Trellier: Features of choice and placement

Trellier is an excellent invention for fashionistas and everyone who is used to watching their appearance. The invention is attributed to the Favorite Louis XV – Madame Pompadur.

Features and destination

This attribute is a table with three mirrors, of which one recorded inpatient, and two side can move in a folding mode. Such a simple design allows a person to consider himself from all sides.

Despite the fact that the history of the origin of such an accessory for women goes to the distant past, the design is relevant and now. Modern designers have developed many amazing models in which it is difficult to recognize the troll. But In the classic style, this furniture is always drawn up with three mirror doors.

Traditionally, the trolls exhibit along the wall. For tight premises, you can purchase an angular model – it will take little space and will become an excellent interior decoration. In addition, the design is equipped with shelves and boxes, is a convenient storage system for cosmetics, sewing accessories and other trifles. Well thought-out lighting will help maximize all the advantages of such furniture.

Trellier – not easy interior member, because the mirrors attract attention, so the design should look impeccable and maintain the overall design of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern design that combines the endbook and the mirror has the following advantages:

  • Trellier is the only place in the house where you can see yourself from the side and understand that it is time to update the wardrobe;
  • The design equipped with backlit will contribute to the overall lighting of the room;
  • The shelves and boxes of a spacious cabinet are able to systematize cosmetics and many trifles;

  • Having placed a troll in the hallway, you can always check your appearance before going out of the house;
  • Due to the variety of structures and styles, such furniture is easy to choose to your interior.

The disadvantage is the volume of the design that requires more space than the mirror on the wall.

What is the difference from the truma?

Trellier, Truma and a dressing table with a mirror are furniture items created to review the appearance and storage of things. To understand the difference, you need to know what each of them is.

  • Triam. Translated from French means “Pier”. If there is a big mirror in the room, then passing by, a person is always delayed near him for a second. “Pier” is a mirror on legs. It can be transferred, it happens in full growth or small for review only the top of the body. Sometimes they are shipping with a table.
  • Trellier. This word denotes “Three mirrors, which are folded”. The design has a fiber with a fixed central mirror, two side flaps are attached to it. With their help, you can concentrate the light for the best search.

  • Dressing table. Comfortable makeup furniture object, equipped with a small mirror. The table has several boxes and backlight. Different from telling simplicity and grace.

By summing up, we can say that the trilting is a triple mirror on the end of the end, the portable mirror on the legs, and the dressing table is the subject of furniture for applying cosmetics.


In the bedroom or hallway often acquire a wall mirror. It may well satisfy the undemanding average. But for those who love to look at themselves from all sides, the touching is simply necessary.

To date, this piece of furniture is produced with a large variety of forms, material and design solutions. You can always choose your favorite model.


Trellier has two main forms: angular and traditional, that is, one of them can compactly occupy angle, and the second is to stay at the wall.

Models are encountered unequal sizes, with one or two stands, chest. Designs are equipped with shelves, drawers, doors of different quantities. Mirrors do not always look classically: some are repeated geometric shapes, others have the wrong intricate forms.

Trellier can be bought in furniture centers and online stores. But some craftsmen make them with their own hands. Currently, all components can be purchased for its manufacture. If you try, you will get a great gift to wife or daughter.

Trellier for the girl is distinguished by small sizes, rounded shapes with neat light mirrors.

Materials execution

Modern furniture industry focuses on customer requests. Not everyone can afford an expensive model of wood. In most cases, they produce trolls from fiberboard, chipboard or MDF. They imitate the texture of real wood, have a wide color palette, so even budget options look good. Such furniture will decorate any entrance hall.

For the bedroom it is better to choose wood models, as they are environmentally friendly. Struggle construction constructions sometimes have toxic adhesive impregnations that may affect health. They are poorly suitable for the room with frequent stay of people.

If babushkin has been preserved, then you should not throw it. The old furniture was made of a wood array, especially since such a headset can be restored – it is necessary to carefully remove the old paint, to be treated with antibacterial solution and apply a new one or covered with several layers of varnish.

Modern industry produces trolls from a variety of wood: cedar, oak, plum, wenge, linden, apple and pines. They have a different color and structure of the material, and in the interior we look good and majestically. Especially attractive models made in a contrast version, for example, the combination of wenge and alder or a low oak.

Metal in Trellier products are used for modern Loft style interiors, High Tech, Techno. Finishing with copper or bronze details is necessary for baroque stylistics. For gothic use narrow wrought structures with desktop hatch mirrors.

Combined glass and plastic elements are also necessary for urban styles (Loft, Techno, High-Tech). Fuji uses models with a maximum number of glass inserts.


Trelliers during the USSR did high quality, they occupied a lot of space and were almost in every home, but there were no abundance of species: the height of the couch – 60 cm, the average mirror – 40 cm, side – 20 cm. If you go through the apartments of friends today, it is unlikely to meet two identical models.

Designers annually release samples of new designs for the bedroom, bathroom, hallway. Abundance of color from white to black can satisfy even the most arrogant taste.

In order not to violate the harmony of the interior, it is better to purchase a trolli with a headuit. But if you have to buy separately, you can always choose similar color and texture. The style of the model must necessarily coincide with the interior of the room.

  • Alteration of the old good telling with the replacement of the mirrors will give this piece of furniture a new life. He will be able to take his place in the interior retro or provence.
  • Historical Baroque style applied in spacious rooms. His personality and screaming splendor. It is ideal for antique trils or modern options inlaid by expensive metals. The color of the model can be cream or ivory, gilding and rhinestones are involved in the decoration of the mirror.
  • Aristocratic style Ampir Combines the simplicity of lines and puff atmosphere. It looks like a baroque with the use of bronze, gilding, crystal and heavy textiles. Trellier in the Empire Stylistics can have the same models as Baroque.

  • Gothic also represents a historical direction. For apparent simplicity, real sophistication is hidden. Gothic style trolls are performed with forging elements.
  • Classical – Time proven, parade and respectable style. It uses expensive materials, rich, but without any extra pomp, decor. The design with mirrors should have clear forms, straight lines and expressive shades. The material uses expensive wood varieties.

  • Modern, Unlike classic, does not like a clear geometry. Comedy is characterized by rounded corners, and mirrors – smooth lines that can be rounded, oval or completely shapeless. For modernity, functionality and beauty is characteristic, so the bedside table is chosen with a sufficient number of shelves and drawers.
  • From modern destinations you can note high tech. He uses metal, plastic and glass in his design. Furniture is practical, has a small amount of decor. Trellier should look just, but have a thoughtful and spacious storage system.

  • Loft – Direction of industrial interior with the participation of pipes and brickwork. Like high-flow, prefers plastic, metal and glass. Trellier must be overall, unconventional forms, a decor in the form of graffiti is possible on the mirror.
  • Provence – Soft style of the French village: warm light colors, as if faded fabrics, plastered walls. For this direction, the trailing is performed from the structural wood, may have forging elements. Inserts use leather, glass and metal, and rhinestones and gilding are used for mirrors.

Accommodation options

Trellier is more suitable for bedrooms and hallways, it is less likely to install it in the hall, a nursery or bathroom. The angular construction fits organically between the walls, does not take up much space and pleases the appearance.

An ideal location for a direct model will be the wall between two windows. Good lighting helps to consider themselves in all details. In addition, the mirror occupying the central place at the wall, comes into harmony with window glass. For rooms with one window, the TELLING can be put in any free zone, but to equip with an additional light source.

Setting a large mirror, it is necessary to estimate the size of the free area. Squeezing the cabinet between furniture, you can drag the space of the room and the beautiful design to make an invisible.

In the hall

Here trolls are especially necessary, after all, going outside, you should examine yourself from all sides. If the room is small, then the model with a mirror choose a small. Who adheres to the Rules of Fenshia, sets the design so that the entrance door does not reflect in the mirror. If the planning of the hallway allows, the angular model will be a good solution.

It is necessary to take care of additional lighting for trolling, as in the corridors rarely there are windows. It is better to make a design side lamps, because the upper light is distorted reflected. Mirror in full growth will allow you to follow your appearance more carefully.

In the bedroom

For the bedroom, the trolling is not easy refined piece of furniture, but also the place of transfiguration of a woman from Cinderella to Princess. Here she makes makeup, stacked her hair, picks up clothes for the next active day. All this should occur in a well-lit space.

On the fanish mirror is not a place in front of the door, at the foot of the bed or where it reflects. Simply put, the trailing should stand so that a sleepy person is not frightened in a twilight.

Choose a breakdown in a bedroom better of wood – natural material has a peaceful setting. You can stay on the model in retro style light shades and soft smooth lines, then the room will acquire a survea of ​​romance and light old. This Council will not suit modern urban styles that prefer the rigor, clarity of contours and simplicity of forms.

In the spacious room it is worth installing a functional model with a spacious storage system, Where makes cosmetics, decorations and all sorts of necessary little things. Sitting the mirror is more comfortable if the design consists of two Tumbs, between which you can put your feet.

In the living room

For a large multipurpose room, the trolling can be a real decoration. Stylistic coincidence with surrounding furniture will make the interior harmonious.

If you choose a massive design (1.5-3 meters) with a meter mirror, then it will replace the functional cabinet, After all, a solid solid cabinet accommodates a dozen boxes and shelves. This option is suitable for review standing. In a sitting position to the mirror not approach, and there is nowhere to put.

A small living room from telling is better to refuse or choose small models. Corner construction rounds the room and make it more cozy. All white shades are suitable for the interior in any color scheme, the main thing is to match texture and style. With the rest of the color options, it is necessary to work separately, taking into account the situation.

You will need an ottoman to the mirror or a suitable chair – it is better to choose them from the same collection as the troll.

Successful examples in the interior

  • Such a troll will replace a full cabinet. Practical in all respects: can accommodate a large number of things and thanks to moving mirror doors, it will help to fully inspect your appearance.
  • Elegant model suitable for Modern or Fuzhi style. Puffy and landsrs complement each other.

  • Modern Toledo Trellier, made in minimalist style.
  • Thoughtful functional model for real fashionista. Despite the bulk form and abundance of boxes, white color makes the design visually light and light.
  • Very spectacular aircraft combining a bargaining mirror with a toilet table, reminds the revealed marine pearl sink.

  • Such a handsome will suit historical areas: Modern, Ampir, Classicism. Impressant, but strict, something resembles a written table.
  • Corner option towing small rooms.

  • Overall pompous baroque troll.
  • The aristocratic model in the Gothic style is a noble restraint. Forged elements are involved in the scenery.

Men may seem like a troll – the remnant of the past time, but women know how important this subject of the interior and prefict its banal bedside table and a separate sirror.

Tailing overview See next video.

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