Wall in the interior of the living room

Living room arrangement is a very important part of the home interior planning. From how the furniture will be located, the whole interior of the room and its functionality will depend. The wall is the largest element of the interior of any living room. It is from the right choice of such furniture that the living room will be dependent, its aesthetics and tidiness will depend on. Now the walls are no less popular than before, as it is a multifunctional furniture. That is why it is important to know how to choose a convenient and practical option for a modern living room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Walls for the living room – these are spacious and functional elements of furniture. They can be removed and hide absolutely any things: from personal items and linen before technology and other decorative items. And it is possible to hide them from prying eyes and on the contrary, to arrange for universal review. Thus, all the objects located there will be at hand and they will be quite easy to find. Functional This piece of furniture is considered because it is very convenient to use.

The wall performs a lot of important functions and the necessary things are stored in it. In addition, it is very often used as a stand for household appliances, such as TV, home cinema, music center. In addition, it is possible to arrange collective books, dishes, discs and other items. Furniture walls are now very stylish. Many models have very beautiful facades and trim absolutely do not resemble Soviet taxes.

Also a big advantage is the special quality of such interior items. All its elements make up a single whole, there are no protrusions. It looks very harmonious and smart. As a rule, such models are purchased for many years, so they are made of high-quality materials.

Another advantage of such models is that they are able to collect together a variety of furniture items that will create a harmonious ensemble.

All large furniture will be compactly collected in one wall and will look very easy. In addition, the wall will occupy much less space, rather than detached cabinets, racks, bedside tables, dressers. A huge amount of advantage has a modular wall, since the owners of such an object of furniture can decide independently, in which order components should be located.

Such a wall allows you to make a permutation at any time and change the interior of the living room.

Walls have quite a few flaws. So, EThat subject of furniture can be installed not in each room, but only in a rather spacious living room. If you have a small living room in which there are already other furniture items, such as wardrobes for clothes, for books or other large furniture, it will not always be possible to choose a suitable wall. In addition, many models presented in stores are quite large, so they will take a lot of space in a small room and will clutch it


Modern varieties of the walls are absolutely not like those who were distributed in Soviet times. Now the appearance of all models is changing for the better. Previously, all the walls had about the same appearance, located along one wall and were rather massive. Modern designs may have another appearance. So, the walls are:

  • classic linear;
  • G-shaped;
  • P-shaped;
  • Modular;
  • Hill walls.

Classic linear walls usually consist of some basic elements to which a wardrobe belongs, a drawer, books for books, mezzanine, a niche for a TV. These are elite cabinet furniture items with closed or open design. Each such wall necessarily has bookshelves. They can be located on the sides. Some establish souvenirs, newspapers, magazines and other things that should be easily accessible.

Also in the wall design there are hinged cabinets. They make the room more easy. As for M-shaped and P-shaped models, they differ from linear in that they are located not on one wall, but immediately several. From above on the plan they will have an appearance in the form of the letter “g” or “P”. M-shaped models occupy two adjacent walls, and the P-shaped are the largest, overall and bulky. They are located around the perimeter of three walls.

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P-shaped models have the largest number of cabinets, shelves, bedside tables, therefore are the most functional and practical. But at the same time their dimensions are very impressive.

The hill wall is a very stylish and modern solution to any living room. It will suit anyone on interior design. As a rule, such objects of furniture include almost all the same elements as classical, but, as a rule, all objects differ in their form and altitude. Thus, it combines the most irrelevant elements.

All parts of such furniture are quite compact, so the wall is not such a large-sized, like other models. Hill walls look very smart both in large rooms and in small rooms.

Modular walls are now popular. This is the most stylish variety that is usually installed in a room-designed room. This piece of furniture includes several different models that suggest creating a wide variety of combinations. You can choose yourself in what order all design elements.

In addition, such a wall is quite easy to install. For this you will not need to call specialists, you can collect it with your own hands. Such furniture will be in its original and unique. Modular furniture is the most compact and functional.

As a rule, it is characterized by minimalist style and is suitable for any interior and any room style.

The big advantage of such furniture is that In the event of a breakdown of one module, it can be easily replaced by another. In this case, you do not have to replace the entire wall. Also, if you move or want to expand the wall, you can purchase additional modules and thereby transforming the appearance of this wall.

For the arrangement of small living rooms very often use lightweight mini walls. These are very comfortable and unusual models that are suitable for installation in small living areas. Also mini walls are very often used for zoning in Studio apartments. They are the most compact and easy and represent only the shelf for the TV or other household appliances and the surrounding small lockers.

It is simple and not very roomy, but it allows you to functionably use the space of even the smallest room itself. With it, you can separate the recreation area in the studio type apartments.

There are also other wall models. It can be a wall-transformer with a rotating bar, a model with a servant, with a wardrobe, radius walls. Popular Design Models Having built-in fireplaces. Often acquire a suspended, embedded and typesette.


In order to correctly arrange the wall in the living room, it is necessary to take into account its dimensions, as well as the size of the room. It is from the right place that the practicality and functionality of this room will depend on. Very many firms producing walls, offer a wide variety of design sizes. In addition, you can select very practical modular models, choosing the number of wall blocks and, accordingly, varying the size of such a model. There are some standard indicators of the sizes of such walls. There are models with parameters:

  • 270x52x2120 cm;
  • 281x56x240 cm;
  • 300x45x220 cm;
  • 360x52x210 cm.

All these indicators are averaged and depend on the number of wall blocks, from the design of this product. These are standard sizes that represent manufacturers. But if the size of the wall does not fit you, then you can order it in its individual measurements. Each furniture factory will agree to make it, based on the indicators presented.

As a rule, classic walls are more massive than modern, therefore Design also affects dimensions. But it is believed that all the walls are quite large furniture items. They also differ in their length. It can be long furniture on the entire wall or a small compact, which will take a third wall. The height of the wall may also be the most diverse. It will depend on the height of the ceilings.

Low wall perfectly fit into a small room with low ceilings. All low walls are more compact. In the room with high ceilings, it is better to put a big wall in the entire height of the wall, it will look very luxurious.

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Furniture walls are made of materials whose includes a tree. So, All these materials are divided into two large groups:

  • array;
  • lumber;

In the manufacture of an array, a variety of breeds are used, such as oak, beech, ash and others. They look elegant and are very durable. The only disadvantage of the wall from the natural woody array is that it has a very high cost. But having bought such a furniture headset once, you can be sure that he will serve you for many years and his former look will be unchanged for a long time.

As for sawn timber, it can be models from MDF, chipboard, fiberboard. These are materials that contain wood solids, connected by chemicals. They are much more easy compared to natural models. Some of them may have an invalid formaldehyde level, which can adversely affect your health. That is why when buying Request certificates of quality of this product from the manufacturer.

Also quite popular are combined wall models. In this case, the main framework of such furniture makes from chipboard or fiberboard, and the facades and shelves are made of natural wood. And thanks to natural exquisite facades, the entire wall as a whole looks very expensive and elegant. The combined model is not more expensive than natural, but compared to the unhetative will serve longer.

The cheapest are the walls of drywall. They are pretty thin and lung, But at the same time not durable. Also popular veneer furniture. It is a model of chipboard or fiberboard, covered with a thin layer of natural wood. In this case, the model has the appearance of the real wood product, but is actually an unnatural.

Mirror, glass, plastic, aluminum and many other materials are also used as a material for the manufacture of walls. Glass walls look very easy and exquisite. As a rule, such a model has glass shelves and similar inserts in the doors and facades. This is a lightweight wall option that can fill the room with light. There are also models with artificial rattan finish.

Plastic and aluminum are also commonly used when creating walls as fittings. Of them make various attachments and handles. It is important that these elements are high quality, since they are responsible for the functionality of the wall not to a lesser extent than materials for facades.

The color of the wall is usually selected under the overall interior design. And in this case, the models are selected depending on the total color scheme in which the room is decorated. Be sure to take into account the color of the floor and walls.

Such a piece of furniture in no way should be merged with the color of the walls, as it will look very faded and uninteresting.

In some cases, such furniture is selected by the color of the door leaf and floor covering. Furniture in light colors are selected in case there are other bright items in the room, for example, a sofa. Consider that in the interior of the room should not be used more than three different colors, otherwise it will look short. It is best to give preference to models with a natural woody tint to which Milk oak, white oak, color nut, wenge.

Very popular is also a classic black wall. It looks very strictly and exquisite. Traditional is a brown wall. No less presentable Light beige model. But many acquire colored walls. As a rule, they are put in a room with a modern interior. So, in a stylishly decorated room perfectly fit on red, lilac, burgundy and dark green wall.

Facade design options

Now manufacturers offer very original and unusual facades, including gorgeous mirror coatings, products with shop windows, as well as openwork carved facades for old. Very modern are facades with rhinestones and glass. This combination will fill the room with light and ease. Also popular models with a mirror without a handle. Such furniture allows you to play with light and looks very elegant.

As an element of the facade design, manufacturers often use a backlit decor. And for this use multi-colored LEDs that fill the room with elements of magic. Very popular now is a glossy facade. This option is perfect for bright rooms. In this case, use a combination of black and white shades in the wall design. Such a contrast combination will be on the hand to those who want to expand the space indoors using the wall.

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In some cases buy glossy bright color furniture. It looks more original and brighter compared to conventional matte models. Also for design used laminated facades. So, very beautifully look frosted glass doors with a framed from a natural tree. For the decor of facades, various paintings, patterns, stained glass windows and other methods are also used.

As for the wooden facades, the varnish doors and shelves look very smart. Beautifully looks wall with a bench-winding facade. This is a lightweight option that is perfect for any bright premises.


Most living rooms are design in classic style. The traditional modern furniture wall is suitable in such a room. As a rule, it is furniture with the effect of antiquity, which is most often made from a natural tree. Wood facades may have artificially aged coating, which makes them more vintage and luxurious. So it is possible to emphasize the high social status of its owner and pay attention to the value of such a furniture headset.

Only high-quality and natural materials are used for finishing classical furniture. Very popular carving and painting on wood. Walls are also installed in the living room decorated Country style. Such models are distinguished by facades made from materials similar to a deal.

This style welcomes only naturalness and environmental friendliness, so wooden aged models are the perfect option for such a living room. Such a wall can resemble ancient furniture in a rustic house. Now the furniture headsets are installed in more modern rooms. It may be placed in style Modern, Hi-Tech, Loft. All of them have a non-standard appearance and interesting design.

As a rule, they are made of unproform materials, such as MDF or chipboard. Also for their manufacture uses plastic, glass and other finishing materials.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Now one of the best manufacturers are the leading furniture factories – “Aurora”, “Horizon”, “Styling”, “Phoenix”, “Flora”, “Elna”, “Concept” and others. Many of them offer both budget models from lumber and natural products from woody array. What specifically, the furniture factory and the product choose – depends only on you and your preferences, as well as how much you expect to spend it products.

How to choose?

Choosing the wall, try to acquire only quality products. Now you can pick up a very interesting youth model that will perform your necessary functions and will look beautiful. It should be very compact and accommodate all the necessary things. For a small modern studio apartment, you can purchase a model separating the room.

Before purchasing the wall, try to decide on the size, for this it is necessary to produce all measurements. If you choose, be sure to find out what material the model is made. Better if the material is environmentally friendly and durable.

Check all furniture fittings, the presence of all handles and fasteners.

Also rely on the design of this product. It should harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room. Better if the wall is combined with large furniture located in the room. In order to fill the apartment with light and easily, it is better to establish a modular wall, which all the top facades must be made of glass or mirrors, and the shelves must be open.

Interesting ideas in the interior of the apartment

Designers offer to realize the following ideas:

  • Looks very interesting Light room with a dark wall. Such a contrast is quite original and fit perfectly for the modern interior. If your classic living room has massive and heavy curtains, furniture with stucco or other decor, it is better to give preference to large exquisite models with closed elements. Glazing in the design of such walls is also welcomed.

  • For more modern interiors will fit very well Models made in the style of minimalism. As a rule, they have glossy opaque facades and are made in dark shades. Walls are very elegantly, the modules of which are folded into interesting geometric shapes, such as a triangle, a trapezium or a circle.

These models look very unusual and become a highlight of any interior.

Wall overview in living room interior See More.

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