Wardrobe “Basya”

Any dwelling, whether it is an apartment or house, need furniture. It is required not only for decoration, but also for practical purposes, namely, the placement of things. Recently, a wardrobe with sliding doors is becoming increasingly popular. But not all models are suitable for small-sized spaces, and the high price is not always justified. You can buy at no worst option and for an acceptable price: Basket wardrobe from the Russian manufacturer.

Features and advantages

The wardrobe “Basya” is distinguished among similar designs with its compact size and an acceptable price. He will fit perfectly into the interior not only any room, but also a hallway. Small but, at the same time, a spacious wardrobe perfectly copes with the task of accommodating not only clothes, but also shoes.

The cost of this wonderful model with a mirror is three times lower than other products with a similar design. His low price is not reflected in either appearance or as component parts.

Material and color

The wardrobe “Basya” is produced by a Russian manufacturer of a sheet composite material made by pressing. To give the drawing “under the tree”, it is laminated, and special processing passes for resistance to moisture.

Color solutions of the proposed model are presented in three versions based on the contrast of two colors, and in one monochrome. In three versions, the frame and the central sash are made of a dark saturated shade, and the two remaining attached sliding doors – from light colors. The color execution of the models of the models is presented in combination:

  • White oak with wenge, Valleis plums with wenge;
  • ash shimmer light with a clear dark

There is also a single monochrome version of Cherry Oxford.



Size and filling

Three-tier wardrobe is produced by the manufacturer in one size.

The height of the product assembled is 200 cm, which allows you to install it indoors with low ceilings. The length of the cabinet is only 130 cm, which makes it possible to place this interior item even in a small space. The depth of 50 cm makes it possible to place a fairly large amount of clothing and bed linen.

The wardrobe “Basya” – externally beautiful, modern, consisting of a strong housing and a magnificent facade, the design of which is represented by three sliding flaps. On the central part attached a large mirror. Attractive external facade is a functional interior device.

The frame of the cabinet is divided into two roomy compartments. In one there is a rod attached parallel to the rear wall. Here you can place clothes, waving it on the “shoulder”, and at the bottom, if you wish, you can store boxes with shoes. In another compartment, there are three shelves for storing clothes in folded and bed linen.

Assembly instructions

In order to start an assembly according to the scheme, you must first unpack all the details. In one box there are doors, in another – walls, and in the third mirror.

Assembling the wardrobe involves the phased implementation of the following actions:

  • First of all, we unpack the box with the walls and begin to collect the frame, placing parts so that the assembled design is located face down.

  • To fasten the parts with each other you need to use special screws – confirmates or, as they are also called, Eurovints. This fastening element does not destroy the material and is able to withstand the load on the separation and bend.

  • Mount starting from the bottom angle, attaching the side wall to the bottom item.
  • Install the parallel wall and rack separating the frame for two halves.
  • We fasten the side wall with the center of the steep shelf. It is necessary for more hard fastening.
  • At the end of the installation, screw the cabinet cover, but not until.
  • To the base of the cabinet, you need to nail the scales.

  • With the help of a roulette, we measure one first, and then the second diagonal. With the right attachment, they must be equal. If there is a difference between them, then it is necessary to align the frame, by shifting to the smaller side. The design is considered correctly fastened if each of the four corners is 90 degrees, and both diagonals are equal to.
  • Now you can proceed to the mounting of the rear wall, consisting of three parts. Each part is fixed with the help of nails feedable at a distance of 10-15 cm in the ends of all elements. We start from the side where the regiment is located. Putting and lining the sheet, blackstim cuts, determining the level of the previously fixed shelf. It is necessary to make it necessary to kill the rear wall not only to the end of the design, but also exactly to the shelf. After all parts are nailed, you need to bore them with special profiles.
  • We proceed to the doors – to each top from the top of two sides, we screw the chassis roller.

  • Then begin to engage in the middle door on which we will clipped the mirror. Put it on the surface face up and apply the mirror to it, which we supply, pre-expandedly placing. Prepared surface degreased, and from the inside of the mirror we remove the protective films of the two-way tape. To the mirror glued exactly, you need to pave between the mirror and the lining door, the thickness of them should be more tape. Then start to clean them carefully.

  • Now install the shelf down the shelves in the underwear compartment, and then attach a positive rod. Screw the upper rails and lower guides, drilled the holes in them. We start with the bottom guide, retreating from the edge of about 2 cm, finish the top.

  • Gently install the doors in the grooves of profiles. Check the course of doors: it should be smooth and without unnecessary sounds, and the doors must fit tightly. If necessary, we carry out adjustment, by twisting the running roller. Next, tighten the locking screws and install the lower guides for each door. After that, hang the door and fix the upper bar with the help of screws.

Overview of the cabinet “Basya” – in the next video.

Reviews about the manufacturer

Acceptable price, coupled with an attractive appearance of the cabinet “Basya”, proposed by the Russian manufacturer, attracts many people. Therefore, the majority of reviews are mainly positive.

Almost all buyers note a very good packaging of this product, thanks to which all the details of the cabinet reach the consumer in complete safety. Especially carefully packed mirror, for which many buyers are grateful to the manufacturer when they write reviews.

Many agree that this wardrobe is an excellent option for those who are used to save, but not to the detriment of the functionality and quality of the acquired product.

But there is one negative point. Almost all customers converge in the opinion that the instruction attached to the product should be more understandable and better if it is printed by a larger font.

But for those who are well versed in the assembly of furniture, there should be no problems with this process.

Options in the interior

Wardrobe compartment “Basya” due to the size can be placed in a small room. When buying this product, it is necessary to take into account the color of already installed furniture.

The most optimal accommodation option for this cabinet will be a bedroom. By virtue of their compact form, the presence of sliding doors, it will not take much space, but at the same time, it can be placed quite a lot of things in it. In addition, the presence of a mirror not only contributes to a visual increase in space, but also performs a practical function.

The main thing is to correctly select a combination of the colors of the cabinet, the benefit of the company produces options in the most sought-after color scheme, which greatly facilitates the task.

You can also put this model in the hallway, especially if it does not differ in the large size, has niches and discovering angles. Wardrobe compartment “Basya” perfectly fit into this space. Its internal device consisting of two compartments allows you to place not only the upper clothes and hats, but also shoes.

In addition, the presence of a light facade and mirrors visually expand the space.

This wardrobe is a good furniture option for a small living room. It is important that the selected option is combined with style and color with previously installed furniture.

Choosing one or another option to the “Basya” wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account not only the size of the proposed design, but also the optimal combination of colors for your interior.

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