold and various pests, it is very durable and completely environmental. In the painted form, the material is aesthetic and can fit into any interior, while metal furniture is not expensive. Find any disadvantages of such a solution.

Although modern people, metal often seems too cheap and banal material, in fact it can be written even in the most expensive and exquisite design styles. So, a wrought rack will look bright and stylish. If desired, it can even be issued for a family relic.


Absolutely all know about the causes of mass distribution in the world of plastic things: the material is distinguished by very impressive durability, and also, being synthetic, does not affect any pests and absolutely does not absorb water and dirt. Wherein Plastic can imitate any other materials, as well as it can be painted in bright colors. The cost of plastic furniture usually does not bash.

At the same time for plastic is characterized by the same subtlety as for wood. It can be very different in quality and, accordingly, by price. For example, Chinese consumer goods can cost amazingly cheaply, but it is not worth paying attention to it – the design will be slugging, and the material itself can easily be toxic.

And vice versa, sometimes plastic furniture is quite expensive, but this is reasonable if the raw material meets all safety requirements, and all the details are quite thick and dense.


In this case, it is necessary to understand that the rack will not be fully fabric – it is more correct to say that it has some kind of hard frame with solid shelves, which for the sake of cheaper and decrease weight is covered with cloth instead of a full-fledged body. The advantages, respectively, will be extremely low weight, allowing you to carry a product with you on travel, as well as an impressive low cost. Someone can impress and the unusual design of such furniture.

Cons, however, is also evident: the service life of such a jacket is strictly limited to the life of the tissue. Theoretically, of course, a fabric cover can be replaced, but tailoring it to order can cost more than a new rack. In most cases, the fabric patterns are regarded only as temporary or intended only for use in the country, and there is no point in spending big money due to irregular use.

Design options

Determining with the appearance of the shoes so that it fit into the interior of the dwelling, be sure to pay attention to general recommendations regarding the stylistic characteristics of all the details of the design. For example, Classic styles always suggest focusing if not for wealth, then at least for foundation. In the former times of the Chinese hoist there was no, and many products were made although rude, but on the century. Rich citizens could afford notes of delight, so Baroque and Rococo products are furniture decorated with rich carvings.

To show that the goods are piece and passed the processing more complicated by the standard factory, the rack can be made round, especially since it is unlikely to be shedding in a corner.

Various rustic styles suggest more pronounced simplicity, but require rootality. The classic in all senses implies a refusal of modern materials, so wood and metal will be the main.

Modern styles in general and whole make much more emphasis on practicality, and not on the emphasis. The aesthetics of minimalism lies in the beauty of straight lines, so complex carved patterns will be inappropriate. The most free modern style should be considered loft, which implies allegedly independent manufacture of furniture, but then it is necessary to emphasize that the supervisory was made of improvised and not too well-processed materials. Emphasis on the use of modern plastic, and then the glass is fundamental – cozy wood in an ultra-modern design is not very relevant.

Tips for choosing

Going to the store for furniture, many potential buyers naively pay attention to its appearance and the ability to fit into the interior, although they are not at all the primary criteria. The most important initial criterion is the ability to get into the dressing room, without taking too much space. Be sure to measure the space that you are willing to give under the rack, and already go to the store with these numbers to clearly understand that the specific model is too big and just does not fit or create problems.

Warn the practical question: to store what amount of footwear pairs you need a new job. Ideally, all home shoes should fit on the shelves, and it is necessary to still have a place for guest shoes. Examine interesting models also for that, whether there are bulky winter boots and high-heeled shoes.

If the shoes are chosen for the sale of shoes, then its shelves must be with a margin to put sneakers and boots by sideways, and the design itself should turn well well. When choosing furniture for home these criteria are secondary.

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