Wardrobe with glass Lacobel

New trees in the furniture world are beautiful wardrobes with glass Lacobel. Similar products are in great demand. Such popularity is due to the practicality and spectacular appearance of fashionable furniture items. They can be selected for the interior of any tonality and stylistics.

What it is?

Lacobel is a special kind of skinali. Simply put, so called glass, the front part of which is painted in a specific color.

Features and advantages

The main advantage of modern cabinets is their attractive appearance. They are able to transform the interior and make it truly expensive and luxurious.

Models with such glasses Lacobel are absolutely noncains and easily fit into many ensembles. They are installed not only in the hallways, but also bedrooms or living rooms. Often such products of bright colors put in children’s rooms.

Currently it is difficult to find materials that differ in environmental friendliness and safety for human health. Lacobel is one of them. Similar products are non-toxic and even in conditions of high temperatures, harmful evaporations do not proceed from them.

It is worth noting the durability of such options. Over time, LaCobel glass does not fade, even if they are located under the right solar rays.

Do not fear such elements and exposure to dampness and moisture, so they can be placed in rooms with high humidity.

Special covers Lacobel protect glass from various mechanical damage, so scratches or crack remains extremely rare.

Another advantage of cabinets with such glasses is their undemanding in difficult care. Despite the bright and spectacular surfaces, products can be wiped from dirt and dust using a conventional wet rag or contact special liquid tools for washing different surfaces.

But it is worth remembering that Lacobel glass does not tolerate the impact of various abrasives.

Color spectrum

Beautiful glossy wardrobes with lacobel glasses can be painted in a variety of colors. You can choose a decent option for the interior in any shades. Consider several popular and attractive instances of fashionable cabinets:

  • Some of the most common and sought-after are white models. Visually, such designs look very light and air, even if there are large dimensions. Often snow-white details are embedded in dark corps. Clear contrast in this case gives the wardrobe special chic and glitter. White color can be combined with other shades in the product. For example, it can be glasses of gray, brown, pink, black or red. Such options look very interesting and original!

  • Popular and black cabinets with lacobel glasses. Such furniture items are not suitable for all interiors. They are not recommended to install in rooms of a small area or indoors with dark trim. In the first case, the room may seem even less, and in the second – the whole setting risks to merge into one dark spot. You can refer to more gentle options with contrasting inserts and light enclosures. For example, a large wardrobe with a white hull and black glasses, diluted with red inserts, will look good in bright and small rooms. Black glasses, like white, are often complemented by elements of different colors. It can be like a shade of black and contrastful colors.

  • Passionate and sensual people will fall to taste luxury wardrobes with decorative glasses of red. Such options are especially harmoniously looks in rooms with light and relaxed trim. It is not recommended to overload the space with a large number of saturated items, if there is a large red wardrobe.

  • Charming specimens of gentle pink color look very harmonious in light rooms. Pink color can also be bright and saturated. Most often, the wardrobes such a palette are installed in the bedrooms.

  • Brightly and catch the models in which Lacobel glasses are painted in several different colors. For example, it can be “sour” combination of yellow and bright green, tandem of berry raspberry and white and so on.

Combination of materials

Quality and eco-friendly lacobel glasses look great in combination with the following materials:

  • Chipboard. Sliding wardrobes from such a material are found very often. They have a low cost. The chipboard contains extruded segments of the tree of different sizes. They bind to each other by adding formaldehyde resins. Such substances are harmful, and in high temperatures, hazardous evaporations are distinguished. Technologies are constantly upgraded and today the percentage of formaldehyde additives is significantly reduced, but from this chipboard did not become absolutely safe material.
  • DVP. This material is also made from wood waste with the addition of paraffin, resins and strengthening compositions. Such material is more often used for the manufacture of the rear and side walls of the cabinet. It is well combined with lacobel glasses and is relatively inexpensive.
  • MDF. This material is the most secure. Quality wardrobes with decorative glasses are often made of such raw materials. It is worth noting the wear resistance and durability of such models.
  • Not so long ago, the furniture market appeared spectacular options for wardrobes, in which there are decorative glasses of Lacobel and inserts trimmed with artificial leather. Such additions can have a smooth surface or a texture that repeats the snake and crocodile skin. Such decorative inserts may have different colors. It is recommended to choose options in which leather parts are echoing in color with lacobel glasses.

Often in the wardrobe with multicolored glasses there are conventional reflective mirrors. Such parts can be located on the side of the furniture or in the center – between the two sliding doors. Visually similar furniture objects are able to make the room more spacious and light, especially if you choose bright and warm lighting.


Consumers came to delight from glossy and overflowing cabinets with glass Lakobel, as soon as they appeared on sale. Today, such products are in great demand, as they have an unsurpassed and expensive appearance.

People fell to taste the juicy colors of such wardrobes, because it is possible to choose not only calm and neutral, but also a very bright model. Similar options look in the interior very interesting and effectively.

Many buyers pleased the fact that fashionable wardrobes with decorative glasses do not require special care and did not have to buy expensive cleaning products.

Lacobel glasses are very durable and non-mechanical damage. Holders of cabinets with such details pleased this fact. Even after regular exploitation and a long time, scratches and other defects do not appear on the surface of the furniture.

Interior accommodation options

Luxury wardrobes, decorated with lacobel glasses, look great in many interiors. Consider several more interesting options:

  • A bright wardrobe with red glasses and a white housing will be harmoniously on the background of the window with light curtains, pale yellow walls, white ceiling and floor laid by cream laminate. On the contrary, you can put a small bright sofa with wooden legs and back. Under it can be seized a square carpet of a light shade with a red edging.

  • The built-in wardrobe with green and purple glasses will look great in the children’s room with green walls, as well as white floors and ceiling. On the sides of the cabinet will find their place two single children’s beds of greenish brown.

  • Luxury lacobel glasses in the built-in wardrobe will look expensive on the background of beige walls and the ceiling of similar color. On the floor you can lay a dark brown laminate and supplement its gray carpet with a high pile. In such a room, you can put a small leather sofa or equip the workplace.

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