Wardrobe Coupe made of wood

The modern interior is difficult to imagine without such an object of furniture, like a closet. Models “coupe” have excellent functionality and large capacity. They are very popular lately. Such cabinets are made of various materials: from inexpensively DVP to a luxurious tree of natural origin.



Pros and cons

  • Natural materials are always valued. Very beautiful and durable cabinets, capable of transforming interior and make it truly luxurious.
  • High-quality furniture from the wood array is an eco-friendly and absolutely safe. It will not exhibit harmful substances in high temperatures. This characteristic is relevant today, since dangerous or toxic materials are found in everything: from interior decoration to furniture items.
  • Wooden wardrobe will serve for a very long time. In itself, the tree is distinguished by enviable durability. Such an item does not have to replace a new year after a couple of years.
  • Natural cabinet made of wood array is not susceptible to negative impact of humidity. It does not develop fungus and mold.
  • Such specimens are very durable. It is not afraid of mechanical damage.
  • Many consumers celebrate a charming aroma emanating from such furniture objects. The natural smell is maintained in the room for a long time and makes it even more hospitable.

There are no significant deficiencies in such things. But it is worth noting that the high-quality wardrobe of the wood massif will cost the buyer. It is the high cost of people who refer to the main minus of such objects of furniture.



Types of designs

Practical and functional wardrobes of natural materials can have different designs.Each owner will be able to choose the appropriate option for its apartment.

Most often there are classic cabinet copies. They are universal and suitable for many interiors. Such options should be purchased for the premises of a large area. Cabinet models occupy a lot of space, and in a small room can look uncomfortable.

In such products there are all composite details: side and rear walls, panels and so. Cabinet furniture can easily be rearranged in another place.

If you want to save free space, then an ideal option will be a built-in wardrobe. There are only facade panels with sliding mechanism in such designs. These wardrobes are built into the wall or special niches (if any indoors).

The main advantage of embedded cabinets is their compact size. This furniture can be installed even in a small room. Often built-in wardrobes are placed in the corridor, bathroom or in the kitchen.

No less popular semi-density models made of wood. Cabinets of such structures are sold without several parts, but no time is missing back and lateral panel. To such an option, the owners who want to replenish the interior of furniture made of natural wood, but are not ready to spend too large amounts for it. Semi-density copies are one of the most affordable, as there are fewer natural material on them.

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In most practical wardrobes, there is a multifunctional and useful filling, which allows you to decompose things and various items as small as possible and organized.

The composition of the inside of furniture depends on its size and depth. Consider a detailed classic content of a spacious instance:

  • Visually, the cabinet can be divided into three main zones. The bottom is worth the storage of shoes. The main thing is the middle part. It always contains hangers and shelves for clothes. The highest zone is suitable for storing hats and things you use not regular.
  • As a rule, at the bottom there are shoe boxes, small trousers and compact storage boxes for the storage of different accessories (gloves, scarves and so on). The height of the shoe compartments should be such that you can supply high boots or shoes without breaking their top.
  • In the main (central) part should be hangers for long (raincoats, long jackets, coats) and things of the usual length. Often in the center there are separate shelves intended for storage of things made of delicate tissues. They must be behind the covers.
  • On separate shelves, it is recommended to keep clothes that is easy to stretch.
  • The upper shelves can be stored for the storage of things you use not very often. Ladies often remove their handbags there, also contains backpacks, hats and caps.
  • If you are interested in various sports, then the inventory is also recommended to store on the open upper shelves.

Varieties of material

Natural wood furniture will never lose its relevance. Consider several types of such material from which beautiful models of cabinets are produced.

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Spectacular options from the pine massif have a variety of design and style. They look harmonious not only in the classic interior. Such items are combined with the rustic style of country, modern and even Hi-tech.

Pine is very pliable and soft raw materials, so the most different variations of the wardrobes are made of it. But such models require respect. Pine cabinets poorly carry dampness and moisture, and it is necessary to operate pine furniture carefully, without exposing it to mechanical damage and additional loads.

Very expensive and luxuriously look models produced from an oak array. Such material boasts unsurpassed performance characteristics.

Oak is the most durable raw material. A wardrobe from such a material can be attributed to the eternal classics, so it will never come from fashion and can be given a special chic and aristocracy to the interior with it.

Today, models made of veneer are very popular. Externally, they are not enough in what is inferior to copies from the wood array, but it is much cheaper.

Such material is a thin woody layer, which is used for the external finishing of furniture facades.

Often products from such raw materials have a very interesting and attractive texture. Especially bright and attractively, products produced from root sections.

Aesthetic appearance and practicality have luxury cabinets from cedar and larch. Similar materials are noncains. They do not need to be subjected to chemical or antibacterial treatments.

Such furniture objects can compete in strength with oak copies.

It is worth noting and the improvement of the effect, which is on a man. Larch and cedar allocate useful phytoncides with rejuvenating properties.


For modern styles in the interior, it is recommended to select cabinets of light breeds. It can be pine or birch. Similar models are found in white, cream and beige tones.

With the help of a noble cabinet made of light or lowered wood, you can visually make the room lighter and warm, very cozy.

Dark wood species will be more suitable for the classic or gothic interior. For example, an expensive wardrobe made of dark chocolate tint or oak version of black and brown will look very rich!

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How to choose?

The wardrobes of natural materials are expensive, so they should be selected very responsibly.

  1. If you are going to put furniture in a small room, it is better to stop the choice on an embedded or semi-solid version of a light shade. In the conditions of small room, a large and dark corpuscle wardrobe will look in no harmonious.
  2. If the area of ​​the room allows, you can also turn to more impressive specimens of dark tones. It all depends only on your taste preferences and overall interior stylist.
  3. The model with a mirror is best suited for the bedroom. It can store clothes and bed linen. Using mirrored inserts, you can visually expand free space.
  4. Do not believe too low the cost of a natural wardrobe. Furniture from the wood massif will never cost too cheap. If you find such a product, then, most likely, it is low-quality and unnatural.
  5. Be sure to inspect the furniture on scratches and other damage before making a purchase. The surface must be in perfect condition.



Ideas in the interior

Luxurious cabinet made of light wood with mirrored inserts will be magically look in the ensemble with a large double bed with white sides and contrasting wall curtains hanging over it. Walls can be separated by striped wallpaper of light tones, and on the floor put beige carpet or laminate.

Expensive furniture can be put in the hallway. Choose the built-in wardrobe from the wood array with large glasses on the doors. Opposite it can be placed a rectangular mirror with illumination and a wall shelf of light wood. Hangers for outerwear worth posting off (closer to exit). Such a chic tandem will be harmonized with dim wood walls and gray tiled floors.

In the living room or dining area you can put a large oak wardrobe with wavy patterned inserts. Such furniture will be combined with a gorgeous table and chairs from similar materials. Ceiling can be separated by white plaster, and walls – aluminum wallpaper with golden ornaments. On the floor will be spectacular to look like a laminate, suitable in color to the tint of oak. Such an ensemble will look very expensive and aristocratic.

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