Transformer Coffee Tables

To compile a harmonious and attractive interior, it is necessary to carefully select every detail. This applies not only to accent furniture playing a major role in a particular room, but also less noticeable interior items. It will be about multifunctional and practical magazine transformers, with which you can complete the design ensemble, making it more organic.

Pros and cons

Nowadays, the problem of the lack of free space in the dwelling is familiar to many. Previously, for small-sized apartments and houses it was very difficult to choose a suitable furniture that would possess compact sizes and did not lose in functionality.

Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce the most comfortable and organic products that do not occupy a lot of space, but without difficulty performing their main functions.

These interior items can be safely attributed to the coffee tables-transformers. Most of them are in the folded state seem to be miniature and neat, but it is necessary to decompose them, as you will open a wide and spacious countertop or additional functional parts (shelves, niches and other similar components).

It should also be noted that the lion’s share of such modern products is characterized by a concise, but attractive design. You can choose the optimal option to any interior, whether it is a strict classic or a sturdy baroque.

Many buyers acquire journal folding tables due to the fact that several pieces of furniture are in their composition, and you only have to pay for one. This feature, noted by the owners of transformer tables, speaks about the economy of such objects and their multifunctionality. Transformer tables are characterized by safety. Such models can be safely installed in the dwellings in which small children live.

As a rule, in transformable coffee tables, all mechanisms are located in such a way that you can hardly get to them, and they will not be able to harm themselves.

There are practically no serious flaws from such furniture. It should only be noted that the mechanisms in transforming products are quite fragile due to the large number of functional parts, and, as you know, the design is more difficult, the easier it breaks. Of course, much depends on how you will exploit such furniture. Treat it should be carefully and carefully, otherwise the transforming mechanism will quickly fail.


Compact and multifunctional transformer tables are available in a variety of modifications. Each of them has its own technical characteristics and features. Consider in more detail what kind of coffee tables offer us modern manufacturers. Conditionally, all models of transformers can be divided into two main categories:

  • Folding Constructions whose dimensions can be adjustedAt its discretion. There are such varieties due to the presence of a special adjustment mechanism in them. Most often the option called “Book”. Products with such structures with a single easy movement of a hand from small coffee tables turn into spacious dining tables. There are also transforming copies in which dimensions are changed by adjusting the height of the legs.

  • Enclosed and sliding designs that may change by destination. Similar options have polyfunctional accessories and special consoles. They are very popular, as they can easily change their basic functions in the interior. For example, such a coffee table can turn into a tube, and from the couch – at a convenient workplace.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the following varieties of transformer tables:

  • Console tables. Similar furniture is multi-tasking and very convenient to use. A good table-console can act as a small dining table, a working area to accommodate a laptop and office equipment, as well as a miniature dressing table. Thanks to this scattering of functions, the table console will find its place in almost any room, whether it is a living room, kitchen or bedroom.
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Transforming console designs also happen:

  • sliding;
  • rolly;
  • Power;
  • Nasty.

Similar structures can be located in the interior separately or attached to other furniture. More modern options are often complemented by beautiful mirrors, additional shelves and point lamps.

  • Table-Tumba. Such a kind of transforming furniture today enjoys enviable demand. As a rule, there are a large number of comfortable shelves and drawers in such products. Often tables-stands are used to store extra chairs in the dwelling or in the role of a large stand. Modern manufacturers produce more modified copies in which additional boxes can be changed and width.

  • Relatively recently, the original furniture market appeared original Tables with puffes. Speech leaders instantly became spectacular options with attached seats installed under the table top. Most often, similar designs are installed in the living rooms, and they are often designed in the same vein as the soft corner. In addition, different supports may be present in the developing structures. Most often there are models on stable legs, but you can purchase a more mobile version on wheels. It will be easy to rearrange it to a new place and a little change the interior.

It is also worth noting that the tables on the wheels due to a small weight are not harmful to floor coatings in the process of movement.


Classic are transformer tables with a rectangular tabletop. For such options, it is convenient not only to relax, but also work, since they easily fit a large number of different items.

Square models have more compact appearance. Most often they are produced on wide angular legs diluting their miniature image. As a rule, folding and sliding mechanisms of such models are hidden under their small countertops.

You can soften the interior with the help of elegant round or oval coffee tables. Such interior items look very stylish, but designers do not recommend installing too large rounded options in small rooms, as visually they can argue available space and switch all attention to themselves.


As a rule, transformer tables have a compact size and a necromotive appearance, but it all depends on the specific products of this or that manufacturer. Some furniture factories produce fairly large models in which the table top is spacious even in the folded state. Similar designs are not recommended to buy for small rooms, as they “eate” too much free space.The optimal option is a neat little coffee table.

Such a model will significantly save square meters, which is always on gold weight. Moreover, at any convenient moment you can decompose or push the compact design, reincarnating it into spacious and comfortable furniture.

Overview of the coffee table-transformer, see the following video.


Multifunctional transformer tables are equipped with various mechanisms. Consider in detail the most popular and practical of them.

  • With automatic mechanism. As a rule, similar designs have auxiliary parts under the main table top. When you need to increase furniture dimensions, the countertop will come into action and give an impetus to a special moving mechanism (consisting of those additional elements). There are no such products. In addition, they are often made from the wood massif, and this material is not known as low cost.

  • Turning. Quite often in stores there are structures with rotary mechanisms. They have an additional insert, located in a special compartment under the top of the model. In the process of disassembling the edges of the countertops, they are simply stretched in different directions, and an additional part is installed on the vacation place. To decompose insert, you need to deploy it 90 degrees.
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  • Folding table book. These varieties are the most elementary and are most often found. In the folded state, the design “Book” occupies very little space, and when laying, forms a spacious worktop, which should be used during guest visit. As a rule, an externally book table looks like ironing boards because of a similar structure of the legs.

  • With insert. Largely similar to turning simple mechanisms with inserts. They also differ in small dimensions in the folded state and have an additional insert hidden for a seam that can be seen on the table top. As in turning structures, it is necessary to pull the edges of the table top to lay such a product, remove an additional part from the niche opened and gently insert into the grooves between the tables extended.

The main difference between these models from turning is that they do not need to be deployed during the transformation.


Modern furniture factories produce multifunctional converter journal tables from a variety of materials. It is the raw materials from which this furniture is made mainly affects its cost.

  • The highest quality and strong material is Natural array of wood. Currently, breeds such as pine, birch, oak, nut, gevent, wenge, maple and red wood are widely used. Such products are distinguished by unsurpassed appearance, durability and reliability. It is impossible not to mention both the ecology of tables made of natural wood. They will not cause your health any harm even in high temperatures. However, there are similar products very expensive and require regular care. Natural wood needs from time to time to miss special protective compositions so that it does not stop and did not crack.

  • Available cost is different Products from LDSP and MDF. These materials are also durable, but their appearance and eco-friendly characteristics leave much to be desired. As a rule, tables from such raw materials have the most simple template design. It is also worth indicating that there are hazardous formaldehyde resins, harmful to human health as part of LDSP. You can protect yourself from such problems using veneered or furniture from LDSP class “E-1”.

  • Transform and refresh interior elegant Glass table. Such models look organically in many styles. However, it is not a secret for anyone that glass is a very fragile material (even if it is calene) and it must be treated as carefully and carefully. In addition, dirty traces and fingerprints remain on the glass countertop, sprinkling the appearance of the furniture, so such a model will often wipe.


Transforming coffee tables today are represented by a huge assortment, in which you can find the model you like absolutely any shade. Consider Several trend colors that are most popular with modern consumers:

  • Special charm and gloss possesses such a color as white gloss. Coffee tables of this performance look expensive and stylish. They can be placed not only in neutral, but also funeral ensembles.

  • Another popular color is the Tint of Sonoma Oak. An attractive table of such a color especially spectacularly looks in the interiors performed in neutral, pastel or muted colors.

  • Already many seasons in a row does not lose its relevance rich hint of wenge. It is distinguished by a noble and deep view of furniture special solidity and high cost.
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  • Many ensembles will clearly highlight the classic black table. Designers recommended to have such furniture in bright rooms, as in such conditions they seem more noticeable and are not lost on a dark dark background.

  • Beautiful coffee table of chocolate tint will give the interior with warmth and comfort. Such varieties look organically in many ensembles, as the brown color itself refers to classic gamma.


Comfortable transformer tables can be chosen for interiors in any stylistic direction. Consider some distinctive features that have products of one or another.

  • For classic interior It is best to choose an elegant, but a nonsense table made of natural wood. In such design, models with additional shelves and drawers will be appropriate, especially if they are decorated with gilding or embossed carved coatings.

  • For modern style High-tech The most successful option will be a glass or wooden table of black, gray and white. In such an atmosphere, it is not necessary to have carved or gold-plated options, as they will not fit into a futuristic image of a modern ensemble.

  • In fashionable style minimalism It will be nice to look at the most simple and concise table, devoid of any decorative inserts. Than the model will be easier, the more harmonious it will fit into a minimalist interior.

  • Interior French Provence It should be supplemented with a wooden table of pastel colors. Do not bring in a similar ensemble glass or coupling options, as olive style is close to rustic, and in it such elements will be superfluous.

  • For finished ensembles (Baroque, Rococo, Ampir) Exceptionally expensive tables decorated with gilding, carved items on the housing and legs, painted elements and other inserts showing luxury furniture and interior inserts in general.

Manufacturers countries

High-quality Italian furniture produces a large brand Bontempi Casa. In his assortment there are not only beautiful journal, but also dining tables transformers. Products are made from natural wood and kalen glass, supplemented with metal parts.

Beautiful transforming coffee tables in classic style produces brand Panamar (Italy). High-quality and elegant products are made from natural wood array and complemented by glass countertops.

A huge assortment of high-quality furniture boasts brand Vierhaus (Germany). Coffee tables of this manufacturer are distinguished by concise and strict design, which will easily fit into almost any ensemble, whether it is a classic or modern direction.

How to choose?

Selecting the multifunctional table-transformer, it is necessary to rely on the following criteria:

  • The size. If you have a small housing, you should buy a small table. A large model can spoil the room.
  • Material. The highest quality are wooden models. But if they seem too expensive to you, then you can buy a more affordable design of MDF or glass.
  • Functionality. Decide in advance exactly what functions you need from the transformer table. So, you will not spend extra money on a model equipped with unnecessary additions.
  • Design. Be sure to buy a table that will be suitable for the primary interior in color and stylistics.

Stylish interiors

Dark tree transformer can be put in a room with black walls and dark floors. Dilute the gloomy atmosphere with fluffy white carpet and chairs with metal frames.

The large rectangular version of the black and brown shade will look organically in the room with coffee walls and black floors. Put it opposite the white leather sofa and bed on the floor white soft carpet.

A black glossy table with a rectangular countertop should be put opposite the angular chocolate sofa and a chair in a room with white walls and a dark floor, decorated with laminate. Dilute the ensemble cream carpet.

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