Tuberet’s height: varieties and choice

An ordinary little stool is present, probably in every home. This view of the seat is indispensable in small kitchens, at bar racks or in children’s rooms, and is used even in the form of a stepladder. Stools, like any furniture, are manufactured according to standard dimensions that correspond to medium anthropological data of the person.

Tubrete’s device

By definition in the encyclopedia, the stool is a seat intended for one person, without a back and armrests, consisting of the sidewood, 3 or 4 legs, and, possibly, also with crossbars under the seat and between the legs (with the kings and nodes). Such chairs made of wood, metal, plastic, plywood, and, depending on the purpose and model, Sometimes the foam rubber or any other seal, artificial and natural skin, fur or fabric for the seat.

What is the height of GOST?

According to the state standard, the size of the traditional stool is as follows: the side of the seat is at least 30-32 cm, the height from the floor to the surface of the seat – 42-48 cm. At the same time, the table, followed by the stool, is also standard height – 72-78 cm.

But Tables can be higher, for example, bar racks, their height ranges from 85 to 130 cm. In these cases, stools need to be selected in such a way that the difference in the height of the table and stools was about 35-40 cm.

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If the height of the table, suppose 90 cm, then in the stool it should be about 55 cm, with a table height of about 1 m, the height of the chair, respectively, approximately 60 cm.

It is important to note that With the height of the toaster more than 50 cm on his legs should be mounted for leg crossbars, Moreover, the distance from the crossbar to the scene of the toaster must correspond to the standard height of the chairs in 42-48 cm.

For children there are their standards:

  • With the growth of the child to 1.16 m, the height of the table – 46, and stools – 26 cm;

  • with an increase of 1.20 m – 53 and 31 cm, respectively;

  • with an increase of 1.40 m – table 59, a chair 35 cm;

  • with growth 1.50 m – 64 and 38.

Rules for choice of growth

Standard stool sizes are designed for the average human height of 1.65 m. High Growth and Children’s Sizes are clearly not suitable. There is a single formula for which it is possible to calculate the necessary height of stools for a separate person:

(P * 75/165) – 35

Where p is an individual human height in centimeters, 75 – the standard height of the table, 165 – the average human growth rate in centimeters, 35 is the difference between the height of the table and the stool.

But for the family, where several people live, including children, this formula must be changed a bit.

Instead of the average standard value of 165, the arithmetic average is taken from the growth values ​​of all family members.

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If all these calculations are tedious and complex, then you can bring some tips on the choice:

  • When a person sits on a stool, his feet should stand freely on the floor, and the knees should be bent exactly at an angle of 90 degrees;

  • The distance between the knees and the countertop should be about 10-15 cm;

  • The front edge of the stool should not put pressure on the bottom of the thigh under the knees.

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